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Everything You Want to Know about Career – MUST Matters July 2012


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Your one-stop shop to everything about career. Read our cover story about how your online profile can either make or break your career. Then, learn about the rise of YouTube and the talented duo behind it, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, with our Person in Focus. Get a sneak peek behind-the-scenes of the London Olympics through our World Events section. See how MUST University changes lives every day with our Testimonials. Finally, have your career-related queries answered through our Expert Column.

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Everything You Want to Know about Career – MUST Matters July 2012

  1. 1. MUST MattersWorld’s Largest University JULY 2012
  2. 2. Table Of Contents World’s Largest University Table Of Contents1- Editorial 22- Cover Story: What Potential 3 Employers Look for in Your Social Media Profile?3- Expert Corner: What Questions 4 Do I Ask a Hiring Manager?4- World Events: London 5 Olympics 20125- Testimonial: MUST University’s 6 Career Counseling Services helped me change career paths!6- Person in Focus: Steve Chen & 7 Chad Hurley-Founders of
  3. 3. World’s Largest University Nowadays, prospective employers are turning towards social media for the screening of potential employees in order to see whether or not they are a ‘good fit’ for the organization. It is, therefore, important for aspiring candidates to minimize the possible damage caused by certain aspects of their online profiles. Our cover story this month looks at the different steps you can take to make a good impression on your future employers. The ‘Person in Focus’ this month spotlights on the talented duo - Steve Chen and Chad Hurley - behind the revolutionary video-sharing site, YouTube. Learn about how they came up with the venture and managed to turn their lives around by becoming multi-millionaires. We hope you will find this edition interesting and informative. Happy Reading! 02
  4. 4. What Potential Employers Look for in Your Social Media Profile?Unbeknownst to many, an increasing number of potential employers are accessing profiles on social media websites such asFacebook and LinkedIn, in order to determine who they should hire. According to, 92% of all prospective employersuse social networking sites to scan the profiles of potential candidates. Out of this figure, 86% use LinkedIn, 60% use Facebook, and50% use Twitter. 24% said they viewed social media profiles to examine ‘personality traits’ in order to determine the perfect fit for theirorganization.There is no doubt about the importance of the social media websites in our society; a recent survey reveals that over 65% of onlineadults (and 50% of all adults) in the United States use Facebook or any other social medium. While such sites are great for keeping intouch with friends and family, candidates should seriously think about making their profiles ‘employer-friendly’ as one never knows whomight be looking at their profile online.Out of all social media websites, LinkedIn (a business networking site) is considered to be an immensely intelligent tool by which onecan not only connect with past and present colleagues, but also learn more about hiring managers at companies of interest. Whenviewing potential employees’ profiles on LinkedIn, prospective employers look for the following key features: Experience (The relevance and level of experience determines whether a candidate is able to land a good job or not) Profile photo (aspiring professionals who add a photo to their LinkedIn profiles are 7 times more likely to have their profile viewed.) Skills & interests (the right set of skills, combined with a diverse range of interests, contribute to ncreasing the worth of a potential employee and adding value to his/her profile)Facebook is considered to be the first choice amongst people who want to connect with friends and family. As it falls under thecategory of a ‘social site’, it is easy for users to underestimate important aspects related to their profile that can communicate differentmessages to potential employers. It is necessary to review your profile from a hiring manager’s perspective as it is possible that it willbe reviewed to uncover any potential red flags. The best way for users to ensure their profile appeals to future employers is toconstantly monitor what is posted online, review the ‘Info’ section to see whether it coincides with the information that you haveprovided in your resume and upload appropriate photos as profile pictures. Remember what goes online can come back to haunt youso it is best to be careful when uploading information about yourself 03
