Career Fair Guidebook Spring 2010


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Find out which companies are at the Michigan Tech Spring 2010 Career Fair.

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Career Fair Guidebook Spring 2010

  1. 1. 2010 Spring Career Fair Guide Michigan Tech Career Services Partners If you see any of our Career Services Partners at this year’s fair, stop by and say “Thanks!’ For more information about the Career Services Partners Program contact Tina Giachino ( or Jim Turnquist ( or call 906-487-2313
  2. 2. Key to Michigan Tech Major Codes Listed with Companies Sorted by Code Code Major Code Major BACC Accounting (BS) SAH Humanities (ASC) BBA Business Administration (BS) SANT Anthropology (BS) BBA4 Industrial Marketing and Management SAP Physics, Applied (BS) BEC Economics (BS) SASE Education, Applied Science (MS) BEC2 Education, Secondary SBI Bioinformatics (BS) BFIN Finance (BS) SBL Biological Sciences (BS, MS, PhD) BMBA Business Administration (MBA) SCCS Communication and Culture Studies (BA) BME Mineral Economics (MS) SCH Chemistry (BS, MS, PhD) BMGT Management (BS) SCHI Cheminformatics (BS) BMIS Management Information Systems (BS) SCHP Pharmaceutical Chemistry (BS) BMKT Marketing (BS) SCL Clinical Laboratory Science (BS) BNRE Applied Natural Resource Economics (MS) SCS Computer Science (BS, MS, PhD) BOSM Operations and Systems Management (BS) SCSY Computer Systems Science (BS) EAG Geophysics, Applied (BS) SEH Health and Physical Education (BS) EBE Biomedical Engineering (BS, PhD) SEMP Theatre and Electronic Media Performance (BA) EBS Engineering / Service System Engineering (BS) SESC Exercise Science (BS) ECE Civil Engineering (BS, MS, PhD) SFAT Audio Production & Technology (BS) ECM Chemical Engineering (BS, MS, PhD) SFET Theatre & EntertainTech (BS) ECP Computer Engineering (BS) SFSD Sound Design (BA) EEE Electrical Engineering (BS, MS, PhD) SFTT Theatre & Entertain Tech (BA) EEM Engineering Mechanics (MS) SHU Liberal Arts (BA) EEN Environmental Engineering (BS, MS, PhD) SIHA Industrial Heritage Archaeology (PhD) EENS Environmental Engineering Science (MS) SMA Mathematics (BS) EGE Geological Engineering (BS, MS, PhD) SMAG Mathematical Sciences (MS, PhD) EGL Geology (BS, MS, PhD) SMBB Biochemistry and Molecular Biology—Bio (BS) EGN Engineering, General (BS) SMBC Biochemistry and Molecular Biology—Chem (BS) EGP Geophysics (MS) SPE Engineering Physics (PhD) EGR Master of Engineering SPH Physics (BS, MS, PhD) EGR3 Master of Engineering—Civil Engineering SPSY Psychology (BS) EGR4 Master of Engineering—Environmental Engineering SRC Rhetoric and Technical Communication (MS, PhD) EME Mechanical Engineering (BS, MS) SSEN Software Engineering (BS) EMG Mining Engineering (MS, PhD) SSEP Environmental Policy (MS) EMSE Materials Science & Engineering (BS, MS, PhD) SSM Industrial Archaeology (MS) EPD Engineering (PhD) SSS Social Sciences (BS) EPD5 Computational Science Engineering (PhD) STA Scientific and Tech Comm (BA) FAE Ecology, Applied (MS) STC Scientific and Tech Comm (BS) FES Ecology, Applied and Environmental Sciences (BS) TCE Civil Engineering Technology (AAS) FFEM Forest Ecology and Management (MS) TCM Chemical Engineering Technology FFR Forestry (BS, MS) TCMG Construction Management (BS) FFS Forest Science (PhD) TCSA Computer Network and System Administration (BS) FMGB Forest Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology TEE Electrical Engineering Tech (AAS) (MS, PhD) TEET Electrical Engineering Tech (BS) FWEM Wildlife Ecology and Management (BS) TEM Electromechanical Engineering Technology (AAS) FWF Wood Science TET Engineering Technology (BS) IAS Atmospheric Sciences (PhD) TINT Industrial Technology (BS) MEEM Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics (PhD) TLS Surveying (BS) MFR Master of Forestry TMD Mechanical Design Engineering Technology SACS Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors TMET Mechanical Engineering Technology (BS) (MS, PhD) TSE Surveying Engineering (BS) Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi | | Spring Career Fair 2010 | 1
