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20 m arch 2014 oryza news by riceplus magazine


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Rice News (Unedited Version)

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20 m arch 2014 oryza news by riceplus magazine

  1. 1. Cambodia Rice Exporters Say Hackers Are Compromising Websites, Account Info  Log in or register to post comments  Print Mar 19, 2014 The Cambodian Rice Exporters would like to alert the rice community that some of the nation’s rice exporters’ websites and e-mail addresses have been attacked and compromised by hackers. Incidents include fake e-mails sent, as well as fake invoices. If you receive an e-mail asking for informing about new bank information, please contact your sales representative immediately via phone to double- check the validity of the request. Tags: Cambodia rice exports, computer hacking, account fraud - See more at: are-compromising-websites-account-info#sthash.j58fh74R.dpuf Asia Rice Quotes Unchanged Today  Log in or register to post comments  Print Mar 19, 2014 Asia rice sellers kept their quotes mostly unchanged today. 5% Broken Rice Thai 5% rice (of new crop) is quoted around $400 - $410 per ton, about a $10 per ton premium over Viet 5% rice shown around $390 - $400 per ton. Indian 5% rice is quoted around $420 - $430 per ton, about a $20 per ton premium over Pak 5% rice quoted around $400 - $410 per ton. 25% Broken Rice Thai 25% rice of the old crop is quoted about $350 - $360 per ton, about a $5 per ton premium over Viet 25% rice shown around $355 - $365 per ton. Indian 25% rice is quoted around $360 - $370 per ton, about a $5 per ton premium over Pak 25% rice quoted around $355 - $365 per ton. Parboiled Rice Thai parboiled rice of the old crop is quoted around $405 - $415 per ton.
  2. 2. Indian parboiled rice is quoted around $405 - $415 per ton, about $15 per ton discount to Pak parboiled rice quoted around $420 - $430 per ton. 100% Broken Rice Thai broken rice, A1 Super, of the old crop is quoted around $305 - $315 per ton, about a $30 per ton discount to Viet broken rice shown around $335 - $345 per ton. Indian broken sortexed rice is quoted around $300 - $310 per ton, about a $30 per ton discount to Pak broken sortexed rice quoted around $330 - $340 per ton. Tags: Asia rice quotes, Thailand rice quotes, Vietnam rice quotes, Pakistan rice quotes, India rice quotes - See more at: 15#sthash.UNbzHQ3m.dpuf Tiny Sushi Makes Giant Impact – ‘Each Grain Has Quite a Distinct Taste’  Log in or register to post comments  Print Mar 19, 2014 For more than thirteen years, sushi chef Hironori Ikeno has been making tiny sushi – each one consisting of just one grain of rice and weighing less than a gram. Despite the miniscule size, each one takes five minutes to make – five times as long as each normal-sized sushi takes. Hironori Ikeno has made tiny counterparts for seven of his sushi creations at his restaurant in Tokyo, and they each include the same ingredients as the original – for example, there are egg and tuna filets, seaweed-wrapped sea urchin, and octopus tentacle composed into sushi rolls with a single grain of rice –each one smaller than a fingernail! The surprising thing is that each piece is apparently still packed with flavor. One of Ikeno’s customers, Hisako Okamoto, says “Each grain of rice actually had quite a distinct taste.” Now, the chef only makes the tiny sushi for children, tourists, and couples, but he says the whole idea started as a joke; “I actually started the whole thing from a joke with a customer whom I served miniscule sushi to and I started to wonder, how tiny could I make it?” Video: /world-asia-26477243
