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Jukka Nieminen 17.4.2012: Kaukomarkkinat - lähienergian järjestelmätoimittaja


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Jukka Nieminen 17.4.2012: Kaukomarkkinat - lähienergian järjestelmätoimittaja

  1. 1. Kaukomarkkinat in brief Company figures, 2011 Sales 43,4 M€ Personnel 95 Kaukomarkkinat operates in Finland, Poland, Russia, China and Vietnam Kaukomarkkinat is part of Aspo in 1947 Established Group
  2. 2. Customer segments Other Industrial Buildings Power utilities professional facilities applications
  3. 3. Energy efficient building technologies
  4. 4. Integrated, innovative systems for buildings
  5. 5. Energy solutions for power utilitiesTurku Energia,Kakola facility (right) Helsingin Energia, Katri Vala facility
  6. 6. Energy solutions for industrial facilities Upgrade of air compressors for Rautaruukki to improve energy efficiency
  7. 7. Value-adding, professional applications
  8. 8. Commercial partner for ’Cleantech’ companies”Vacon, a leading supplier of variable speed AC drives, haschosen Kaukomarkkinat as our distributor in Poland thanks totheir system integration skills.” – Matti Vekkeli, Vice PresidentCentral South Europe, Africa & Latin America, Vacon Plc
  9. 9. Kaukomarkkinat and the Aspo Companylocations Kaukomarkkinat Aspo
  10. 10. Kaukomarkkinat is a capable, committedpartner for local energy applications