  5. 5. What Questions Do I Ask a Hiring Manager? Whether to take up a job that pays less thanQ. After much effort, I have finally managed to land my first market compatibleinterview. However, I am a little uncertain about how I can Q. I don’t have a lot of experience under my belt; hence, I amproject the right image. I know that interviews are the best usually passed over at interviews as I am found normally to beway to get to know more about the organization, its culture competing with people who have had several years worth ofand its operations. Yet, I am unsure how to come across as experience in the field. I know that the only way to increase myinterested and inquisitive without overstepping the line. What worth as a prospective employee is to gain experience.are the benefits of coming prepared with questions? Which Currently, I have been offered a job at an advertising company.are good to ask? How many is too many? Please help. The exposure that I stand to get is very good; the only problemThanks. is that its pay is far less than market compatible.A. It is very commendable that you have shown a deep interest in My question is, should I go ahead and take up this offer? I knowlearning about the company, its origins, its scope of operations, it will help my resume but I’m just worried that it will turn out toactivities, etc. This also shows that you also want to do some be a waste of my time. Please help.research about the company before you apply to it, which is a veryprofessional attitude. A. I greatly value experience, even the ones you in which you stand gain absolutely no monetary benefit, provided that they offer the rightKnowing which questions to ask can be very tricky. Therefore, when kind of exposure to students. The important point to consider here isthe hiring manager asks, ‘Do you have any questions?’ I suggest that the fact that the job you are being offered is ‘less than market compat-you cover the 4Cs which are Connection, Culture, Challenges and ible’ – this means that you stand to gain far less than what one wouldClosure. I will explain by giving an example for each. normally gain for their efforts. I suggest you analyze the offer against the following criteria in order to Connection: ‘How did you land at XYZ Corp?’ This will tell you help you make an informed decision: how the company finds its key talent and show your interest a) See if it is worthy of your time. When it comes to jobs that provide Culture: ‘How do the corporate values compare to your own?’ minimum monetary compensation, it is worth the time spent to This will provide you with the chance to see what is most valued research the nature of the job offered, the experience that you stand to and respected at the company to which you are applying and gain and the exposure that you will receive as a result of accepting the also show that you are willing to incorporate those values. offer. Challenges: ‘Tell me about the greatest challenge you think the b) What you will receive in return for your efforts. Doesn’t matter if the company will face this year and how you plan to overcome it.’ compensation is not monetary. You can make the most of your time This will not only show the company’s commitment towards spent at the job by asking your superiors to write favorable recommen- resolving pressing issues but it will also display your desire to dations about you combined with a certificate for your efforts. help the company succeed. Closure: ‘If there is anything about my background, skills or experience you wish you could add or change to make me a better fit for this job, what would it be?’ This is your chance to demonstrate that you in fact do have what they are looking 04
  6. 6. World Events: London Olympics 2012The 2012 London Olympic Games promise to be a historic event unlike any other. Since its inception in 8th Century B.C., the OlympicGames are considered to be the world’s most foremost sports competitions with up to 200 nations as participants. London willbecome the first city to host the modern Olympic Games three times, having previously done so in 1908 and again in 1948.In order to make the 2012 Olympic Games a spectacular event, preparations are currently underway. A number of existing, historicand temporary facilities (some of them well-known locations such as Hyde Park) will be used as venues for the Games. In addition,there are other venues that, by necessity, are outside the boundaries of Greater London. These will host the sailing events, some 125miles southwest of London. The football tournament is also meant to be staged at several venues across the city.Public transport is another aspect that is undergoing immense improvements and thereby adding more value to the Games scheduledto be held from July 27th until August 12th, 2012. Expansion of the London Overground’s East London Line, upgrades made toexisting railways and the introduction of a new, Javelin high speed railway service are just some of the developments that have takenplace. The idea is to have 80% of athletes travel in less than 20 minutes to their respective events. With the Olympic Park connectedto 10 separate railway lines which can carry a combined capacity of nearly 240,000 passengers per hour, it can be guaranteed that amaximum number of people will be able to reach the venue on time to experience the exciting atmosphere surrounding the Games.Security is another very important factor that is being seriously considered related to preparation for the London Olympics. The securityoperation is led by the police, with 10,000 officers available, supported by 13,500 members of the armed forces. Naval and air assets,Eurofighter jets and surface-to-air missiles will also be deployed as part of the security operation.The opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games promise to be an event to be remembered. Named the ‘Isles of Wonder’, theopening ceremony of the Games will be directed by Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle, supported by music directors, Rick Smithand Karl Hyde of the electronic music duo, Underworld. The ceremony will also comprise the official opening of the Games by QueenElizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh after which a short film starring acclaimed actor Daniel Craig as thehighly popular secret agent James Bond will be 05
