Brochure Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) Maastricht School of Management (MsM)


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To thrive in today’s entrepreneurial, knowledge-intensive economy, individuals and businesses need relevant, robust and global educational programs and wide-ranging and durable business networks. The development of management and leadership skills is an essential but never-ending quest. Your career and your company can only prosper by staying up-to-date with the latest thinking and practices in modern business. Your skills and assets can only reach their ultimate potential through networking, interacting, partnering and competing on the global stage.
If you also believe as we do that investment in your own capabilities, contacts and global experience are vital for your success, you should check out the Executive MBA of the Maastricht School of Management [MsM]/Cologne Business School [CBS]. Our challenging program, based in the heart of Europe, is state-of-the-art. It prepares you to lead and manage in today’s dynamic global economy – where social and environmental sustainability, making the most of diversity and coping with change are imperatives.
With an emphasis on flexibility, our program is designed specifically for mid-career managers, spirited freelancers and entrepreneurs who cannot attend lectures on a full-time basis.
Why should you choose the MsM /CBS Executive MBA?

• Internationally accreditation
The Executive MBA [EMBA] is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), the Association of Collegiate Business Schools (ACBSP), and the International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).
• Modular in design
The design of this part-time program enables you to balance the pressures of work with study. Classes are conducted in seven 10-day modules with breaks and can be completed in 24 months.
• Globally -focused
Taught in the heart of Europe by international Faculty, one module of the program is incorporated into a business-experience opportunity in Shanghai, China’s greatest global business hub.
• Diversity and networking
MsM and CBS are among the most international business schools in Europe. The EMBA attracts participants from many countries, professional backgrounds and areas of interest.
• Specialization in sustainability
The program offers a specialization on the challenges of sustainability, including business ethics, sustainable supply chains and sustainable financial management.
Located in the heart of Europe, within easy reach of Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne, Frankfurt, London and Paris, MsM is one of the most international business schools in the Netherlands. A long-established global player, we have sixty years of experience in understanding how much good management matters for success. Respecting the need to make internationally accredited management education accessible, our programs are offered around the world, from Cairo to Lima to Nanjing… and beyond.

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Brochure Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) Maastricht School of Management (MsM)

  1. 1. 1 your globally networked management schools Executive Master of Business Administration MAASTRICHT SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. 3  Accreditation Maastricht School of Management’s MBA programs are accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs [ACBSP], and the International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). The Cologne Business School ensures highest quality education: in addition to official state recognition of higher education in Germany, all Bachelor, Master and MBA courses are regularly examined by the tri-national accreditation agency FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation; the accreditation agency for business programs in German speaking countries) acting on behalf of the Wissenschaftsrat (German Council of Science and Humanities) for study programs. In this way the CBS guarantees quality at university level.
  4. 4. 4 ExecutiveMasterofBusinessAdministration Tothriveintoday’sentrepreneurial,knowledge-intensiveeconomy,individuals andbusinessesneedrelevant,robustandglobaleducationalprograms andwide-ranginganddurablebusinessnetworks.Thedevelopmentof managementandleadershipskillsisanessentialbutnever-endingquest. Yourcareerandyourcompanycanonlyprosperbystayingup-to-datewiththe latestthinkingandpracticesinmodernbusiness. Yourskillsandassetscan onlyreachtheirultimatepotentialthroughnetworking,interacting,partnering andcompetingontheglobalstage. Ifyoualsobelieveaswedothatinvestmentinyourowncapabilities,contacts andglobalexperiencearevitalforyoursuccess,youshouldcheckoutthe ExecutiveMBAoftheMaastrichtSchoolofManagement[MsM]/Cologne BusinessSchool[CBS].Ourchallengingprogram,basedintheheartof Europe,isstate-of-the-art.Itpreparesyoutoleadandmanageintoday’s dynamicglobaleconomy–wheresocialandenvironmentalsustainability, makingthemostofdiversityandcopingwithchangeareimperatives. Withanemphasisonflexibility,ourprogramisdesignedspecificallyformid- careermanagers,spiritedfreelancersandentrepreneurswhocannotattend lecturesonafull-timebasis. WhyshouldyouchoosetheMsM/CBSExecutiveMBA? • Internationalaccreditation TheExecutiveMBA[EMBA]isaccreditedbytheAssociationofMBAs (AMBA),theAccreditationCouncilforBusinessSchools&Programs [ACBSP],andtheInternationalAssemblyofCollegiateBusiness Education(IACBE). • Modulardesign Thedesignofthispart-timeprogramenablesyoutobalancethe pressuresofworkwithstudy.Classesareconductedinseven10-day moduleswithbreaksandcanbecompletedin24months. • Globalfocus TaughtintheheartofEuropebyinternationalFaculty,onemodule of theprogramisincorporatedintoabusiness-experienceopportunityin Shanghai,China’sgreatestglobalbusinesshub. • Diversityandnetworking MsMandCBSareamongthemostinternationalbusinessschools inEurope.TheEMBAattractsparticipantsfrommanycountries, professionalbackgroundsandareasofinterest. • Specializationinsustainability Theprogramoffersaspecializationonthechallengesofsustainability, includingbusinessethics,sustainablesupplychainsandsustainable financialmanagement.
