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the National Rural policy of Finland

  1. 1. Rural Policy Council
  2. 2. Teksti PERSPECTIVE Rural areas cover 95 % of the country. Population density 18,01 pers/km2 …in SPA:s (68% of total land areal) 2,52 pers./km2 Population in rural areas approx. 31% (1,6 milj. Finns) Part-time residents approx. 2,1 milj. (multilocal residency prevalent) Of all SME:s approx. 30 % in rural areas
  3. 3. Teksti Multilocal dwelling prevalent. On the left: change in number of year-round residents. On the right: change in number of part-time residents.
  4. 4. Teksti 4 1960-70 / -81 Urbanisation Village Action movement Researchers 1988 Rural Development Project + Institutionalisa tion of Village Action 1995-2015 1st-5th Rural Policy Committee (YTR) and Rural Policy Programmes 2021 Rural Policy… (7th Rural Policy Programme is being prepared). Key themes: place- based policy and sustainable development. Structural changes in the 1970’s launched the need for a national rural policy with holistic view and organisation. The National Rural Policy is bound to both the Regional Policy and the EU Rural and Regional Policy. 2016-2020 Rural Policy Council, led by minister in charge of Rural Policy (6th Rural Policy Programme)
  5. 5. The countryside forms an inseparable part of the national prosperity and society. The countryside is a good living environment that supports entrepreneurship and creativity. The material, social, cultural and ecological basis of the countryside is important for all of Finland. Vision of the Countryside in 2020:
  6. 6. The Council Chairperson: Jari Leppä, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Secretary General Vice Secretary Generals Senior Officer Rural Affairs 35 Organisations; 24 Umbrella Organizations: Local and Regional Authorities, Social- and Healthcare NGO’s, Advocacy org., Federations (Research i., Enterprises, Youth, Womens), Leader-groups & Village Action. 2 Regional State Authority entities 9 Ministries Secretariat 25 Organisations; Secretary General (Ministry) Christell Åström Vice Secretary Generals • Administration (Hanna-Mari Kuhmonen/ Ministry of Economic Affairs & Employment) • Citizens’ (Petri Rinne/SYTY) • Research (prof. Hilkka Vihinen, Luke) Thematic Networks 2017-2019 • SPA • Identity Based Network • Citizens’ participation & Wellbeing • Competences & Employment • Vital environments Communications Senior Officer Rural Affairs Antonia Husberg + thematic networks Research-group • Thematic Networks • Rural R&D-projects 2019:6, 2018:4 RURAL POLICY COUNCIL Appointed by the Government (2016-2020) RURAL POLICY PROGRAMME Budget (national) 2018: 2 Milj. €, 2019: 3 Milj. € inkl. Island Policy and state funding for Village Association.
  7. 7. CURRENT ISSUES Rural-Urban debate, regional development (Rural Policy, Island Policy, Policy for Cities and Regions) Sustainable development in rural context and rural-urban context Multiple dwelling Place-independency Women in Rural Areas -Smart Villages, Vital rural towns, Everyday life and services, Entrepreneurship, Citzens’ participation, Partnership, Rural Proofing Parliamentary Group on the development of SPA Development of communication MAIN EVENTS Puurobaari (Porridge-bar) & Info-spots @Parliament Kumppanuuspäivä (Partnership -day) Maaseutuparlamentti 2020 1st-3rd of October in Kurikka, South Ostrobothnia (Rural Parliament) + 2 1/2 days + 1000 participants + 20+ Workshops + 5+ Roundtable-talks, + 10+ Excursions, + Rural Harvest Fair + Partnership Expo + Declaration + SDG commitments + Rural Policy Council, Rural Network, Village Action SYTY, Agricultural producers & Forestowners MTK + 40 organisations + 150 volunteers Thematic seminars and events Vaste preparation of future of RP with research-based strategic group, partnership-talks, open participation and working group for 2021-2027 programme. KNOWLEDGE of Rural Questions and Situation Rural Barometer 2020 (the evaluations of RDP)