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Marketing mix


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Marketing mix

  1. 1. Marketing Mix The specific combination of interrelatedand inter-depended marketing activities inwhich an organization engages to meet its objectives. Munif Ahmad
  2. 2. Four Ps of Marketing The basic elements of the Marketing Mix, Product, Place (distribution), Price, and Promotion, also called the controllable variables of marketing, because they can be controlled and manipulated by the marketer.
  3. 3. Product A good, service, or idea that offers a bundle of tangible and intangible attributes to satisfy consumers. PHYSICAL GOOD SERVICE FEATURES ACCESSORIES INSTALLATION WARRANTY PRODUCTS LINES PACKAGING BRANDING
  4. 4. Place (Distribution) The element of the marketing mix that encompasses all aspects of getting products to the consumer in the rights location at right time. CHANNEL TRANSPORTS STORING Chain Management
  5. 5. Promotion The element of the marketing mix that includes all forms of marketing communication. PROMOTION BLEND SALES  PEOPLE NUMBER  SELECTION  TRAINING  MOTIVATION ADVERTISING TARGETS  KINDS OF ADS  MEDIA TYPE  SALES PROMOTION  PUBLICITY  NETWORKS
  6. 6. Price The amount of money or other consideration-that is, something of value given in exchange for a product. FLEXIBILITY GEOGRAPHIC TERMS LEVEL OVER PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE DISCOUNTS ALLOWANCES Munif Ahmad