  3. 3. Sorted by Major Major Code Major Code Accounting (BS) BACC Anthropology (BS) SANT Business Administration (BS) BBA Physics, Applied (BS) SAP Industrial Marketing and Management BBA4 Education, Applied Science (MS) SASE Economics (BS) BEC Bioinformatics (BS) SBI Education, Secondary BEC2 Biological Sciences (BS, MS, PhD) SBL Finance (BS) BFIN Communication and Culture Studies (BA) SCCS Business Administration (MBA) BMBA Chemistry (BS, MS, PhD) SCH Mineral Economics (MS) BME Cheminformatics (BS) SCHI Management (BS) BMGT Pharmaceutical Chemistry (BS) SCHP Management Information Systems (BS) BMIS Clinical Laboratory Science (BS) SCL Marketing (BS) BMKT Computer Science (BS, MS, PhD) SCS Applied Natural Resource Economics (MS) BNRE Computer Systems Science (BS) SCSY Operations and Systems Management (BS) BOSM Health and Physical Education (BS) SEH Geophysics, Applied (BS) EAG Theatre and Electronic Media Performance (BA) SEMP Biomedical Engineering (BS PhD) EBE Exercise Science (BS) SESC Engineering / Service System Engineering (BS) EBS Audio Production and Technology (BS) SFAT Civil Engineering (BS, MS, PhD) ECE Theatre and EntertainTech (BS) SFET Chemical Engineering (BS, MS, PhD) ECM Sound Design (BA) SFSD Computer Engineering (BS) ECP Theatre and Entertain Tech (BA) SFTT Electrical Engineering (BS, MS, PhD) EEE Liberal Arts (BA) SHU Engineering Mechanics (MS) EEM Industrial Heritage Archaeology (PhD) SIHA Environmental Engineering (BS, MS, PhD) EEN Mathematics (BS) SMA Environmental Engineering Science (MS) EENS Mathematical Sciences (MS, PhD) SMAG Geological Engineering (BS, MS, PhD) EGE Biochemistry and Molecular Biology—Bio (BS) SMBB Geology (BS, MS, PhD) EGL Biochemistry and Molecular Biology—Chem (BS) SMBC Engineering, General (BS) EGN Engineering Physics (PhD) SPE Geophysics (MS) EGP Physics (BS, MS, PhD) SPH Master of Engineering EGR Psychology (BS) SPSY Master of Engineering—Civil Engineering EGR3 Rhetoric andTechnical Communication (MS, PhD) SRC Master of Engineering—Environmental Engineering EGR4 Software Engineering (BS) SSEN Mechanical Engineering (BS MS) EME Environmental Policy (MS) SSEP Mining Engineering (MS, PhD) EMG Industrial Archaeology (MS) SSM Materials Science and Engineering (BS, MS, PhD) EMSE Social Sciences (BS) SSS Engineering (PhD) EPD Scientific and Tech Comm (BA) STA Computational Science Engineering (PhD) EPD5 Scientific and Tech Comm (BS) STC Ecology, Applied (MS) FAE Civil Engineering Technology (AAS) TCE Ecology, Applied and Environmental Sciences (BS) FES Chemical Engineering Technology TCM Forest Ecology and Management (MS) FFEM Construction Management (BS) TCMG Forestry (BS, MS) FFR Computer Network and System Administration (BS) TCSA Forest Science (PhD) FFS Electrical Eng Tech (AAS) TEE Forest Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology (MS, PhD) FMGB Electrical Eng Tech (BS) TEET Wildlife Ecology and Management (BS) FWEM Electromechanical Engineering Technology (AAS) TEM Wood Science FWF Engineering Technology (BS) TET Atmospheric Sciences (PhD) IAS Industrial Technology (BS) TINT Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics (PhD) MEEM Surveying (BS) TLS Master of Forestry MFR Mechanical Design Engineering Technology TMD Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors (MS, PhD) SACS Mechanical Engineering Technology (BS) TMET Humanities (ASC) SAH Surveying Engineering (BS) TSE 2 | Spring Career Fair 2010 | | Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi
  4. 4. AECOM With 43,000 people in more than 100 countries, AECOM is a leader in all of the key markets that it serves. Our highly capable team provides a blend of global reach, local knowledge, innovation and technical excellence in delivering solutions that enhance and sustain the world’s built, natural and social environments. ECE, TCE, EGR3, EGR, EGE full-time • intern US Citizenship* *Per company request Alliance Laundry Alliance Laundry Systems, headquartered in Ripon, WI is the largest manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment. Employing over 1,300 employees, we strive to Systems, LLC exceed customer expectations by providing the highest quality machines and the very best customer support and service. You’ll find the strongest representation of Alliance’s brands at work in the markets TEE, TEET, EEE, TEM, TMD, EME, we serve including coin laundries, multi-housing laundries, on-premises and TMET institutional laundries, and consumer residences. Alliance Laundry Systems manufactures products under the well known brand co-op names of Cissell, Huebsch, IPSO, Speed Queen and UniMac. US Citizenship* *Per company request ArcelorMittal ArcelorMittal USA is the largest steel producer in North America and the largest integrated steel producer in the United States. ArcelorMittal is the leader in all major global markets, including automotive, construction, household appliances and packaging. It is the world’s largest and most global steel company by both revenue and production, with over 320,000 employees in 60 countries. ECP, EEE, TEM, EMSE full-time • intern US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request Archer Daniels Midland Every day, the 28,000 people of Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM) turn crops into renewable products that meet the demands of a growing world. At more than 230 processing plants, we convert corn, oilseeds, wheat and cocoa into products for food, animal feed, chemical and energy uses. We operate the world’s premier crop origination and transportation network, connecting crops and markets in more than 60 countries. Our global headquarters is in Decatur, Illinois, and our net sales for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2009, were $69 billion. ECM, TCMG, ECP, EEE, EME intern US Citizenship* *Per company request Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi | | Spring Career Fair 2010 | 3
