Tour guiding Skills


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Tour guiding Skills

  2. 2. Guiding – An Interpretive Approach• 1.1 The guiding environment• 1.2 An interpretive approach to guiding• 1.3 A tourism industry overview• 1.4 Types of tours
  3. 3. 1.1THE GUIDING ENVIRONMENTThe Guide• Facilitating and managing the tour experience• Museums, historic sites, galleries, national parks, cities etc• Volunteer, employee, freelance, (pkerja bebas) contract basis etc
  4. 4. The Audience• Clients or customers• Visitors from towns, foreigners etc• All ages & demographic b’ground• Diff unique interests, expectations, motivations and needs.• Individuals, couples, groups etc
  5. 5. The Environment• Where the tour takes place• Historic house, national parks, museum, cityscape etc• Logistic, organization policies, relationship with colleagues & other elements which can influence the tour experience.
  6. 6. The Tour ExperienceRelationship between:• Audience = environment• Audience = guide• Guide = environment• Between all THREE
  7. 7. 1.2 AN INTERPRETIVE APPROACH TO TOUR GUIDINGInterpretation?? “one of a number of communication disciplines which seeks to generate an increased understanding and appreciation of our environment.”
  8. 8. • Word ‘interpretation’ – Latin interpretari means to explain / to translate• Explain – features / characteristics of a site / means something to people• Principles of interpretation such as:  Process of learning & understanding  Seeks to reveal meanings  Involves communication  Stimulate an appreciation – nature & culture  Aims to bring items and events life
  9. 9. Face to face interpretation and interpretive media• Face to face interpretation Interact directly with the audience National parks, museums, TIC etc Park rangers, tourist guide, visitor service staff
  10. 10. • Interpretive Media Use of medium between interpreter & audience Brochures, publications, displays, books, audiotapes etc Internet Via website / homepage
  11. 11. 1.3 TOURISM INDUSTRY OVERVIEWTOURISM SECTORSTour operators / wholesalersTransportationRetail travel agenciesAttractionsHospitality industry
  12. 12. Tour Operators / wholesalersPlanning and designing the tour packagesBring together – tourism services & productsReconfirmation tour detailsManaging tour managers / tourist guides
  13. 13. Transportationo Coaches, airlines, cruise liners, cars, bicycles, horse & railo The role of guides:  Transfer-assist service  Meet and greet upon arrival  Departure assist upon leaving  Working knowledge: 1) dpt / arr procedures 2) customs & immigration procedures 3) layout of transport terminals (toilets, phones, pick-up zones, car hire, ATM, money changer etc)
  14. 14. o Characteristics of coach travel: The route – predetermined to maximize the opportunities to visit relevant & interesting attractions Same group of people for the whole tour Accompanied by tour manager / leader Extended tours – accommodation & food as part of coach tour package
  15. 15. Retail Travel agencies• Providing link – audience & tour• Tour booking / travel arrangement / liaising with inbound tour operatorsAttractions Purpose built attractions – adventure parks, entertainment, theme etc Natural features- bird migrations, marine parks etc Cultural / social activities – festivals & events such as World Music Festivals
  16. 16. Hospitality Industry Accommodation – hotels, chalets, inns, motels, hostels, cruise ships, self-contained apartments, camp grounds, yachts, bed and breakfast Guides must familiar: Style & standard of accommodation Location Security Facilities What’s included as part of the stay Interesting information of establishment
  17. 17.  Cafés, restaurants & other food outlets Inclusive elements of package tour Introduce local foods to the foreigners How food will be served – buffet / set menu
  18. 18. • Entertainment nightclubs , disco, theme park, casino etc• MICE optional extra / essential session of the conference – field trip MICE – Meeting, Incentive, Convention & Exhibition
  19. 19. 1.4 TYPES OF TOURSSite Based Tours Museums and galleries Zoos and wildlife parks
  20. 20. Indigenous sites
