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Malaysians in melbourne


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The project that we have done explores the lives of Malaysians living or have lived in Melbourne. We focused on the question of “What makes you feel good in Melbourne?” and we collected a series of short narratives regarding their experiences so far. Each of them have their own interesting story; some have many friends in Melbourne, some play games to feel better, others joined clubs and societies and a few of them even seek comfort from their stuffed toys. In completing this project, we had to understand and practice the concept of convergence. Convergence is the flow of media content through multiple platforms and also the participation of various parties- producers and consumers. Hence, we designed a few methods in which our consumers can participate and contribute actively to the project i.e. Facebook and Blogger. We allow them to contribute contents in whatever form they prefer- video, audio, text, or images- as long as it’s convenient. Our project is presented in multiple media formats (video, audio, text, etc) that have been linked to each of the platforms used. Videos interviews were uploaded into YouTube and audio interviews into Sound Cloud. We used a blog from Blogger as our facilitator because of its versatility in hosting materials.

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Malaysians in melbourne

  1. 1. MALAYSIANS IN MELBOURNEProduced by:Thomas YeohChris TanSheau Huey WongEsther Ho
  2. 2. PROJECT BRIEFOur project explores the lives of Malaysiansliving in Melbourne through a series ofindividual short narratives.
  3. 3. NARRATIVES“What makes you feel good in Melbourne?”
  4. 4. CONVERGENCE•  Flow of media content through various platforms.•  Active participation from consumers.
  6. 6. INTERVIEWS Video  interview  on  Youtube  Audio  interview  on  SoundCloud  
  9. 9. CONCLUSION•  Successfully experimented with media convergence.•  Achieved our desired outcomes.
  10. 10. THE END