  5. 5. Auto-Owners Insurance Auto-Owners Insurance Group is recognized for exceptional financial strength and stability among the nation’s largest insurers and writes over $4.3 billion in Company property and casualty premium. Auto-Owners also writes over $224 million in life insurance premium through its Life Insurance Company. Auto-Owners is a Fortune 500 company that was established in 1916 and operates in 26 states. Its corporate headquarters are in Lansing, Michigan. Auto-Owners provides a wide range of career opportunities and welcomes candidates from all majors. Auto-Owners is an ALL Equal Opportunity Employer and offers a friendly work environment and an excellent compensation/benefit package. To learn more about the career opportunities full-time available, please stop by our booth, or visit our website at US Citizenship* *Per company request BAE Systems BAE Systems is the premier global defense and aerospace company delivering a full range of products and services for air, land, and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, information technology solutions and customer support services. EEE, EME co-op • intern US Citizenship* *Per company request Baker Hughes Baker Hughes, a global leader in the oilfield services industry, is an exceptional company built by exceptional employees. We believe in making long term investments in people and are looking for talented individuals to join our high performance organization. If you are interested in working with exciting technology, enjoy working in teams in an environment where you can achieve your professional goals and work in a job that is critically important to the success of ECM, ECE, EGR3, EEE, EGR, EGL, Baker Hughes, then you are in the right place. EME full-time • intern US Citizenship, Permanent Visa, H1 Visa, F1 Visa, J1 Visa* *Per company request Bechtel Corporation Bechtel is a global engineering, construction, and project management company with more than a century of experience on complex projects in challenging locations. Founded in 1898, Bechtel is privately held and has been under the leadership of its founding family for four generations. Bechtel is based in San Francisco, with more than 50 offices worldwide. Continually seeking to innovate and improve, Bechtel is the only major engineering and construction company to ECM, ECE, TCE, TCMG, EGR3, use Six Sigma, a problem-solving methodology to identify and eliminate errors in TEET, EEE, EME, MEEM critical processes. full-time • intern US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request 4 | Spring Career Fair 2010 | | Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi
  6. 6. Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi | | Spring Career Fair 2010 | 5
  7. 7. Bemis Company, Inc. Bemis Company is a major supplier of flexible packaging and pressure sensitive materials used by leading food, consumer products, manufacturing, and other companies worldwide. Founded in 1858, the Company reported 2008 net sales of $3.8 billion. The Company’s flexible packaging business has a strong technical base in polymer chemistry, film extrusion, coating and laminating, printing, and converting. Headquartered in Neenah, Wisconsin, Bemis employs about 15,800 individuals in 61 manufacturing facilities in 11 countries around the world. More ECM, EEE, EME information about the Company is available at our website, co-op US Citizenship* *Per company request Black & Veatch Want to make a difference in the world? Then join a company that’s doing just that! At Black & Veatch, you will be a part of creating innovative solutions to engineering challenges around the world and changing communities for the better. You’ll be able to think bigger, go further, gain the rewards and reach higher in ECM, TCM, ECE, TCE, TCMG, your career. Ready to make a difference? Start right now by visiting TEET, EEE, TET, EME, TMET collegecareers. The way we see it, as infrastructure engineers and builders, it’s our duty to do right by the world. That’s why every day, on every project, we’re full-time • intern passionate about Building a World of Difference. US Citizenship, Permanent Visa, H1 EOE M/F/D/V Visa, F1 Visa* *Per company request 6 | Spring Career Fair 2010 | | Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi
