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Twitter glma 2014


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Twitter presentation for the Ga Library Media Association Summer Institute 2014

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Twitter glma 2014

  1. 1. # Not Just A Call Number Any More! #GLMASI14 Martha Powell @ugamartha Roswell North Elementary School Roswell, Ga.
  2. 2. Twitter… What is it an instant Personal Learning Network at your fingertips And Why should I use it?Well, it was an AH HAH moment -
  3. 3. Instead of waiting for this And this … And this… And this… And culling through journals to follow people and trends, wasn’t there a better way? AH HAH! …
  4. 4. When I read a blog about a teacher who shared her Eureka moment about Twitter as her personal PLN, it hit me right then. Personal PLN and PLC… our school is heavily into PLC, maybe this could be for me? OK! I got it for the possibilities…. but how do I do Twitter? Twead along with me….
  5. 5. # Is it for Call Number? Is it for Page Number? Is it for Weight? Or for #Hashtag? (it’s all of them of course…)
  6. 6. Once I got it, I was hooked! Ahhh Twitter, why do I love you? Let me count the ways!
  7. 7. Our goals for today: Set up a Twitter Account : What should my handle be? Find out a bit of the HOW TO’s… The lingo, Anatomy of a tweet… Find some followers Learn to speak hashtag and a little more
  8. 8. Twitter Lingo Tweet – the message you type – 140 characters or less Handle – your twitter name Hashtag – topic and group related discussions, is a search term #GLMASI14 - this conference’s subject heading! Twitterverse - all the tweeps Tweeps – the folks in Twitterverse Follow (and Unfollow) – people, groups, events you are interested in. Twitter Etiquette – use good judgment – it is social media and Twitterverse has over 500 million tweeps! Plus…your mother and your boss may be watching!
  9. 9. Anatomy of a TWEET Author of the Tweet Responding to this author Tweet has been favorited by another follower The tweet has been re- tweeted A follower can respond to the author The tweet is part of these chats Author’s handle
  10. 10. TCreate a Twitter Account What should your handle be? Consider: keep this account professional, save personal stuff for another account or media Review of the Twitter page Who should I follow? Consider adding to your profile Follow me! @ugamartha
  11. 11. Resources Galore on Google – a search with Twitter for Teachers or Twitter for educators will make your cup runneth over! Work smarter not harder! Search for resources online to help get in the Twitter groove You Tube – Twitter for Beginners Pinterest – Twitter Tools and Tricks, Twitter for Educators, Follow chats – join one! #edchat, #PBL, #PBLchat, Hashtags for Education Find professionals to follow Is Twitter Your Superpower? Give yourself a chance to find your AH HAH moment and see if it puts some Zip Ah Dee Doo Dah and a blue bird on your shoulder kind of day! Need more help? Let Professor Google help you! Widely accepted practice: Keep professional and personal social media separate.