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ISO 9001 for Servicing Sector


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ISO 9001 for Servicing Sector

  1. 1. Scope Measureme nt Analysis and Improvemen t Normative Reference Term and Definitions Service Realization Quality Managemen t System Resource Managemen t Managemen t Responsibil ity
  2. 2. Scope Purpose Generic Exclusion Administration needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide the services that meets Student, Staff, Contractor and BTE applicable statutory and regulatory (GO, FO, and HND) requirements. Aims to enhance All Parties’ concern satisfaction through the effective application of the system. It’s including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to all parties and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements
  3. 3. ISO 9000:2005 Normative Reference TO 900:2008 ISO ISO 9000:2015 (Ref:
  4. 4. Term and Definitions
  5. 5. The way we run Administration Quality Managemen t System • Organizational Structure • Understanding and implementation of *FO and *GO • Process and issuing the letter and memos (Out-Flow or Interoffice) • Identify the issuing authority • Medium of communication • Time management • Resources Required • Standard Procedures • Recording keeping and access to archives (*General Order and Financial Order)
  6. 6. Involving and in developing the Quality Management System Managemen t Responsibil ity • • • • Leadership Commitment and transparency Ministry and students focus Training and Development (HRD) Meaningful, Implementable and Retainable Quality Standard (MIRQS) • Planning, delegate and review
  7. 7. HUMAN RECOURSE, INFRASTRUCTURE AND WORK ENVIRONMENT Resource Managemen t • • • • • • Staff (Qualified and Trained) Building Machine and Equipment Software Office layout HSSE
  8. 8. HOW DO WE OFFICIATE THE SVSB ADMINISTRATION Service Realization Fast servicing provider to all departments Fulfill the students, staff and contractors requisites Catering the Mother-ship Designing, Developing Maintaining and Measuring the Standard Procedures (+ FO and GO) • Business and Commercial Department • Mechanical Department • Information and Communication Technology Department
  9. 9. Establishing and Documentations Implementation Quality Management System Internal Audits Measurement Analysis and Improvement Continual improvement Corrective and Preventive Action