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  1. 1. About Lotus Mashups You can go forward or backward among the slides with the operation panel below.
  2. 2. The eagerly-awaited release of Lotus Mashups has come in 2008 !
  3. 3. Benefits of Lotus Mashups ・For users Easy provides simple operation just to assemble widgets Agile enables rapid creation of mashup applications ・For developers Efficient enables components to be provided as “widgets” Versatile makes each widget used for multipurpose
  4. 4. But, how can we fully use Lotus Mashups?
  5. 5. In fact, there are large barriers... ・Prerequisites for users - Need skill to design functions and layouts of assembled mashup applications - Need full understanding of each widget wiring definition ・Prerequisites for developers - Need skill to design convenient and versatile widgets - Need methods to make each widget wiring definition precisely understood by users
  6. 6. What a wonderful story if you can reduce these prerequisites!
  7. 7. So we challenge! ・For users (simplify assembling operation) - Troublesome layout operations can be automated? - Appropriate widgets can be wired automatically? ・For developers (develop more effectively) - Widgets can be classified and organized by widget type? - Widget development process can be standardized according to widget type?
  8. 8. If we can provide a framework to assist these improvements, it would enhance the value of Lotus Mashups drastically!
  9. 9. Market advantages ・Attract a new set of users ・Accelerate wide range developers’ participation in Lotus Mashups ・Build a new community and vitalize market ・Make new related business, such as technical support and administration of widget library, come into the market :
  10. 10. To begin with, let’s take a look at an existing operational process of Lotus Mashups
  11. 11. An existing operational process 1 - Consider which widgets to compose 2 - Place widgets on a page - Understand widget wiring interfaces If you cannot discover the widget you want, you have to start with creating it. 4 - Wire widgets 3 - Adjust layout You cannot do it without full understanding of widget definitions... It is very difficult to make layout well balanced...
  12. 12. A current operation of Mashups page creation ・You have to do the layout and wiring of widgets all manually After placing widgets you would like to use on a page of Lotus Mashups, you have to adjust the size and position of widgets by dragging each widget. As for this size adjustment operation, it is often subtly off the intended position. And as for the widget wiring operation, you cannot make it work fine without fully understanding of each widget’s characteristics. So it takes too much time to fully use those functions. You cannot wire widgets You cannot wire widgets It is very difficult to make without full understanding of without full understanding layout well balanced... widget definitions... of widget definitions...
  13. 13. Now let’s watch a demo movie of a current operational process.