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How we change lives!


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A little presentation on the services we offer and how we change lives.

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How we change lives!

  1. 1. Many things impact the lives and performance of those around us, our employees, our colleagues and ultimately our company. •blocking or hiding our own highest potential •losing our motivation and inspiration •perhaps finding ourselves in a comfort zone? •continuously blaming others
  2. 2. What if…? • we can perform at a level we haven't yet performed at • we exceed work performance and feel happy about it • we exceed with all personal choices we make • we unlock our own (highest)potential • It is not what happens to us that determines our outcome, it is what we do about it - and THIS is the place we get stuck.
  3. 3. Is there enough trust in the workplace? Experimental training assists to create trust in each other and in the workplace, knowing you are there for each other to work successfully together in creating the perfect team!
  4. 4. WHAT PRINCIPALS DO YOU LIVE BY ? WHICH ONE SUITS YOUR COMPANY ? Learn and get to know these Principals and find out how they can work for you and your employees!!
  5. 5. SERVICE OFFERINGS Turn it around motivational sessions Turn it around sessions can boost morale, empower creativity and inspire positive action! •Difficulty with staff morale? •Need to inspire positivity? •Need staff to embrace change? • •Going through a difficult, stressful phase?
  6. 6. SERVICE OFFERINGS Measure soft skills YES! We can measure soft skills! This 1 day workshop for managers includes: •Attitude and behavior impact the workplace •Measure behavior and link to workplace (specific) outcomes •Demonstrating the behavior matrix and tool application •Note: this behavior matrix is most effective when used in conjunction with the attitude programme. •The matrix is costed separately
  7. 7. SERVICE OFFERINGS Turn your customer service around! Doing customer service differently! Can we have a look at a new approach when it comes to customer service? A two day experiential learning experience This 2 day programme includes: Experiential learning Is customer service still the most important factor in our business? Deal with customer challenges Make customers stay in today's competitive market? Customer Service Interactive team building activities
  8. 8. SERVICE OFFERINGS Turn Attitude and Behavior around! Turning workplace attitude and behavior around This 2 day programme includes: •Experiential learning •Employee behavior and accountability •Unblocking hidden potential of all employees •Understanding goal setting and measuring and tracking of own progress •Discard victim and blaming mentality and taking ownership •Taking teamwork to a different level!
  9. 9. "the bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists"
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