  3. 3. - See more at: %E2%80%93-%E2%80%98each-grain-has-quite-distinct- taste%E2%80%99#sthash.nxIWQZuQ.dpuf Oryza Rice Currency Analysis for Today – Mexico Peso Down 0.9%  Log in or register to post comments  Print Mar 19, 2014 U.S. dollar index was up +0.75% from the open today, when it traded at 80.014 at the close. Euro was weaker -0.76% by the close, trading around 1.3828 by end of day, after trading between an intraday high of 1.3934 and low of 1.3810. Thai baht was weaker -0.53%, trading at 32.280 at the close of business. Indian rupee was stronger +0.41%, closing at 60.9550. Brazilian real was -0.63% weaker at the close of trading today, trading at 2.3490 reais per dollar. Pakistan rupee was +0.89% stronger at 98.1790. Vietnamese dong was unchanged at 21098. Mexican peso was weaker -0.88% today, when it traded at 13.2765 pesos per dollar by the close of business. Chinese yuan was stronger +0.01%, trading at 6.1943. Argentine peso was stronger +0.03% at 7.9520 pesos per dollar. Tags: foreign exchange rates SimilarStories... - See more at: %E2%80%93-mexico-peso-down-09-2#sthash.JhfiHS7L.dpuf Oryza Afternoon
  4. 4. Recap – Chicago Rough Rice Futures Chart Turns Bullish  Log in or register to post comments  Print Mar 19, 2014 Chicago rough rice futures for May delivery settled 12 cents per cwt (about $3 per ton) higher at $15.520 per cwt (about $342 per ton). Rough rice futures recovered following yesterday’s double digit sell-off, once again closing in technically positive territory. Although today’s settlement price is above Monday’s, the market was unable to break through the high marked yesterday, a potentially negative sign. The fact that trade volume remains at a depressed level, as well as that today’s action has charted out an inside day means that technical traders will see little significance in today’s move. However; the ability to prices to close back above the 20-day, 50-day moving average, as well as psychological resistance around $15.500 per cwt (about $342 per ton) are all seen as bullish signals. Shorter-term indicators point to a market that has taken on a positive tilt, while longer-term, slower moving averages point to a market that remains trapped in a sideways trading range. The other grains finished higher, led but another huge gain in wheat today; soybeans closed about 0.9% higher at $14.3125 per bushel; wheat finished about 3.4% higher at $7.1675 per bushel, and corn finished the day about 0.3% higher at $4.8875 per bushel. U.S. stocks remained close to the flat-line in lackluster trading Wednesday as investors took a breather following a sharp two-day rally and ahead of the Federal Reserve's policy announcement. The Dow Jones Industrial Average toggled in and out of positive territory. The blue-chip index has been trading in a narrow 48-point range. The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq were also narrowly mixed. All three major averages are still holding onto slight gains for March. Among key S&P sectors, techs slipped, while health care ticked higher. The conclusion of today's Federal Open Market Committee meeting and Fed Chair Janet Yellen's debut press conference as head of the Fed will take center stage in the afternoon. Economists expect the central bank to taper by another $10 billion and alter its forward guidance stance. Gold is trading about 1.4% lower, crude oil is seen trading about 0.2% higher, and the U.S. dollar is seen trading about 0.1% higher at about 1:00pm Chicago time. Tuesday, there were 278 contracts traded, down from 340 contracts traded on Monday. Open interest – the number of contracts outstanding – on Tuesday increased by 24 contracts to 8,036.
