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4. Networking Molnar Rev


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Published in: Business, Career
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4. Networking Molnar Rev

  1. 1. Contact people you don’t know (Networking Skills)
  2. 2. 1. The Employer looks for you 2. You look for the Employer
  3. 3.  Makes sense to go where you’re invited  Productive where there is: ◦ High demand ◦ High turnover (telephone sales) ◦ Entry level positions  Only 2-1/2% of online applications are viewed by a human
  4. 4.  Frustrating  Slow  Troublesome  Risky  Expensive  Employer has to review mass of unqualified applications
  5. 5.  The BEST positions are never advertised  80% of all jobs are NEVER advertised
  6. 6.  Positions are filled, or created for candidates who come to an employers attention through: ◦ Employee recommendations ◦ Referrals from trusted associates ◦ Recruiters ◦ Direct contact with the candidate
  7. 7.  Less risk than hiring stranger  Less expensive  Employers do not HAVE to advertise because: ◦ Enough acceptable candidates are finding them ◦ Saves employer hassle of having to look
  8. 8. Employers are constantly on the lookout for suitable candidates to replace departing, retiring or inefficient workers, to work on new projects or to add to expertise in a particular area.
  9. 9.  Cold calls may result in an interview  $25,000/year career that takes 6 months to find with 10 calls per business day = $96 of income per call.  But, be prepared for lots of rejections along the way.
  10. 10.  Your doctor  Friends  Your old boss  Acquaintances  Friends from school  Relatives  CPA  Club members  Your Neighbor  Teachers/instructors  Your pastor  Church members
  11. 11. N e tw o rking D o ctor B u sin e ss O w n er H u m an R e so u rces S a les P erson
  12. 12.  People are happy to help others if they can  They need to know HOW to help, so be clear about what you are looking for  “Will you help me – I’d like to find a career where I can solve problems with my passion and skills in graphic arts. Do you know anyone you could introduce me to?”
  13. 13.  Call a stranger and say “Bert Molner said you’d be the best person to talk to about…”  Letters of Recommendation  Awards/Recognition
  14. 14.  GET AN INTERVIEW ◦ Research  Newspaper ◦ Budgeting  Online Ads ◦ Sales  E-mail résumé's ◦ Marketing  Call/Write/Call ◦ Service  Meet in person ◦ Public Relations  Get up early ◦ Planning  Exercise ◦ Record Keeping  Eat healthy  Get out of the house
  15. 15. 1) ABC Warehouse (574)555-1212 e-mailed 2/20/09 returned – no forwarding address 2) BBC Radio (800)555-1212 mailed 2/10/09, re-mailed new address 2/20/09 3) CCC Ranch (574)555-1212 in person Joe Neato (knows Jack) 2/11/09, left msg 2/18/09 4) DABL Ent 534-1212 faxed 2/22/09 Dave phone interview 2-26-09 5) E.F. Hutton (888)555-1212 e-mailed 2/28/09 re: T.V. ad for Sales, Meeting 3-10-9 @4 w/ Mary Poppins 6) G-nome (866)555-1212 gave to Repeat (Pete’s twin) 2/15/09, called 2/30/09 Letter to Cliff Claven re: inside sales/product mgr
  16. 16.  You have 3 seconds  Remember names ◦ Don’t overthink your intro – Elevator Speech ◦ Remember features with action ◦ Store name in easily recallable location  Be Prepared – 2 Minute Pitch  Listen – “Tell me more about…”  Where - Plays, Groundbreaking, Announcements, Charity Events, Service Clubs
  17. 17.  Call to find out who decision maker is  Write “I’ll be calling within the next 24 hours”  Ask for decision maker by name “she’s expecting my call.”  Leave message “…don’t need to ring me back, I’ll call you again.” and then do so!
  18. 18. 1. Checked the classifieds every day, but no openings for someone like me. 2. I’m overqualified 3. I don’t have the right degree 4. Sent in a resume, but never heard back 5. I could do the job, but I can’t get interview 6. I haven’t looked for a job in years 7. No one in my town needs anyone with my experience 8. I don’t know very many people
  19. 19.  Get to the employer BEFORE the job is written up = you stand a much better chance  Cut out 90% of your competition before the job gets advertised  Most people find their jobs from other people, not from ads  Networking works so well because it requires so much effort from the job seeker, not the employer  Don’t rely only on newspaper or internet ads. ◦ LinkedIn, referrals, research, Letters of Referral, etc.
  20. 20.  Make your resume stand out – presentation folder, include awards, letters of recommendation, articles, cover letter should be specific  True Networking = helping others with no expectation of a return benefit  Networking should be mutually valuable  Human Nature = don’t like being indebted  People will help you if you ask them  Send handwritten “Thank You”  Call a few days later to schedule a coffee or lunch  Keep good records
  21. 21. Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it. Lou Holtz
  22. 22. Dept. of Workforce Dev. Green Thumb Job Corps America’s Job Bank Advanced Placement Center Http:// America’s Career InfoNet America’s Learning Exchange Federal Jobs Central U.S. Office of Personal Mgt. JobBank USA Wall Street Journal Career Info Career Builder Job The Ladders Elkhart Indiana Worktree Elkhart Indiana Job Hunt Elkhart Indiana The Job Planet
  23. 23.  Chamber of Commerce City, State  Industry magazines  Organization Membership Lists ◦ Charity organization, Board of Directors ◦ Elkhart Builders Association ◦ Realtors Association, etc., etc….  Library ◦ Harris Guide ◦ Reference USA  Targeted Company - website
  24. 24. Contact people you don’t know (Networking Skills)