  8. 8. BNSF Railway The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (BNSF) operates one of the largest railroad networks in North America with 2005 revenues exceeding 13 billion dollars. BNSF provides rail service to shippers between the Midwest, California and the Pacific Northwest, and between the Gulf of Mexico and Canada. ECE, TCE, TCMG, EGR3, TEET, BNSF is an innovative transportation company and an industry leader in providing EEE, EBS, TET, EGN, EGR, EEM, efficient, dependable, low-cost rail transportation. TINT, EME, TMET full-time US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request BOSS Snowplow BOSS Snowplow, a division of Northern Star Industries, Inc., is located in Iron Mountain, in the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. In our ISO 9001:2008 registered facility, we design and manufacture industry leading snow removal equipment distributed internationally. We satisfy customer needs by designing and manufacturing quality products and providing extraordinary customer service. At all times, we provide a safe work environment and maintain an unquestionable level TET, EGN, TMD, EME, TMET of ethics and integrity. We offer a competitive salary as well as a comprehensive employee benefits package. full-time • co-op • intern US Citizenship* *Per company request Boston Scientific For more than 25 years, Boston Scientific has advanced the practice of less- invasive medicine by providing a broad and deep portfolio of innovative products, technologies and services across a wide range of medical specialties. These less-invasive medical technologies provide alternatives to major surgery and EBE, ECM, ECP, SCS, SSEN, EEE, other medical procedures that are typically traumatic to the body. In less-invasive EMSE, SMA, EME procedures, devices are usually inserted into the body through natural openings or small incisions and can be guided to most areas of the anatomy to diagnose and intern treat a wide range of medical problems. US Citizenship, Permanent Visa, H1 Visa, F1 Visa, J1 Visa* *Per company request Bucyrus International, Bucyrus International, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high productivity mining equipment for surface and underground mining. Over Inc. the past decade, Bucyrus has undergone tremendous change, including a new name, a new focus and a renewed mission to remain the world’s premiere supplier to the mining industry. Bucyrus empowers employees to meet its goals through on-going training, as well as assistance with continuing education. At Bucyrus TEET, EEE, TET, EEM, TMD, EME, there is a focus on continued growth and success. Bucyrus International, Inc. is TMET headquartered in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. full-time • co-op US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi | | Spring Career Fair 2010 | 7
  9. 9. Caterpillar, Inc. Caterpillar anticipates we may resume hiring for full-time and intern positions during the spring 2010 semester. However, at this time, we are unsure as to how many jobs will be available and in what areas. Please visit us at the career fair, and/or follow us on or to receive real-time updates on job information and areas of opportunity. BOSM, EEE, EBS, EEN, EEM, EME, TMET full-time • co-op • intern US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request CCI Systems CCI Systems is a company with over 40 years of experience in the communications field. CCI Systems designs and implements some of the most cutting edge communication systems all over the country. From today’s Cable Modem systems to tomorrow’s Voice, Video, and Data Fiber to the Home implementations, CCI Systems is increasing the bandwidth of the world, one mile at a time. CCI Systems works for many of the top Cable TV and Phone providers TCSA, EEE, TEM, TET, STA around the country. Come see how you can be a part of growing team! full-time • co-op • intern US Citizenship* *Per company request Cliffs Natural Resources Cliffs Natural Resources Inc is an international company, the largest producer of iron ore pellets in North America and a major supplier of metallurgical coal to the global steelmaking industry. We operate six iron ore mines in Michigan, Minnesota and Eastern Canada and three coking coal mines in West Virginia and Alabama, ECM, TCM, ECE, EGR3, EEE, EGN, as well as interest in Australia and Brazil. With over 160 years of innovation in the EGR, EEN, EGE, EGL, EMG, EEM, mining industry, we continue to execute a strategy designed to achieve scale and EME, TMET, MEEM focus on serving the world’s largest and fastest growing steel markets. full-time • intern US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request CN CN is a leader in the North American rail industry. CN is the only railroad which crosses the continent east-west and north-south, serving ports on the Atlantic, BFIN, ECE Pacific and Gulf coasts while linking customers to all three NAFTA nations. CN revenues derive from the movement of a diversified and balanced portfolio of goods including petroleum and chemicals, grain and fertilizers, coal, metals and minerals, forest products, intermodal and automotive. A complete list of job openings and job descriptions are available at 8 | Spring Career Fair 2010 | | Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi
  10. 10. Commonwealth Commonwealth Associates, Inc. is an employee-owned and managed corporation dedicated to providing engineering and consulting services to the electric utility Associates, Inc. industry. We provide a complete package of services to assist clients with the successful licensing, design, and construction of their electric distribution line, transmission line and substation projects. Commonwealth also offers TRANSMISSION 2000®, a highly interactive, powerful software product used to analyze and plan electric utility transmission systems, and Transmission Access ECE, EEE Information Library, a compact library of all available regional power flow models of the continental U.S. transmission system. intern US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request Compuware Corporation Founded in 1973, Compuware provides software, experts and best practices that optimize end-to-end application performance. Compuware serves the world’s largest IT organizations, including 46 of the 50 largest Fortune 500 companies. We have more than 23,000 customers worldwide, representing every vertical industry. BMIS, BOSM, ECP, TCSA, SCS, SCSY, SSEN full-time US Citizenship, Permanent Visa, H1 Visa, F1 Visa* *Per company request Consumers Energy There are 6 billion reasons to enrich your career in Michigan. Consumers Energy is investing big in Michigan’s energy future with a $6 billion financial commitment over the next five years. BMIS, ECM, ECE, ECP, SCS, EEE, Join a diverse and dynamic team that makes and delivers the most valuable EME services in the world: electricity and natural gas. full-time • intern US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request Continental AG Continental AG is a leading international partner to the automotive industry. With 150,000 employees currently worldwide, a turnover of 25 billion euro in 2006 and our unrivalled expertise in the fields of tire and brake technology, vehicle electronics and instruments, as well as, infotainment solutions, chassis BMBA, BFIN, BMIS, BMKT, ECM, components and technical elastomers, we are committed to becoming the world’s SSEN, EEE, EPD, EGR, SPE, leading provider of safety and comfort for individual mobility. For you, that means SMAG, SPH, EME ample scope to get your career up to speed - in an atmosphere defined by openness, flat hierarchies, international mobility and self-motivation. full-time • co-op • intern US Citizenship, Permanent Visa, H1 Visa, F1 Visa, J1 Visa* *Per company request Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi | | Spring Career Fair 2010 | 9
  11. 11. CSX Transportation CSX Corporation is a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. It is the parent company of a number of subsidiaries that provide freight transportation services across America and around the world. CSX Transportation operates the largest railroad in the eastern United States with a 21,000-mile rail network linking commercial markets in 23 states, the District of Columbia, and two Canadian provinces. CSX employs 34,000 employees and provides Intermodal BMBA, BOSM, ECE, TCE, TCMG, transportation services across the United States and key markets in Canada EGR3, TLS, TSE, FFEM, FFR, FWEM, FWF, TEET, EEE, EBS, TET, and Mexico. CSX transports a number of commodities, such as: coal, chemical, EGN, EGR, TINT, EME, TMET automobile, mineral, agricultural product, food and consumer goods, metal, forest and paper products. full-time US Citizenship* *Per company request Department of Defense In the Department of Defense (DoD), nearly 700,000 civilian employees in more than 750 occupations play the important role of providing support to keep our armed services equipped and supplied for their vital mission. Civilian employees are hired in the fields of engineering, science, procurement, transportation, logistics, supply management, contract management, acquisition, auditing, information technology, human resources, legal services, intelligence analysis, accounting, education, advance research, security imagery and mapping, commissary management, management analysis, program analysis, operations research