Oral herpes paper presentation


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Oral herpes paper presentation

  1. 1. • ‘HERPES’ – most common viral infection in oral cavity .• The term ‘herpes simplex’ –herpes labialis(cold sores) & herpes progenital(genital herpes), fever blisters
  2. 2. • Herpes viridae family includesI. HSV-1II. HSV-2III. Varicella zosterIV. Epstein –Barr virusV. CytomegalovirusVI. HHV-6VII. HHV 7VIII. HHV 8IX.Herpes virus simian
  3. 3. • HSV-1 (oral herpes) - permanent infection , very infectious• Oral herpes simplex virus infection(HSV 1) – herpes simplex virus(HSV)
  4. 4. Structure:• VIRION - > double stranded - DNA genome,icosahedral protein cage - capsid ,lipid bilayer –envelope ,envelope joined to capsid – tegument .•HSV1 & HSV2 – 74 genes within genome .• DNA core – control replication & infectivity of thevirus .
  5. 5. • Ballooning degeneration, contain intranuclear inclusions known as Lipschitiz bodies.• Cytoplasm of the infected cell forms giant cells .
  6. 6.  Types of HSV –> HSV 1 - >physical contact in oral cavity .• HSV 2 ->’new epidemic disease’ -contracted through sexual contact . HSV 1 &2 occurs as:1. Primary infection2. Recurrent infection – milder than primary infection
  7. 7. Susceptible host Virus primary infection Recurrent manifestationClinical Subclinicaldisease 1% disease 99% Excitants Carries (70% -80% of population) Antibodies & virus presist
  8. 8. • Primary infection• Incubation period –> 1-26 days.• Prodromal Symptoms –( fever ,headache ,loss of appetite , tiredness , irritation .)• Appearance- group of small red bumps that blister, begin to dry , form yellow crust - preceded by itching &burning -10 to14 days• Red swollen , bleeding gums or sore throat and enlarged lymph node• Gingivastomatitis - in infant from mother• HSV -latent infection in trigeminal ganglion
  9. 9. • Severe in immunodeficient & neonates .• Complication – meningoencephalitis and keratoconjuctivis
  10. 10. • Impetigo• Aphthous ulcers• Hand foot & mouth disease
  11. 11.  Clinical Lab test:• Smear test• Tissue culture• Biopsy
  12. 12.  Antiviral• Acyclovir -> orally- 400mg -800mg .• injection-10mg/kg body weight .• Famciclovir -> 250mg & 500mg .• Valacyclovir -> 500mg & 1gm Antibiotic- (secondary infection like bacteria )• Always keep the infected area dry
  14. 14. ACYCLOVIR• Used to treat herpes group of virus• Pharmacokinetics – poor biocompatibility 20%• widely distributed• Excreted- mainly in urine ,renal impairment dose reduction• Effective in normal as well as deficient immune status• Adverse effect – tiredness ,rashes ,hypotension• Toxicity ->1. Decrease in Glomerular filtration rate &produces reversible neurological manifestation to higher doses
  15. 15. FAMCYCLOVIR• Ester prodrug of guanine nucleoside –penciclovir• Good oral biocompatibility ,prolonged intracellular t ½ active triphosphate metabolite• Treat ->Herpes zoster(shingles)->500mg every 8 hours HSV2 ->250mg 5 days Herpes labialis (immunodeficient patients)- >1500mg oral dose• Toxicity is more in famciclovir especially in bone marrow
  16. 16. VALACYCLOVIR• VALACYCLOVIR –herpes simplex• Prodrug ->esterases ->aminoacid valine->via hepatic first pass metabolism,greater biocompatibility(55%) than acyclovir(10-20%)• Dosage –Valtrex ->500mg & 1mg /day• Adverse effect –Vertigo ,edema ,arthralgia
  17. 17. • Avoid touching the affected area .• Vaccines – under research• HSV 2 – condoms can be used