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Varieties of English Reflection  In the previous reflection our topic was Language Varieties, now I am going tofocus on th...
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Varieties of english reflection


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Varieties of english reflection

  1. 1. Varieties of English Reflection In the previous reflection our topic was Language Varieties, now I am going tofocus on the specific varieties of the language which I have been studying forthirteen years, English. The English language possesses different types of variation that helps us tounderstand the differences, between one English speaker from Scotland and anEnglish speaker from Canada, to set an example. For there are several factors thatinfluence English as a language; in some cases the variation is related to thelanguage user, such as the regional and social variation; and sometimes thevariation is linked to the language use, like in the case of variation associated tothe field of discourse, variation according to medium and the type of variationaccording to the attitude. Standard English is also a main point of study in this summary, for it iscompulsory to learn what it means and its importance in educational, social massmedia and broadcasting matters, are something to consider when using English asa foreign language. In the previous summary, the term to discuss was Standard Language which is awider field to study, so now the concept of Standard English will be our main focusto learn, for it is that ‘type’ of English the one that is taught in schools all over theglobe, and so it is the one I was taught to learn when I was at school and the kindof English used for important matters, as in the case of governmental issues, worldtrades, newspapers, books and it is the English that expresses more prestige,mostly because it is used with academic purposes. In my case, I study BritishEnglish, which is also known as Received Pronunciation (RP), which is the mostprestigious accent in Britain. This summary is useful to learn some other relevant aspects of the EnglishLanguage as a field of study, for it is necessary to learn how to distinguish thedifferent types of variation present in the English language. The summary I made for this document can be of a lot of help to achieve some ofthe Lexical Analysis course objectives. I dare to say that the summary is involvedwith most of the course objectives; it can also be used to complement somematerial with some other courses, like Language, Culture and Phonetics, for thesummary refers to different aspects of English, such as vocabulary, history andchange, word formation and pronunciation. Varieties of English is an important document to read and to study; it can reallyhelp you to understand the basis of what you are going to teach in a few moreyears, because we need to know every aspect of what we are going to explain tothe future generations that will be even more immerse than us, in the global world,and when we talk about global world and its several features, we are talking aboutthe English Language.