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Music magazine presentation

  1. 1. - I have decided to use KERRANG!magazine for my research. I have chosenthis magazine because I think it is verysuccessful and it suits the genre of mymagazine, Rock.- KERRANG! is a magazine which is published monthly in the United Kingdom. Its first issue was in June 6, 1981 and its publisher is Bauer Media Group. The language is English and since June 2007 it has had a circulation of 130,179.- I found this magazine very appealing towards what I was hoping to make with my magazine.
  2. 2.  The next magazine I looked at was Rolling Stones this is a more established Magazine than KERRANG! dealing in a more broad music category from hip hop to Rock to politics. The magazine was known for its political coverage beginning in the 1970s, with the enigmatic and controversial journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Rolling Stone magazine changed its format in the 1990s to appeal to younger readers, often focusing on young television or film actors and pop music.
  3. 3.  Bauer media group, a large German publishing company based in Hamburg was founded in 1875 and has been privately owned and under management by the Bauer family. Bauer also operates in 15 countries worldwide. They are known for publishing KERRANG! And Q
  4. 4.  Wenner Media group is owned by Jann Wenner, is an American publishing company, Jann Wenner founded it in 1967 in San Francisco. They are known for publishing Rolling Stones, Men’s Journal and US weekly. The magazine went weekly in 2000 it now reaches over 11 million readers a week.
  5. 5.  Strong eye – catching images Clear Masthead Colour Coordinated Strapline Barcode Celebrity endorsement Promotional
  6. 6. MastheadSpreadacross page Model in the centrePromotional Barcode
  7. 7. Straplinesums upwhat themagazine Strong Image tois about attract audience. ThisBig Bold shows whatMasthead type ofSpread Rock, and toacross the show who is thepage. main focus of my magazine Name of band Bold Stands out. Used to Tagline to promote my give magazine audience an insight into who’s
  8. 8. Editors note. I thinkit’s very important tohave this in amagazine, becauseif the editor speaks An image of theto them it gives an Magazine cover. Iinsight into what’shappened in the used this becauseindustry. This is a it is a clearlyrecognisable recognisable traitcodes and that all magazinesconventions that use.they all use. Image of who is in the Link to the magazine. It is there “fansite” of the to show who is the magazine. I used main focus in this this to get audience issue. involved with the magazine by going onto the facebook page
  9. 9. A Quote from thePicture on interview, Big andthe left bold. I used thiscodes and for effect and toconventions. show the nature of this band. Masthead, Co des and conventions Questions in a different colour to help readers Models wear rock differentiate between inspired clothing to questions and answers match the genre of the magazine
  10. 10.  The target Audience for my music magazine are, Males age 18-20 who have general interest in rock and who have an interest in the rock industry and want to find out the latest news on rock in general. This magazine is aimed at rebellious middle class white teenagers. I hope to reach that target audience by using dark colours such as red and black which I have used in my colour scheme. Also by having promotional things in my magazine such as posters.
  11. 11. I asked my colleagueswhat they had thought ofmy products while theysaid that the Front coverwas good and theDouble pagespread, they thought thatthe one I had originallydone(right) did not haveenough writing andlooked simplistic so Ichanged it, and followedcodes and conventions Improvements
  12. 12. Improvements
  13. 13. Improvements
  14. 14.  The institute that would publish my product would be the BAUER Media group, because my music magazine is based around rock so, having BAUER publish my magazine would be really good for reaching towards my target audience because it would probably be promoted by big magazine such as KERRANG!. Because they publish rock magazine they would probably the best institute for publishing my magazine.
  15. 15.  I had no experience on how to use either programs Adobe Photoshop and Indesign, because I had no never had any experience with it because none of my subjects in GCSE involved Indesign, so this was new territory. I have learnt that Indesign is very useful when making a magazine. Indesign has helped me a lot when making my magazine, and without it would have been harder to make my magazine. I have also used Photoshop to alter my images and improve the quality of my photographs, it has been useful because I would make whatever I needed for indesign on photoshop and drag it onto Indesign