  7. 7. MUST University’s Career Counseling Services helped me change career paths! As a student, there are countless times where you are faced with total uncertainty regarding the career path you wish to pursue. Such conditions can prove to be very dire, especially at the time of graduation when you are just setting foot into the corporate world. For me, it was no different. I had initially taken admission to MUST University’s School of Business and Management with a major in Marketing in the hope of making it big in the advertising industry. I thought I had everything planned out but halfway through my time spent at MUST University, I began to have second thoughts about the career path that I had chosen. The appeal that marketing held for me notwithstanding, I began to realize that I probably didn’t possess the capability or the acumen for that particular field. This propelled me into a state of confusion; I was lost as I had no idea what to do or where to go. Luckily for me, MUST University’s Career Center—which provides a range of services including job placements, career counseling and resume and cover letter writing services – provided me with the opportunity to seek the guidance that I needed. Its career counselors helped me develop a vision of where I wanted to be down the road through a self-assessment of my skills and capabili- ties and even provided me with the necessary tools to help further my career objectives. Now I am working as a Human Resource Professional in a leading organization. MUST University’s career counselors helped me identify the talents that I could use in the achievement of my career goals; hence, I am now happily involved in the current field that I have chosen. Thank you, MUST University! Michelle Adams, Jacksonville, Florida, 06
  8. 8. Steve Chen & Chad Hurley – Founders of YouTubeWhat started as a means of uploading and sharing funny videos made at a local dinner party soon turned into a worldwide phenom-enon. Launched first in 2006, YouTube has transformed from merely a platform for people to share their video experiences to amulti-million dollar venture that enables people and businesses to share valuable information with the rest of the world. Replacingtelevision as the traditional medium, YouTube has grown by leaps and bounds. From Michael Jackson’s funeral ceremony to therevolution in Egypt, YouTube has earned the label as the number one source of all information – all thanks to Steve Chen and ChadHurley.Steve Chen (born in Taipei, Taiwan in August 1978; moved to the US at the age of 15) and Chad Meredith Hurley (born in Pennsylva-nia, 1977) along with another friend, who eventually separated from the group on account of a disagreement, came up with the ideafor YouTube in the back of a garage. The reason they named it ‘Youtube’ was so that people could upload and share content that wasaccording to their preferences (‘You’) on a video-sharing site that replaced the ‘tube’ (a reference to the television back when it hadpicture tubes). At the time, all three were working as employees of PayPal—a global e-commerce company—that allows paymentsand money transfers to be made through the Internet. Steve Chen—a risk-taker—had left the University of Illinois a semester and ahalf earlier to join PayPal. Chad, on the other hand, possessed an inclination towards art that coincided with an interest in business &technology. Their purpose was to develop a space that enabled users to upload video content and share it with their friends. This sitewould enable anyone to upload content for everyone else to view as opposed to people owning the website providing the content. Theinitial idea was to help people share videos for online auctions. Pretty soon, however, both Steve and Chad found that people wereposting whatever videos they wanted. “In the end, we just sat back”, says Chad, referring to the rate and frequency at which peoplebegan to upload their content. This attracted big investors such as Time Warner who approached YouTube about buying in. Ultimately,it was Sequoia, which has helped finance other business entities such as Google and Apple, which provided the twosome with nearly$ 8.5 billion to help them meet their expenses.As soon as it set off the ground, YouTube began to gain momentum. Pretty soon, millions of people had started visiting the website tocreate, upload and share content with close friends and loved ones. ‘Just YouTube it’ became the popular catchphrase used for thesearch of such and other kinds of videos.One of the most unique features of the video-watching experience that YouTube promotes is the absence of pre-roll ads during theplaying of videos--a crucial decision made by both Steve and Chad. Introducing ads in between the streaming of videos would’vedefinitely helped their bottom line in the first few months but it would never have enabled the brand to reach the near-mythologicalstatus it possesses today.YouTube has definitely impacted our lives in ways one would never have even imagined. Thanks to the creativity and resolve of twoextremely talented and intelligent young men, people around the world can share their experiences with their loved ones in the simplestand quickest way 07
  9. 9. W or l d ’s L a r g e s t Uni v e rsi t y Contact UsIn case of any queries, you can contact our education consultants 24/7 via: Phone: 1-866-533-MUST (6878) Request Callback , Chat and Email Us 08