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Social Media Day Jacksonville 2018 - One tip from each presenter with visual


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Attended two day social media conference in Jacksonville, FL and shared a tip from each presenter, including a visual.

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Social Media Day Jacksonville 2018 - One tip from each presenter with visual

  1. 1. One Sentence Takeaways from Social Media Day in Jacksonville M. Valentina Escobar-Gonzalez, MBA Beyond Engagement
  2. 2. Dennis Yu, Blitz Metrics: Facebook Organic Reach is 1- 2%. *see website for a blog post on his presentation
  3. 3. Carlos Gil, Gil Media Group: Most active used platform is Instagram, most competitive advantage is to listen!
  4. 4. Caitlin Angeloff: Docusign – By the year 2020, 80% of content will be video. @valentinaeg
  5. 5. Derral Eves, VidSummit – Content is king, distributor is queen. This visual in the picture was one of the most popular parts of his presentation
  6. 6. Leslie Samuel, Social Media Examiner – Be first in the game, be transparent, and focus on helping others.
  7. 7. Jay Owen, Design Extensions – “Content Multiplication” repurpose, slice your videos into one minute segments, and transcribe it and turn it into blog post
  8. 8. Jenn Talley, Johnson & Johnson Vision – Insight-based content is going to connect with audiences.
  9. 9. Michael Barber, Godfrey – his presentation was called Making Lemonade: How Beyonce Can Teach the Modern Marketer to Rule the World. He provided examples from each of Beyonce’s biggest hits and shared case- studies. *see website for a blog post on his presentation
  10. 10. Duncan Wardle, iD8 & Innov8 – “What If” (rules didn’t exist) he provided examples of when companies asked themselves that question and how it is transformed a services or product. *see website for a blog post on his presentation
  11. 11. Matt Pitman, Times-Union Media: Share your videos on Facebook, FB Video Uploads have 54% more organic views than YouTube.
  12. 12. Jenn Watson, The Weather Channel: If you wait for perfection, you will never go live. The Majority of the raw videos perform better.
  13. 13. Nelson Burton, Interchanges: Specify converts! Tools he shared that might be useful include:,,
  14. 14. Darnell Brady, Jaguars: Group brainstorms – don’t be a silo, best ideas come from other departments.
  15. 15. Dr. Margaret Stewart, UNF: Revisit your social listening strategy routinely, it should include keywords, hashtags, relevant hashtags, gatherings from competitors.
  16. 16. Danny Monzon, DM Digital: How to Scan a code. Go to Messenger App, People, then Scan Code. It was fun to communicate with his bot.
  17. 17. Jenn Herman, Jenn’s Trends: Instagram has lower bounce rates than other social media platforms. Focus on less content & better content!
  18. 18. Kenny Harper, Rock my Image: Focus on the biggest impact of your business. Those top 20%.
  19. 19. Luria Petrucci, Live Streaming Pros: Integrate personal stories as content about you.
  20. 20. Join Me on Social Media!   Twitter: @EquineValentina  Instagram: @ValentinaEG  On LinkedIn too!
  21. 21. Reach me privately  valentina@beyond- 855-880-5082