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Applying the Future-Work concept to Hotels and Hotel service companies unlocks currently untapped potential. Learn how to attract business customers to use currently unused and precious hotel space and to turn your hotel into a "state-of-the-art" collaboration center. For more information directly contact or

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  1. 1. Future Work@Hotel Industry Version: November 2016
  2. 2. Although the hotel market is growing sustainable and stable… Future Work@Hotel Industry The proposed CAGR of the market until 2020 is 3.51% and is accompanied by generally stable and resilient hotel utilization rates of roughly 70%.
  3. 3. …the combination of low interest rates and the intense market competition is threatening many market players… Future Work@Hotel Industry Existing overcapacities are aggravated by the current period of low interest rates An intense consolidation of the market is caused by investment of the big market players in properties in “B or C-locations” Price competition is strengthened by most players’ lack of differentiation The thread to be overtaken by substitutes is intensified by the markets’ low pace of innovation
  4. 4. …and thus, the management is facing crucial challenges in the near future! Future Work@Hotel Industry “In this industry a strong consolidation wave is going on.” Otto Lindner, Chairman of the “Hotelverband Deutschland” (IHA)
  5. 5. 5 Despite its challenges, change is offering tremendous opportunities. Use of core competencies, location advantage, digitalization, and chances to generate comparative advantages and sustainable growth Change Utilize core competencies + Properties in top locations + Gastronomical and technical infrastructure + Professional service staff + Broaden the existing brand awareness and brand image on other business areas Chances + Abolishment of the best price condition for the travel portal + Superior marketing opportunities for Value- Added-Services Advantage Germany + Mideast conflict increases the location attractiveness + Stable market growth Digitalization + Missing innovation abilities of the others + Generate first-mover- advantages + Stimulate customer needs Future Work@Hotel Industry
  6. 6. 6 Exploiting trends to sustain a stronger differentiation to temper the intensity of competition. Future Work @Hotellerie Source: FutureHotel Fraunhofer Institut A clear market positioning is facilitated by the stimulation of the business travelers’ needs with providing convenient processes (Smartphonekey, Mobile Check-In) and maintaining agile working (Co-Working Spaces). “The future of every hotel is based on specialization.“ Marco A. Gardini, professor for tourism management, University of Kempten
  7. 7. 7 • 45.6 % of the business travelers work while staying in the hotel • 80.2 % of them would like to have a suitable working space • IT- and gastronomical infrastructure is already available or a modification to higher standards is possible without high costs • Attractive locations for business travelers and local coworkers • Functions as both a differentiation possibility and a value added service that provides additional revenue streams while simultaneously reinforcing the gastronomical turnover Especially the addition of coworking spaces to the hotels’ product portfolio offers cost efficient sales potential. Future Work@Hotel Industry The hotel as a workplace possesses unutilized revenue potential that can be sustained without large investments.
  8. 8. 8 An image makeover of the modern hotel is possible… Future Work@Hotel Industry …from an accommodation option to an agile workplace!
  9. 9. 9 By implementing the “Future Work” concept, hotel chains can create an unique selling point. Thus, they capable of differentiating themselves effectively. This provides the possibility to sustain long- term comparative advantages. Detecon is able to show off many successful references within their long work experience within this consulting field: TOOLS Future Work@Hotel Industry …with the assistance of a capable partner who is able to guarantee a clever implementation. Mobile and user orientated IT-solutions that suit the use-case hotel are enabler for the implementation of “Future Work” It is possible to connect with people from comparable business levels in similar or related industries while using the hotel as a workplace. The resulting input increases the ability to innovate. Building up this particular Image can offer comparative advantages for the hotel. PLACES PEOPLE An aggregated concept for the hotel lobby, with room components that provide possibilities for group work, furthers networking in an informal atmosphere. Above that, agile working can be maintained by offering a coworking space in the hotel. The “Future Work” approach of Detecon can help to strength the core business of the hotel market and to develop new business areas as well as additional revenue streams.
  10. 10. 10 Do not hesitate to contact us! Verena Vinke Consultant Transformation & Peoplemanagement Mobile: +49 151 11 856 948 Marc Wagner Partner Global Lead Transformation, Peoplemanagement & Integral Business Mobile: +49 175 2206049