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Online Project Management & Course Development


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Poster presentation with Noel Broman - Sloan-C Annual Conference on Online Learning, 2010. Benefits and challenges of using an online project management system with a virtual team. Considerations for selecting an online project management system.

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Online Project Management & Course Development

  1. 1. Poster Design & Printing by Genigraphics® - 800.790.4001 Melissa A. Venable, PhD Noel C. Broman Working in virtual teams to develop online courses presents multiple challenges. Managers, designers, developers, and faculty content experts must all be able to communicate and collaborate effectively. This presentation provides attendees with a list of resources and a checklist of considerations for selecting an online project management system. Supporting the Course Development Process: Online Tools for Team Collaboration and Communication Melissa A. Venable, PhD & Noel C. Broman | Kaplan Higher Education, School of Nursing ____ How many people need access to the system? To an individual project? ____ How many projects do you have running simultaneously? ____ What is your budget? ____ What features do you need? __ Calendar __ Milestones and benchmarks __ Automated notifications __ File storage __ File version control __ Check-in/Check-out function __ Personal profiles __ Internal communication • Email • Instant messaging • Chat • Synchronous conferencing __Collaboration space • Whiteboards • Wiki space • Online workspace for geographically dispersed group • Not monitored outside project group • Version control of documents • Notification options • Templates – quick set-up for new projects • Learning curve for the interface • Training new users • Work around for check-in/check-out of collaborative documents Team members working across different geographic locations to review and develop courses are faced with multiple challenges. The presenters work as part of one such team, designing and developing online courses in a higher education setting. This team typically includes a faculty content expert, web developer, program chairperson, and manager/designer. Collaboration and communication are critical to the success of the process itself, as well as the resulting course products. Online project management applications are available to help provide shared workspace, as well as overall structure to the process. The authors are instructional designers serving in the roles of manager/designer and designer/web developer. A larger, commercial system had been used for file sharing at the institutional (school/college) level, but these smaller, more focused design teams needed an online space with more communication features and the ability to clearly segregate materials into specific project areas. Online tools were reviewed in search of an effective way to facilitate communication and collaboration and support the course development process overall. While several team members were highly experienced with technology, interface and ease of use were also considered. BACKGROUND Cleveland, S. (2010, May 2). Top 3 project management blogs to engage, educate, and empower you [Web log post]. Retrieved from in-miami/top-3-project-management-blogs-to- engage-educate-and-empower-you Kumar, S. (2010, March 18). 15+ amazing project management and collaboration tools [Web log post]. Retrieved from -project-management-collaboration-tools/ BENEFITS / CHALLENGES CHECKLISTDASHBOARD FOR MORE INFORMATION . . . ABSTRACT CONTACT FILES MILESTONES