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Twitter Chats: Tools, Tips. & Techniques in Higher Ed


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Presentation for the edSocialMedia Summit, Boston, MA - April 2, 2013 - with Laura Milligan and Raheel Ramzanali,

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Twitter Chats: Tools, Tips. & Techniques in Higher Ed

  1. 1. Twitter Chats: Tools, Tips,and Techniques in Higher Ed Inside Online Learning #IOLchat Tweet along! #IOLchatESMS
  2. 2. Why start a Twitter chat?Whats the Value?•Students - Access & Availability o Host an open discussion with a special guest. o Meet online students in a different environment: youre hip with hashtags!•Educators & Schools - o Deepen relationships with existing network o Expand your influence to a new network o Commit to learning more about your role in education.
  3. 3. Maintain the momentum• Decide on your goal. o What do you want to accomplish? o Keep it simple.• Give your chat structure. o Pick a format. o Remember tone. o Remember your brand. o Be flexible
  4. 4. Standing Out in the Crowd
  5. 5. Promote your chatPick the perfect hashtag•#IOLchat_edSocialMediaSummit•#IOLESM2013•#IOLchatESMSIntroduce your chat to the world!• Set up a landing page on your site• Write a blog post• Send an invite• Tweet about it!
  6. 6. Researching & Selecting TopicsParticipant inputCurrent events, trends, issuesCommon questions, concerns
  7. 7. Creating QuestionsFormat Options:Q&A, Open Mic, Guest Hosts, Special EventsFoster an Exchange:• Ideas and opinions• Recommendations and lessons learned• More than Yes/No response
  8. 8. Finding Support Materials Web-based | Current Relevant (topic and point of view)• Type: Academic research, News• Media: Presentations, Podcasts, Graphics• Voice: Students, educators, administration
  9. 9. Facilitating ConversationPositive EnvironmentLook for: o RTs, @Replies o Follow-up questions o Shared resourcesChat Report & Transcripts Before - During - After Checklist [PDF]
  10. 10. Facing Potential Challenges• Spam• Hijacking• Technology Issues
  11. 11. Attracting ParticipantsUsing Twitter Searches and Simply Measured•Search for keywords that deal with your chatand interact with accounts about the topic.•Run a Simply Measured free Twitter report tosearch your followers bios for keywords.
  12. 12. Twitter Searches
  13. 13. Simply Measured
  14. 14. Simply Measured
  15. 15. Simply Measured
  16. 16. Simply Measured
  17. 17. Searching Your Followers Bios
  18. 18. Target Chat ListThis list will help you interact with the right people leading up to your chat.
  19. 19. Using Your Chat Hashtag inConversations and Shares
  20. 20. Other Social Media Networks Google Plus Facebook
  21. 21. Contact Us!Laura Milligan, Managing Editor@LauraMilliMelissa Venable, Education Writer and Chat Moderator@Melissa_VenableRaheel Ramzanali, Social Media Manager@The_Raheel @OC_org