  21. 21. Botanic gardens
  22. 22. Factories, mines & other work sites
  23. 23. Waste-transfer stations, dams, power stations & sewerage plants
  24. 24. Historic houses & significant buildings
  25. 25. Special Interest ToursSporting toursPhotography tours
  26. 26. Wildlife trips• Bird watching (ornithology trips & penguin tours) & marine mammals watching (whale watching)
  27. 27. Wine tours
  28. 28. Regional tours of rural areasIn Spain…. In Malaysia…. MALAGA Rural holidays homes with charm and character. Rural-tour offers a wide selection of hand picked cottages and farmhouses . All properties retain all of the old style of in the inland rural areas of Spain. Our portfolio also includes vacation villas with swimming pool, small hotels or charming guesthouses and village inns with individual character. HUELVA
  29. 29. Scientific & educational based tours• Scientific Volcano Tour This tour is targeted at those meeting participants who want to understand a bit about the geology and history of the Hawaiian volcanos and how they relate to volcanism in the solar system. In order to keep costs down, tour participants will take turns driving rental cars (which we will provide), and accommodations will be modest, but comfortable. Expect lots of hiking and a variety of scenery and climates. Although the Kileaua volcano has been continuously active for many years, we cannot predict the level of activity at the time of the tour, nor the likelihood of seeing surface flows, however, we will make an excursion to the site where the lava is entering the ocean.
  31. 31. Garden ToursCHELSEA GARDEN TOURS 2007
  32. 32. Vehicle Based Tours Australia4WD ToursCoach Tours
  33. 33. Aircraft tours Dustin Boyds Seaplane Tours (Holland) Scenic air tours from Derby (Australia) -combination of boat ride -tours take 4-5 hours
  34. 34. Helicopters Tour• S12 - Helicopter Joyride & City Tour• Location:Kuala Lumpur• Validity:01/01/08 - 31/03/08• Duration:One hourRate:Price Per HelicopterRate (RM)• 1. Ecureuil - 5 Passenger VIP Helicopter3,500.00• 2. Colibri - 4 Passenger VIP Helicopter3,300.00• Enjoy spectacular views of Kuala Lumpur and its city landscapes on a helicopter city tour.• The helicopter pilots are experienced and knowledgeable about the local landscape and will provide informative commentary during the helicopter tour.• Bring your camera and get ready for the helicopter tour of your life!• Both the Ecureuil and Colibri are VIP single-engine helicopters with air conditioning and carpeting.• Notes:• Bookings should be made 1 week in advance• To add extra 20-30mins to the tour, add RM 1,000 to listed price
  35. 35. Car rallies Many rally events above are part of larger championship series events such as: World Rally Championship Junior World Rally Championship (JWRC) Production World Rally Championship (PWRC) Canadian Rally Championship Rally America National Championship [15] [16] Australian Rally Championship (ARC)
  36. 36. Water Based ToursSnorkeling and scuba divingCanoeing & kayakingCruise boating & yachtingMarine mammal watching, bird watching & fishing tours
  37. 37. Tours can also include:Suburban & city sight walking toursCity family tours
  38. 38.  Cycling & mountain-bike tours  Camel & horse riding toursTour ItineraryYou will find this program hard to beat forexcitement and fun! If you ever wanted to ride acamel you can take advantage of this program todo it in style in this picturesque setting in thedesert! You will experience what was a commonmode of transportation in ancient times and stillpopular today in some parts of Egypt.Following breakfast at the hotel your guide for theday will pick you up and transfer you to the horsestables in Giza to select your camel or horse andstart your 4-hour ride from Giza to Sakkara. Whenyou arrive in Sakkara our driver will pick you upand transfer you back to your hotel.
  39. 39. Hiking & bushwalking tripsIn Malaysia…… Experience Borneo by climbing Mount Kinabalu, encounter Orang Utans and visit hot springs “Hiking is a form of walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery. It usually takes place on trails in rural or wilderness areas.”
  40. 40. END OF CHAPTER