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Business Plan and Other Communication Tools - Entrepreneurship 101


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This lecture presents tips, examples, techniques and tools for building the five essential communication documents for entrepreneurs, including:
• The Elevator Pitch
• Executive Summary
• Company Presentation
• Technical White Paper
• Business Plan
Learn how to create these communication tools and how to use them effectively to grow your business from an idea to a funded business.

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Business Plan and Other Communication Tools - Entrepreneurship 101

  1. 1. The  Business  Plan  and  Other   Communica5on  Tools   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  2. 2. Jane  Kearns@janekearns01   Four Things to Remember…
  3. 3. Communicating is important Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  4. 4. Communicating ^ is important critical Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  5. 5. Jane  Kearns@janekearns01   So what?
  6. 6. Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  7. 7. Business  Planning  Helps  Avoid  Failure   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  8. 8. Tradi5onal  Communica5ons  Tools   •  Elevator  Pitch   •  Execu@ve  Summary   •  Business  Plan     Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  9. 9. The  Elevator  Pitch   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  10. 10. The  Elevator  Pitch   We  solve  [problem]  by  providing  [advantage],  to   help  [target]  accomplish  [target’s  goal].    We  make   money  by  charging  [customers]  to  get  [benefit].                      ~Elliot  Loh,  500  Startups   Jane  Kearns@janekearns01  
  11. 11. •  hLps:// v=3aXIMNZJ2xQ   Jane  Kearns@janekearns01  
  12. 12. The  Execu5ve  Summary   •  Most  important  part  of  a  business  plan   •  1  –  2  pages   •  Write  it  last   •  Tell  your  story!   •  Emphasize  the  business  opportunity   •  Capture  investor’s  imagina@on/interest   or  lose  them  forever   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  13. 13. Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  14. 14. Penny  Blossoms   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  15. 15. Essen@al  Parts  of  the  Business  Plan   Business  Plan   Company   Overview   Market   Analysis   Customer   Analysis   Compe55ve   Analysis   Marke5ng   Plan   Opera5ons   Plan   Team   Financials   &   Projec5ons   Execu5ve   Summary  
  16. 16. Company  Overview   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  17. 17. Market  Analysis   Research   market/ Market   intelligence   Select   target   market   Project   Write   market   analysis   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  18. 18. Customer  Analysis   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  19. 19. Compe@@ve  Analysis   List  of   Compe@tors   Compe@tor   Product   Summary   Compe@tor   Strengths   and   Weaknesses   Compe@tor   Strategies   and   Objec@ves   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  20. 20. Marke@ng  Plan  -­‐  The  Four  Ps   Corporate  Objec@ves   Marke@ng  Strategy   Product   Promo@on   Price   Place   Partnerships   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  21. 21. Opera@ons  Plan   Opera@ng   facili@es  and   equipment   Produc@on  and   opera@ng   procedures   Compliance  with   regula@ons   Supplies,  prices,   terms,  condi@ons,   alternates   Inventory   management   Quality  control   Customer  service   Web  hos@ng   Website   development   Possible  Components   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  22. 22. The  Team   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  23. 23. Financials   •  Don’t  ignore  financials  –  they  are  CRITICAL   •  It  isn’t  the  spreadsheet  that  is  important,  it  is  the   thinking  behind  it   •  You  can’t  possibly  understand  your  business  poten@al   if  you  haven’t  forecasted   •  Yes,  it’s  hard  to  forecast  for  an  early  stage  company   •  Yes,  they’re  going  to  be  wrong   •  Show  what  you  have  anyway   •  Be  able  to  explain  EVERY  number  instantaneously   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  24. 24. Jane  Kearns@janekearns01   If you decide you need to write a business plan, keep these rules in mind…
  25. 25. It’s  NOT  All  About  the  Technology   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  26. 26. BoKom  up  projec5ons,  NOT  top  down   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  27. 27. Yes,  You  Have  Compe55on   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  28. 28. You  Need  an  Exit  Strategy   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  29. 29. Realis5c  Valua5on   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  30. 30. Don’t  Ignore  Milestones   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  31. 31. Keep  it  Simple   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  32. 32. Don’t  ignore  the  holes   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01  
  33. 33. @janekearns01  
  34. 34. The  Business  Plan  and  Other   Communica5on  Tools   Jane  Kearns   @janekearns01