  5. 5. 5 Attractedbythecombinationoftheexperienceof theoldestmanagementschooloftheNetherlands andthedynamismofareputableprivatebusiness schoolfromGermany,Isoondiscoveredthat MsM/CBSExecutiveMBAprogramhasmuch moretooffer.Threestudylocations,international studentenvironment,stateofarteducationand methodologyencouragingintellectualdiscussion provedparticularlyempoweringasastudying formula.Distinctivefeaturessuchasaunique perspectiveonsustainability,bringingtogether peoplewithverydiverseworkingexperienceand astudyschedulewhichdoesnotrequireyouto putyourcareeronholdareyetotherimportant advantagesoftheprogram.Mostofallthough,the people,thefellowstudentsandtheprofessors, thefriendsyougainalongthewayformthetrue narrativeandmakeitalifeexperience. BeataB.Wlodarczak,LL.M. IjoinedtheEMBAatMSM&CBSbecauseIwanted tobroadenmyprofile,IhadanITbackgroundand theEMBAhelpedmetobewellpreparedforthe nextcareerstep. Themodularprogramwasthebestfitfor balancingademandingjobandahighprofilestudy. Theatmospherewasabsolutelyterrific;Iwas impressedbythevarietyofcompetencesandby thepositiveattitudeofalltheparticipants. Every daywasanewchallengeandwelearnedalotfrom eachother. AlessandroMantione
  6. 6. 6 ModularDesign TheEMBAProgram,tobecompletedin24months, includesconveniently-pacedlecturesandclasses conductedinseven10-daymodules,minimizingthe timethatparticipantsneedtospendawayfromwork. Onemodule,offeredatapartneruniversityinShanghai, involvesatwo-weeksessionwithlecturesandworkvisits tolocalbusinesses.Othermodulesaretaughtalternately inMaastrichtandCologne.Intheeighthandfinalmodule, participantswillwritetheirMaster’stheses. TheEMBAprogramconsistsoffourelements,starting withtheFoundationsegmentwhichprovidesasolid knowledgebaseineachofthemajormanagement disciplines.ThefollowingCoresegmentofferscourses withabroaderfocus,whicharemoreintegratedand areoftenmultidisciplinaryinnature.TheSpecialization segmentcontainsanumberofexpertspecialization courses.Theprogramiscompletedwithasupervised Master’sThesisasthePerformancesegment,basedona currentbusinessresearchprojectofyourchoice. TeachingMethodology Ouraimistostimulatecriticalthinkingandtransform businessandmanagementproblemsintoprofitable opportunities.Withamultidisciplinaryandmulticultural perspective,weteachconceptsandtheoriesthrough problem-basedlearningexercises,casestudyanalyses, discussionsandindependentstudy–notjustlecturesand seminars. Theseproblem-basedlearningexercisesandcase studiesstimulatedecision-making,actingasavehicle foridentifyingandanalyzingproblems,forderiving solutionsandfindingwaystoimplementthem.Group studyemphasizesworkingefficientlyandeffectivelyin multiculturalgroups–aninvaluableskillforallleaders andmanagers.Groupstudyenablesparticipantstobenefit fromtheexperiencesofothers–groupmembersare selectedatrandomtomaximizelearningopportunities inanenvironmentdesignedtofostercollaborationwith fellowparticipantsfromdifferentculturesandwork environments.Asaprogramtaughtinthreedifferent countries,theEMBAprovidesexcellentopportunitiesto enhanceinterculturalcommunicationskills.