  5. 5. Tags: chicago rough rice futures, U.S. rice prices, U.S. rice market - See more at: chicago-rough-rice-futures-chart-turns-bullish#sthash.fAcyY4YI.dpuf India Winter Rice Crop Hurt Due to Unseasonal Rains, Hailstorm  Log in or register to post comments  Print Mar 19, 2014 Unseasonal rains and hailstorms in recent weeks have led to heavy losses of crops, including winter rice (November – March), in the Indian state of Maharastra and some other states. Most of the damage was seen in horticulture crops. According to local sources, about 290,000 hectares of standing cop in Maharastra alone is affected, and about 33 debt-ridden farmers have committed suicides since February 24, 2014 unable to cope with huge losses. The state government in Maharastra has asked the central government to provide 50 billion rupees (about $820 million) in relief and has requested farmers to wait for relief measures. Crop losses have also been reported in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, and some other states. However, the government says that total food grain production is unlikely to be affected by unseasonal rains. According to the second advance estimates of the Agriculture Ministry, India’s total foodgrain production is estimated at around 263.2 million tons during 2013-14 crop year (July-June), including around 106.2 million tons of rice. This year, India’s winter rice production is estimated at around 14.2 million tons. Tags: India rice production, Farmer suicide - See more at: unseasonal-rains-hailstorm#sthash.vAYtjJg5.dpuf South Korea Purchases 14,614 Tons of Thailand Rice in Tenders  Log in or register to post comments  Print Mar 19, 2014
  6. 6. South Korea has purchased 14,614 tons of Thailand rice in a tender to purchase 57,114 tons of non-glutinous rice that closed on March 13, 2014, the state-run Korea Argo-Fisheries & Food Trade told Reuters. The rice of Thailand origin rice was purchased at $458.45 per ton (CIF), and delivery is expected in June 2014. South Korea is expected to announce the results of other tenders for about 42,500 tons soon. Tags: South Korea rice tender - See more at: tenders#sthash.VpbQL8kQ.dpuf Thailand Government Approves Payments to Rice Farmers from $621 Million Central Budget  Log in or register to post comments  Print Mar 19, 2014 The Thailand caretaker government has approved payments to rice farmers from the 20 billion baht (around $621 million) borrowings from the Central Budget, according to the local sources. The caretaker government has transferred the money to the Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC), and payments to farmers under the rice mortgage program are likely to begin today. The government says that the money would be paid to around 150,000 to 200,000 rice farmers, who received their warehouse receipts before December 9, 2013 for pledged rice from the 2013-14 main harvest season (October 1, 2013 - February 28, 2014). The Election Commission (EC) had approved the government to use the 20 billion baht (around $621 million) from the Central Budget to make payments to farmers. However, the government has to repay the amount by May 31, 2014. The 20 billion baht (around $621 million) represents only one-sixth of the total amount of overdue rice-pledging payments to farmers. The government says that it will return the money by selling about one million tons of rice from its stocks through auctions. The government is hopeful of raising around 12-15 billion baht (around $373 - $466 million) from the rice sales, and the remaining amount would be used from the Commerce Ministry's wider cash flow, government sources said. Meanwhile, the Caretaker Prime Minister says that she is ready to give her testimony to the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) over charges of graft in the rice mortgage program. She is facing charges for negligence
  7. 7. in duty over the rice subsidy scheme, and could be forced to step down as Prime Minister, if found guilty. Tags: Thailand rice mortgage program - See more at: farmers-621-million-central-budget#sthash.Ncruq7tN.dpuf Ghana Steps Up Efforts to Increase Rice Production  Log in or register to post comments  Print Mar 19, 2014
  8. 8. The Ghana government is speeding up its efforts to increase production and processing of rice locally to reduce dependence on imported rice, according to a senior policy advisor at the Office of the President. The Senior Advisor says that there is an urgent need to transform the agricultural practices in Ghana because while rice production increased by about 60% over the last five years (2008 - 2012) in Ghana, imports have increased by about 70% during the same period. The Senior Advisor says that the government and the private sector are working together to increase the harvested area under rice and to enhance rice processing facilities in the country. The private sector has already invested in two new rice-processing factories in the Northern and Volta regions, and is planning to set up another one in the Greater Accra Region, he adds. The government has allocated more than 1,200 hectares of land for rice production in the rice three regions and the private sector has added another 8,000 hectares. The newly added land by the government and the private sector in the three regions will supplement the existing 6,000 hectares in the regions, he says. According to the USDA, Ghana’s rice production is estimated at about 300,000 tons (milled basis) in MY 2013-14. The U.S. agency expects Ghana to import 575,000 tons of rice during the year to meet consumption needs of around 925,000 tons of rice. Tags: Ghana rice production, Ghana rice imports - See more at: production#sthash.k0BLFjrV.dpuf Need to Download Again offers-hold-steady yesterday%E2%80%99s-high-bulls-fail