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BrightonSEO 2013: Propellernet


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"Bandwagonesque" - Do we deserve to be on the content bus/train/plane?

Here's Stefan Hull & Mark Henshall's (Propellernet) deck from Brighton SEO 2013 on the importance of putting the customer first and why Content needs to be integrated with SEO.

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BrightonSEO 2013: Propellernet

  1. 1. One piece of advice I give to SEOmasters is, dont chase after Googlesalgorithm; chase after your bestinterpretation of what userswant, because thats what Googleschasing after.Matt Cutts (Google) (2011)
  2. 2. If you offer long-lasting, unique andcompelling content - something thatlets your expertise shine - peoplewill want to recommend it to others
  3. 3. Listen to the questions people are askingand use this insight to create relevantand recommendable content ideas thatinfluencers will engage with (and whichyou can encourage them to engage with)so that everyone is inspired to search andshare, which will deliver a positivebusiness impact.