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The Crowdfunding Success Pattern - MaRS Best Practices


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Want to learn more about crowdfunding?

Designed for startup project leaders who want to leverage crowdfunding, this session examines how to maximize this funding model.

Brian Meece is the CEO of RocketHub, one of the world’s top crowdfunding platforms. RocketHub has observed over 20,000 funding campaigns while helping companies raise millions of dollars globally. In doing so, it has narrowed down the formula for successful crowdfunding. Brian discusses the factors that determine which projects achieve their goals (and which ones don’t).

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The Crowdfunding Success Pattern - MaRS Best Practices

  1. 1. Who is this guy and why is he here?
  2. 2. Be my
  3. 3. What is RocketHub?Top Global Crowdfunding CommunityRocketHub  is  the  fastest  growing  crowdfunding  community.  We  empower  arsts,  entrepreneurs,  academics,  and  organizaons  in  their  funding  efforts.  Launched:  February  2010  Total  Campaigns:  25,000+  Total  Funding:  $Millions  Homebase:  New  York  City  
  4. 4. What is crowdfunding?… an event that harnesses networksfor funds, awareness, and feedback.
  5. 5. New spin on old idea.da Vinci (patronage)+Social Media (mass)=Crowdfunding(mass-patronage)
  6. 6. How we got here.
  7. 7. The press loves RocketHub projects.
  8. 8. How does it work?The  Three  Pillars  Project  Network  Goods  
  9. 9. I.  The  Project  Be greatMake a statementTell us why
  10. 10. Case Study:Extra Credits – Gaming Website/IncubatorJames Portnow
  11. 11. Case Study:Extra Credits – Gaming Website/IncubatorRaised  Over  $100,000  in  a  weekend  
  12. 12. Case Study:Extra Credits – Gaming Website/IncubatorYour connections can be your sales-force.
  13. 13. II.  The  Network  Depth = InfluenceWidth = Numbers
  14. 14. II.  The  Network  SourceFirstDegreeSecondDegreeYouFansFriends-of-fansStrangers  
  15. 15. Duct  tape  (lot’s  of  it)  Case  Study:  Spira  –  Indie  Shoe  Company  Andy  Krafsur  Crowdfunded  $42,000+  to  bring    his  new  shoe  design  to  reality  
  16. 16. Case  Study:  Spira  –  Indie  Shoe  Company  
  17. 17. III.  The  Goods  Sell the journeyLevels of impactFun exchange
  18. 18. Case  Study:  Author  /  Entrepreneur  Ariel  HyaB  Raised  over  $60,000  pre-­‐selling  book  and  consul8ng  services  
  19. 19. Case  Study:  Author  /  Entrepreneur  Ariel  HyaB  Digital  version  of  new  book  release  A  signed  copy  of  the  new  book  –  plus  enrollment  in  digital  course  2  Day  “Whiteboard  Session”  in  Brooklyn  $20  $50  $5000  
  20. 20. What do you need to start?The  Checklist  TitleFinancial GoalTimeframeVideoImagesAudioWritten DescriptionRewardsü
  21. 21. The gameplan.Now  What?  1.  Commit2.  Win first followers3.  Build dialogue4.  Spiral out5.  Tell the story6.  Listen7.  Meet the press8.  Finish strong
  22. 22. The  Result  MoneyAwarenessMomentum
  23. 23. The  Horizon  Crowdfunding for EquityRocketHub  Whitepapers  
  24. 24. Thank you 