OBU - social media workshop final


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OBU - social media workshop final

  1. 1. Ouachita Baptist UniversitySocial Media Workshop Martin-Wilbourn Partners
  2. 2. Social Media Users• Facebook: 1 billion users – 1 in 7 humans are on Facebook• Twitter: 500 million users• Google+: 400 million users• LinkedIn: 200 million users• Instagram: 100 million users• Pinterest: 1 million users
  3. 3. 2012 Social Media Minute• Facebook: – 1.68 million posts – 684,478 pieces of content shared• 100,000 tweets were sent• 48 hours of video uploaded to YouTube• 3,472 check-ins on FourSquare• 120 new members on LinkedIn
  4. 4. Social Media Demographics• 67% of Internet users are on social media• Gender – Women 71% – Men 62%• Age – 18-29 86% – 30-49 73% – 50-64 57% – 65+ 35%
  5. 5. Facebook• 1 in 7 humans are on Facebook• Each day users spend 10.5 billion minutes on Facebook• 500 million Likes per day• 250 million photos added daily• 1 out of every 7 minutes spent online is spent on Facebook• 50% of smartphone users connect every hour of every day
  6. 6. Twitter• Twitter has more than 500 million users• 120,000 tweets are posted every second (March 2013)• 340 Million tweets are posted each day• Every day, 1 million new accounts are created• 43% of Americans are exposed to tweets from traditional media• 53% of users have recommended companies and products on Twitter
  7. 7. LinkedIn• World’s largest professional network with more than 200 million users in over 200 countries.• Average user spends 21 minutes/week on LinkedIn.• 61% use it as their primary professional networking site.• 42% update their profile information regularly.
  8. 8. Other Social Networks• Pinterest is now the third most popular social network – 79% female, 21% male• Google +1 button is used more than 5 billion times per day to share content• Instagram has had over one billion photos uploaded
  9. 9. Mobile• Out of 6 billion people on the planet, 4.8 billion have a mobile device – Only 4.2 billion have a toothbrush• Individuals interact with their mobiles an average of 40 to 80 times per day• 91% of mobile Internet access is for social activities• Mobile users spend 161 million minutes per month on social media
  10. 10. Social Media TipsTwo most common questions:• How can I improve my social media presence?• How can social media help me get a job?Focus: LinkedIn & Twitter
  11. 11. LinkedIn Tips
  12. 12. LinkedIn Tips• Use Your Personal Profile to Build an Expansive Network – It is always easier to be personal as yourself on social media. – Accept all invitations. – Use your contacts and other social media connections to grow your base.
  13. 13. LinkedIn Tips• Review & Update Your LinkedIn Profile Regularly – Profile Picture – Cover Photo• Be Consistent – Update your page – Check and respond to others updates – Follow companies and engage
  14. 14. LinkedIn Tips• Join Groups – 81% of users belong to at least one group – Engage in groups – Use groups to grow your base by inviting group members to connect – Join groups up to the 50-groups limit LinkedIn allows – Generate leads through groups – Start a group
  15. 15. LinkedIn Tips• Add Content – Link to your website and/or blog – Add images and/or video• Endorsements – Boost your visibility and credibility through gaining endorsements – Endorse others and you will likely receive a return endorsement
  16. 16. Twitter Tips
  17. 17. Twitter Tips: Branding• Consistency – Handles – Bios• Imaging – Profile Photo – Header – Background
  18. 18. Twitter Tips: Content• Consistent posting• Include links – Tweets with links are three times more likely to be RT’d• Engagement is higher on posts with photos. – Instagram no longer embeds photos on Twitter. – Twitter has photo filters.• Be timely
  19. 19. Twitter Tips: Content• Posts with more than 118 characters on Twitter have less engagement. – Users do not want to read longer tweets, and retweets with comments are more difficult to retweet.• Grammar matters. Use proper punctuation. – Colons and periods are the most commonly used punctuation. – Question marks and semicolons are not commonly used.
  20. 20. Twitter Tips: Content• How many tweets per day? – Research indicates ten to twenty tweets is a good daily average for brands. – Infrequent posts can lead to unengaged followers. – Over-tweeting leads to engaged unfollows.• A common mistake is starting a tweet with @someone for a post meant for the public. – When a tweet begins with @someone, only the two accounts (one posting and one mentioned) will see the post, along with anyone who follows both.
  21. 21. Twitter Tips: Hashtags• The hashtag was first used in August 2007• A hashtag is a ”tag” used to categorize tweets according to topics• To add a hashtag, you preface the relevant term with a pound sign (#)• It allows people who follow a topic to find your tweet and hopefully follow you• Be careful of using trending hashtags – Example: #Ouachita #MWPartners #MLB
  22. 22. Twitter Tips: Hashtags• Use sparingly & respectfully• Search a hashtag before using it• Hashtags provide useful context & cues for topics• Excessive use causes annoyance, confusion or frustration• Use hashtags when it adds value, not on every word in a post
  23. 23. Twitter Tips: Engage• Communicate with users who engage with you.• Negative tweets will happen. – Respond. Be personable. Be polite. – Next step is to move to phone or email contact.• Follow other users.• Respond to new followers.
  24. 24. Twitter Case Studies
  25. 25. The Bad
  26. 26. The Bad
  27. 27. The Bad
  28. 28. The Good
  29. 29. The Good
  30. 30. The Good
  31. 31. The Good
  32. 32. The Good
  33. 33. The Good
  34. 34. Martin-Wilbourn Partners• Follow me at @BrentSGambill• Follow us at @MWPartners• Website: MWPartners.com• Blog: MWPartners.com/Podium• Questions?