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Sloan-C 2011 - Blog Your Portfolio


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Students in higher education need to demonstrate their skills and academic achievements to potential employers. In today’s job market, students can showcase their work via ePortfolios. The features and functionality offered by blog platforms easily consolidate examples and create a place for recruiters to review them.

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Sloan-C 2011 - Blog Your Portfolio

  1. 1. Blog Your PortfolioOnline Career Services: Using the BlogFormat to Present Your Career PortfolioMelissa A. Venable, PhDOnlineCollege.orgPoster presentation for Sloan-C 2011, Orlando, FL
  2. 2. full presentation is online as a blog (linked above), which contains the following:• Comparison of different types of student portfolios,• Research related to ePortfolios and blogging platforms,• Presentation of examples,• Current resources for getting started with blogging and eportfolios, and• Recommendations for career services professionals, students, faculty, and employers.
  3. 3. Getting Started• Types of Portfolios – Study (assessment) – Career (job search)• Organization – Consider Structure (resume headings, established standards and competencies) – Select Specific Artifacts (best examples, coursework and workplace)• Why Blog? Blogs are: – Flexible, Easy to Use, Affordable, Accessible, and Quick to setup
  4. 4. Recommendations• For students and job seekers – Collaborate with your career center – Network with alumni – Consider online presence and reputation – Gain more visibility• For faculty members and instructors – Create a showcase event – Consider when developing course assignments
  5. 5. Recommendations (cont.)• For career services professionals – Integrate with existing portfolio materials – Integrate with existing social media materials – Collect examples from your students and alumni• For employers – Provide your guidance to career center professionals – Share the kind of information you are interested in seeing in digital format.
  6. 6. Resources• An Introduction to WordPress – Adam Warner• Using Blogger to Create an ePortfolio - Helen Barrett• Creating an Electronic Portfolio – ePortfolios at Penn State• Blogs as Showcase Portfolios – Kim Cofino• 4 Steps to Setting Up Your bPortfolio – David Wicks (student examples included)• At last – Recognition for Blog-based Portfolios – Jim Shimabukuro, ETCJournal• ePortfolio Resources: Publications, Presentations, Podcasts, Blogs – EDUCAUSE• Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research –
  7. 7. Research Review• What is a blog? – website, reflections, comments• bPortfolio Effective Practice Award – SPU• Critical skills – work and life roles – FSU• Employer perspective – resumes/written work/projects/presentations• Integration with academics and career center• Resume of the future?
  8. 8. Live Chat!A live Twitter chat was conducted from the conference poster session on Thursday, November 10th, 2011, 5pm-6pm ET.Topic: Blogs, Resumes, Portfolios, and the Job Search.Chat Discussion Questions:• Q1) What are some of the potential benefits of using open blog platforms for the presentation of student work?• Q2) From your perspective (student, career counselor, instructor, employer…) what are some of the challenges of blog portfolios?• Q3) How might blog portfolios become a replacement for traditional resumes in the future (or work to supplement traditional resumes today)?Take a look at the Chat Report for a summary of the conversation that took place at this live event.