The origins of the english language


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The origins of the english language

  1. 1. The Originsof the English Language María F.RojasVictoriano
  2. 2. The linguistic geography of Europe
  3. 3. The linguistic geography of Europe•At thebeginning ofthe Christianera... Speakers move Germanic- into Roman Speaking North territory Western Europe Celtic-Speaking Overlaid by the South spread of Latin
  4. 4. Language groupsCeltic Latin Germanic
  5. 5. CelticCeltic-speaking groups Leaving •Gaelic (Irishcolonized both Britain as a Celtic) and Ireland result •British Celtic (spoken in Britain)
  6. 6. Latin‘Originally the language of Latium, then itbecame the dialect of Rome’ Growth of the Latin spreads to modern Roman Empire Italy, Spain, Portugal, part of Britain, France, Germany and other countries. Latin changed into different Decline Latin disappeared as a spoken varieties of the language is several parts of the which Roman world, but survived in the central became the Empire areas of continental Europe Romance Languages.
  7. 7. ‘Latin as the internationallanguage of scholarship’‘Major languages of Europe have beenprofoundly influenced by Latin, not onlyin vocabulary, but also in grammar’
  8. 8. Germani c German: a mixture of the Modern Germanic dialects of the south of languages derive from Denmark.the dialects of different tribal groups Dutch and Flemish: derive from dialects from the North Sea and island in the area of Weser and Rhine. Frisian: comes from the coastal dialects.
  9. 9. Language contact in Europe‘The language spoken by a tribe could change asthe result of contact and conquest’When a native population e.i. When a nativeadopts a language, they population do not become ethnic adopted speakers of that Celtic, they did language. not become ethnic Celts, but Celtic- speaking members of their tribe.
  10. 10. Contributing factors associated to language changes within a tribe. Military contact. Food trade andContact between e.i. German exchange of a tribes influenced mercenaries variety of their languages. recruited in Rome products. adopted Latin.
  11. 11. Language in Britain Pretanic Prydain inIslands IVc Welsh B.C Britain and IrelandBritannia in Britain in Latin English
  12. 12. Germanic migrants settled on the east and southern coasts of Britain.
  13. 13. Early English ‘We need to make inferences about thespoken language fromthe written language’
  14. 14. Early English Dialects WestKentish Saxon Both become Northumbrian Mercian Anglian
  15. 15. Northumbrian Mercian KentishWest Saxon
  16. 16. Inscriptions, text s on wood and Written magical English purposes asWhich was used for Germanic tribes used an alphabet Christianity is called RUNES introduced to the Conventions Which Anglo-Saxons between influenced each other languages start with where to develop Known as A new literacy so Latin culture is introduce with it To make Another solution is found the earliest Digraphs Group of glosses letters representing A way must be to Represent are one sound found to use Latin letters English sounds Which leads to