  7. 7. 7 • Outstandingreputationinmanagementeducation • State-of-the-artcurriculum • Culturallydiversestudentbody • Studyalternatelyintwocountries,GermanyandtheNetherlands • InternationalstudytriptoShanghai • PossibilityofacquiringinternationalcontactsintheMeuse-RhineEuregion. • Dedicatedinternationalfacultyandstaff
  8. 8. 8 OurExecutiveMBAGraduates SurveyshaveshownthatourEMBAgraduateshaveimprovedtheir careerprospectsanddevelopedgreaterconfidenceinmanagementand leadership.Gainingnewresponsibilitieswithincreasedopportunities foradvancement,theyhaveutilizedtheiraddedskillstotakeonnew professionalchallengesandcareerchanges,includingentrepreneurial ventures. DominikPrinzisexcellinginhispersonal careerdevelopmentsincehegraduated fromtheMsM/CBSExecutiveMBA in2009.Heisanindustry-recognized thoughtleaderwith10yearsexperience inbrandingandadvertising.Hehas deepexpertiseinmodernbrand strategy,consumerinsights,andthought leadershipdevelopment.Dominikis passionateaboutchallengingthestatus quoofmarketing.He’sanexcellent presenter,andpublicspeaker,known forinspiringteams,buildingtrustand combiningrightandleftbrainthinking. TodayheworksasStrategyDirectorfor theworld’slargestandmostreputable brandingconsultancyinNewYork,USA. SpecializationinSustainability CorporateSocialResponsibilityisessentialforcompaniestomaintain competitiveadvantageinarapidlychangingglobaleconomy.Participants willgainathoroughunderstandingofbusinessethicsandhowtopromote environmentalandsocialsustainabilityinthecontextofchallengessuchas globalwarming,widespreadpovertyanddifferentformsofdiscrimination. Allglobalfirmsfunctionthroughglobalsupplychains.Inthisprogram participantsgainincreasedawarenessofappropriateandsustainable supplychainmanagementtools.
  9. 9. 9 • The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a student-centered system based on the student workload required to achieve the objectives of a program • The curriculum may be subject to change. 1 ) ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer System 2 ) One credit corresponds with 8 teaching hours CurriculumStructure Course ECTS1 ) Equivalent Location Credits Teaching hours2 ) FOUNDATION Module I 1.1 Quantitative Methods 3 24 hours 1.2 Accounting for Managers I (Financial Accounting) 3 24 hours Maastricht 1.3 Accounting for Managers II (Management Accounting) 3 24 hours Module II 2.1 Managerial Economics 3 24 hours 2.1 Financial Management 3 24 hours Cologne Total Foundation 15 120 hours CORE Module III 3.1 Business in the Global Arena 4 32 hours Maastricht • Geo-Political Environment • Trade and Investment • Global Macroeconomics 3.2 Global Corporate Strategy 4 32 hours Maastricht • Global Strategic Management • Measurement and Strategic Performance Management Module IV 4.1 Marketing in a Global Context 4 32 hours Cologne • Global Marketing Management • International Customer, Market and Industry Analysis 4.2 Global Supply Chain Management 4 32 hours Cologne • Operations Management & Management Sciences • IT & Global Value Chain Management • Supply Chain Management MODULE V 5.1 Finance in International Markets 4 32 hours Maastricht • Capital Markets & Institutions • International Finance • International Accounting 5.2 Innovation and New Business Ventures 4 32 hours Maastricht • Intrapreneurship • Entrepreneurship • Innovation Management MODULE VI 6.1 Managing Cultural Diversity (individual level) 4 32 hours Shanghai • Team Dynamics • Human Resources Management • Cross-cultural Management 6.2 Leading Change in Multinationals (corporate level) 4 32 hours Shanghai • Corporate Restructuring & Change Management • Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics • Managing and Structuring Organizations Total Core 32 256 hours SPECIALIZATION MODULE VII 7.1 Sustainability • Sustainability and Business Ethics 3 24 hours • Sustainable Supply Chain Management 3 24 hours Cologne • Sustainable Financial Management 3 24 hours TOTAL SPECIALIZATION 9 72 hours PERFORMANCE Module VIII Master’s Thesis 24 192 hours Total 80 640 hours
