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Making The Transition From Organic to Paid Social Media - Revised


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With an increase in social media budgets, comes greater expectations. This presentation outlines how marketers can leverage organic and paid social media strategies to achieve business objectives.

Published in: Marketing
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Making The Transition From Organic to Paid Social Media - Revised

  1. 1. Making the Transition from Organic to Paid Social Marketing @M_Hickinbotham
  2. 2. Telstra experience @M_Hickinbotham
  3. 3. Westpac experience @M_Hickinbotham
  4. 4. Freelance consultant @M_Hickinbotham
  5. 5. “Another key finding was that social media and content marketing are gaining the most investment increases, with 68 per cent of company respondents reporting budgets for these channels have grown.” - “A/NZ marketers ramp up digital spend, see tech knowledge as vital” - ( @M_Hickinbotham
  6. 6. @M_Hickinbotham
  7. 7. “Major advertisers, including Volkswagen, NZ Tourism and online clothier The Iconic, had abandoned mass-market television campaigns in favour of targeted digital marketing using mediums such as Facebook.” - Era of micro-marketing and mobile has arrived: Google, Facebook - (Technology Spectator) @M_Hickinbotham
  8. 8. Page Post Fanbase Audience Social by design Social by context Reactive content Proactive content Social metrics/last click Weighted attribution PAID ORGANIC Knowing the functional difference between organic and paid @M_Hickinbotham
  9. 9. Organic Social @M_Hickinbotham
  10. 10. Latent interest and external stimulus @M_Hickinbotham
  11. 11. Latent interest @M_Hickinbotham
  12. 12. External stimulus @M_Hickinbotham
  13. 13. Social Review @M_Hickinbotham
  14. 14. Over 19 millions impressions Latent interest and external stimulus More than 2500 tweets 360 different users @M_Hickinbotham
  15. 15. Ten tips for running a Social Review @M_Hickinbotham 1. Assess internal aversion to risk. 2. Select a competent product/service. 3. Select reviewers based on diversity and history of content creation. 4. Be transparent - publish the Social Review guidelines. 5. Follow ACCC guidelines (i.e. misleading claims).
  16. 16. Ten tips for running a Social Review @M_Hickinbotham 6. Pull vs Push. 7. Leverage external stimulus and latent interest. 8. Provide an onboarding program. 9. Meet Reviewers offline. 10.Use owned asset as the Social Review hub.
  17. 17. 1.7% of total @BlackMilk Clothing customers own +50 leggings. They generate close to 35% of revenue. @M_Hickinbotham
  18. 18. Dark Social - Buzzfeed Report What Actually HappensWhat We See @M_Hickinbotham
  19. 19. 1. Establish content/audience fit. 2. Understand your industry’s propensity to encourage Dark Social. 3. Power of a Paid Social Impression. 4. Tracking and Reacting. Optimising for Dark Social @M_Hickinbotham
  20. 20. Paid Social @M_Hickinbotham
  21. 21. From three audiences to many audiences @M_Hickinbotham
  22. 22. The importance of context @M_Hickinbotham
  23. 23. The importance of context @M_Hickinbotham
  24. 24. Social by context Target Consumer Parents Rational ‘Manage’ Emotional ‘Stress’ Creative Proposition Demo/ Interest/ Behaviour/ Custom Audience Target Audience @M_Hickinbotham
  25. 25. 1. Earn consideration through emotive solution based propositions. 2. Target based on relevancy. 3. Focus on reach. Three tips for a ‘brand response’ post @M_Hickinbotham
  26. 26. 1. Drive acquisition through product based propositions. 2. Target based on retargeting. 3. Focus on frequency. Three tips for a ‘direct response’ post @M_Hickinbotham
  27. 27. • Males had the highest conversion lift. • In the placebo group, females converted at a much higher rate than males. • The trial generated a lift in Ad Recall, Purchase Intent and Message Association. Results @M_Hickinbotham
  28. 28. @M_Hickinbotham
  29. 29. Media attribution: Optimising digital marketing spend in Financial Services - Datalicious @M_Hickinbotham
  30. 30. @M_Hickinbotham
  31. 31. @M_Hickinbotham
  32. 32. Building an Organic and Paid Social Marketing Blueprint @M_Hickinbotham
  33. 33. Care & Support Awareness Consideration & Intent Paid - Reach the right people at scale. - Post should focus on emotional solution. Organic - Latent interest and external stimulus. - Blog posts that get shared / generate PR. Paid - Target people based on interest and/or intent. - Posts should focus on product attribute. Organic - Publish evergreen content to enable Dark Social. - Customer product reviews. Paid - Connect with customers to provide support. Be on the lookout for advocates. Organic - Community service/support forum. @M_Hickinbotham
  34. 34.