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How MXC makes "Things" Work


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MXC is the German non-profit solving connectivity with Blockchain. To do this we're creating a data highway, compatible with any system with an active API. Learn how MXC makes the IoT "Things" of the future work.

Discover what MXC has done for Shanghai, South Korea, and New York City by visiting our website:

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How MXC makes "Things" Work

  1. 1. Making the World of “Things” Work @MXCFoundation | #theFutureofIoT |
  2. 2. The German non-profit solving connectivity with Blockchain. 
  3. 3. It connects everything from your mobile phone to connected trash cans; making solutions such as bike shares, smart farms, and smart cities possible. 
  4. 4. Providers charge monthly fees, while the technology itself consumes a significant amount of energy; requiring more maintenance, more often. 
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  12. 12. MXProtocol allows you to connect your data sensor to the MXC Data Market. 
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  18. 18. Working with Shanghai YangpuUsed in China 
  19. 19. Working with Shanghai Yangpuin South Korea 
  20. 20. Working with Shanghai Yangpuand New York City. 
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