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How to Pitch a VC - Entrepreneurship 101


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Learn how to grab investors’ attention with great stories. In this session, we discuss how to build and deliver an effective pitch to help you find financing for your venture or to sell your product to customers. We cover the essentials of a strong pitch deck and identify the elements of good communication that successful startups use.

Key topics covered: Pitch deck, storytelling, presenting

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How to Pitch a VC - Entrepreneurship 101

  1. 1. Golden  Venture  Partners:   How-­‐to  pitch  a  VC
  2. 2. About  Golden  Venture  Partners 1   •  Seed  Stage  Investment  Fund   -­‐  Mobile  focused,  early  stage  investors   -­‐  North  America  focus   -­‐  Entrepreneur  first  approach   -­‐  Investor  in  Wa@pad,  Yesware,  Joist   •  Ma0  Golden   -­‐  Reformed  lawyer   -­‐  Entrepreneur  &  Operator  (Tira  Wireless)   -­‐  VC  in  three  different  funds  
  3. 3. Co-­‐Investor  Syndicates 3  
  4. 4. Overview •  Context   •  How  to  keep  a  VC  engaged  and  a@enPve   •  Content   •  The  key  building  blocks  of  a  great  pitch   •  Common  Mistakes   •  What  not  to  do   2  
  5. 5. Capture  a  VC’s  aAenBon  early  and  oCen •  How  has  the  world  changed?   -­‐  IdenPfy  the  market  condiPons  giving  rise  to  the  opportunity   •  What  does  your  company  do?   -­‐  In  two  sentences  or  less   •  What  makes  you  great?   -­‐  Talk  about  your  killer  product/team/  KPI’s     3  
  6. 6. Building  blocks  of  a  pitch •  Different  VC’s  will  focus  on  different  elements,  but  a  good  pitch  will   address  each  of  the  following  items   -­‐  Pain   -­‐  SoluPon   -­‐  Market  Size   -­‐  Go  to  Market   -­‐  Financials/Unit  Economics   -­‐  CompePPon   -­‐  Team   4  
  7. 7. Common  mistakes •  Not  knowing  your  audience   -­‐  Who  are  you  pitching?  Why  are  they  the  right  investor  for  you?   •  Asking  lazy  quesLons   -­‐  Don’t  ask  quesPons  that  a  quick  Google  search  can  answer  for  you   •  Pitching  without  passion   -­‐  If  you  can’t  get  excited  about  your  company,  why  should  I?   •  Arriving  right  on  Lme   -­‐  Arrive  five  minutes  early;  don’t  forget  to  build  in  Pme  for  setup  and  intro’s   •  Discussing  exit  strategy   -­‐  Tell  me  how  you  will  build  a  massive  company,  not  how  you  plan  to  sell  one.   5  
  8. 8. Contact              -­‐  @ma@goldenvp                -­‐     Thank  you