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Mesh Company Presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Mesh Company Presentation

  1. 1. MESH ENGINEERING & SOFTWARE Co.Your design development and innovation partner for economical, robust, reliable, ergonomic, environment-friendly, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain products... Company Presentation
  2. 2. Backgroundmultidisciplinary & complex millions of interrelated data and many project actors in engineering processes need for dynamic coordination various locations Shipbuilding
  3. 3. Background15 years of international experience & reputation more than 130 ship design projects more than 250 ships
  4. 4. Who Are We? We are technology and solution consultancy center. We present IT-based engineering and software services for various industries since 2002.Advanced Engineering: Sense The Future Design, development & innovation partnering with vast experience and most advanced software tools. Software Systems: Creating Solutions Customized, economical, smart software & service solutions for successful projects.
  5. 5. Advanced Engineering Solutions Fliud-Solid InteractionStructural Analysis Fluid Dynamics Analysis Analysis Hydroelastic Vibration Strength Analysis Single Phase Flow Analysis Analysis Interactive Fluid-Solid Vibration Analysis Multi Phase Flow Analysis Dynamics Analysis Dynamic & Shock Underwater Explosion Potential Flow Analysis Resistance Analysis (UNDEX) Analysis Crash Analysis Vibro-Acoustic Noise Mechanism Simulations Analysis Vibro-Acoustic Noise Thermal Analysis Analysis Fatigue Analysis Underwater Noise Analysis Buckling Analysis
  6. 6. Software Systems• Ship Design & Shipbuilding Solutions • DeltaLoad Ship loading scenarios, stability & strength calculations • DeltaFlow Flow analysis around the ship according to potential theory • B-SURF Geometric, hydrostatic & hydrodynamic design of hull form• Business Management Solutions • DeltaManager Engineering Document Management • RITMIQ Project & Work Management (
  7. 7. OrganizationBoard PresidentManaging Director Managing Director Software & System Advanced Sales & MarketingDirector Engineering Director Development Director Director Software & Network & SystemManager FEM Manager CFD Manager Development Hardware Manager Manager Software & System Network &Expert Development Hardware Expert Expert 10 years of experience, 14 expert staff Knowledge in Naval Architecture, Mechanical, Aerospace, Industrial, Computer, Electronic, Mathematic Engineering
  8. 8. Vision & Mission Statements• Vision MESH’s vision is a business world and a future where innovation occupies an important role and corporations use advanced level engineering and software tools for their works and researchs.• Mission MESH adopted the missions as, • developing advanced engineering tools and providing them as products, • contributing into the development process of high quality products by carrying out projects and analyses with these tools, • presenting the know-how gained as consultancy services.
  9. 9. MESH• We are agile, responsive, innovative, experienced and trusted... • We are a trustable business partner having knowledge, innovation capability and expertise... • We watch the world, perceive, understand, name and define the happenings and turn them into customized solutions with accurate forecasting... • We present solutions and support services maximizing our corporate governance ability in every functional area where we work...
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