  10. 10. 10 Admission Requirements and Procedure • Minimum: Bachelor’s degree A sound academic background is the main prerequisite for admission to the MsM/CBS EMBA Program. Applicants must hold at least a Bachelor’s degree or its academic equivalent from a recognized university, preferably with a foundation in economics and management. • Language of instruction: English Proficiency in English is absolutely essential to complete the EMBA Program. Applicants whose previous education has been in a language other than English must submit evidence of proficiency in the English language. Minimum TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score: 88 on the internet-based test; or a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 • GMAT score A GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) score of at least 500 is recommended. • Managerial experience Five years or more of managerial experience are required. • Candidates are admitted on a competitive basis – places on the program are limited. When completing your application form, please give precise and thorough information. We can only accept complete applications responding to all requirements, which should be submitted at least two months before the start of the program. Please refer to the websites and for program start dates, exact application deadlines, full admission requirements and financial details. The Maastricht School of Management/Cologne Business School reserves the right to add or withdraw specialization courses to or from the program to reflect evolving market trends and participant demand. Send your application form to one of the following addresses: Maastricht School of Management Admissions Office P.O. Box 1203 6201 BE Maastricht The Netherlands Cologne Business School Admissions Office Hardefuststr. 1 50677 Köln Germany Financial Details Registration fee (non-refundable) € 120 Tuition Fees* € 24,500 Study Materials € 1,500 Total € 26,120 * excluding hotel accommodation in Maastricht or Cologne during regular modules; excluding travel and hotel accommodation for the module in Shanghai.
  11. 11. 11 AboutMsM LocatedintheheartofEurope,withineasyreachof Amsterdam,Brussels,Cologne,Frankfurt,Londonand Paris,MsMisoneofthemostinternationalbusiness schoolsintheNetherlands.Along-establishedglobal player,wehavesixtyyearsofexperienceinunderstanding howmuchgoodmanagementmattersforsuccess. Respectingtheneedtomakeinternationallyaccredited managementeducationaccessible,ourprograms areofferedaroundtheworld,fromCairotoLimato Nanjing…andbeyond.Linkingtheestablishedwiththe newandthenorthwiththesouth,ourdistinctapproach tomanagementandbusinessequipsourstudentsand executivetrainingclientstoflourishinaworldwhererapid changeandtheimportanceofup-to-dateawarenessand insightsaretheonlytwogivens. AboutCBS Withmorethantwentyyearsexperienceinforward- lookingacademicandbusinessstudies,CBSwasoneof thefirstschoolsinGermanytointroduceaBachelorof ArtsdegreeinInternationalBusiness.TodayCBSisrated asoneofGermany’stopinstitutionsofhighereducation intheareaofbusinessstudies.Ourclosecontactwith thebusinessworldmeansweknowtheexpectations ofourparticipantsandtheiremployers.Famousforits specializationinthefieldofsocietalandculturalsensitivity, CBSeducatesmultinationalstudentsinapractice-related andcross-culturalmanner.
  12. 12. 12 Maastricht School of Management MsM Cologne Business School Hardefuststrasse 1 50677 Cologne Germany phone +49 (0)221 93 18 09 727 fax +49 (0)221 93 18 09 30 e-mail web Endepolsdomein 150 6229 EP Maastricht The Netherlands telephone +31 43 38 70 808 fax +31 43 38 70 800 e-mail web