analysis and many other areas. The DoD Recruitment Assistance Division (RAD) serves as the centralized point for marketing and promoting DoD-wide civilian employment and scholarship opportunities. Advisors ALL are available to guide individuals in their job search process, assist in completing required documentation and forms, provide advice on responding to DoD vacancy announcements, and serve as a conduit between the applicant and other DoD recruiters. full-time • co-op • intern Visit our website at or call our Career Advisors at 1-888-DoD-4USA or TTY US Citizenship* 703-696-5436 for Deaf/Hard of Hearing. *Per company request Dirks Group The Dirks Group has been in the network consulting business since 1999. Our mission is to understand and exceed our clients’ expectations while building a solid reputation for reliability and technical excellence. The Dirks Group provides quality network consulting and design, local and wide area networking implementation, systems integration, systems maintenance, hardware and software solutions, network security, PC technical support, and wireless implementation. We are committed to quality service based on loyalty to our customers and integrity within our industry. Our customers benefit from our expertise, TCSA, SCSY experience and creative thinking. They can rely on us to provide high quality products at competitive prices. It is our goal to provide our customers with quality service from first full-time • intern contact through service and support. We give our customers the assistance they need to help their organization through complex decisions necessary to gain productivity and profitability. US Citizenship* *Per company request Dominion Dominion is one of the nation’s largest producers and transporters of energy, with a portfolio of approximately 27,500 megawatts of generation, 1.2 trillion cubic Resources, Inc. feet equivalent of proved natural gas and oil reserves, 14,000 miles of natural gas transmission, gathering and storage pipeline and 6,000 miles of electric transmission lines. Dominion operates the nation’s largest natural gas storage facility with 975 billion cubic feet of storage capacity and serves retail energy customers in 12 states. Kewaunee, Dominion’s fourth nuclear station, generates 556 megawatts of electricity from its single unit. Corporate headquarters are in Richmond, Va. SCH, ECE, TEET, EEE, EEM, EME, TMET full-time • co-op • intern 10 | Spring Career Fair 2010 | | Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi
  12. 12. Drug & Laboratory Drug & Laboratory Disposal, Inc. (DLD) is a hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facility which provides disposal services for academia, hospitals, and Disposal, Inc. industry. It is one of the few companies to have started at such an early date for the express purpose of managing hazardous waste. DLD’s niche in the market is managing an extremely wide variety of wastes but in small quantities. SMBB, BMIS, BOSM, SMBC, ECM, TCM, SCHI, SCH, SCHP, ECP, Even after more than 30 years, the company is continuing to grow. DLD is TCSA, SCS, SCSY aggressively increasing market share with sustained double digit sales growth and prides itself on being a family friendly company. full-time • intern US Citizenship* *Per company request DTE Energy DTE Energy Company (NYSE: DTE) is a diversified energy company involved in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services nationwide with corporate offices in Detroit. Our largest operating subsidiaries are Detroit Edison and MichCon. Together, these regulated utility companies provide electric and/or gas services to more than three million residential, business and industrial customers throughout Michigan. Our electric and gas utility businesses have each been in operation for over a BMGT, ECM, ECE, TCMG, EPD5, century. We have leveraged that wealth of experience and assets to develop a SCS, SCSY, EEE, EBS, EGN, EEN, number of non utility subsidiaries to provide energy-related services to business EME and industry nationwide. co-op • intern Electrical Consultants, One of the leading T&D consultants to the electric utility and telecommunications industry, ECI has employment opportunities available for those individuals that want to experience the Inc. challenge of working in a dynamic industry on the edge of the largest surge in infrastructure growth in its history. ECI is an employee-owned company that prides itself on its very low staff turnover. We believe this is due in large part to our corporate culture of fostering a desire to excel in whatever you are doing from greeting our clientele to managing a multi-billion dollar project. ECE, EEE ECI is an equal opportunity employer and offers competitive salary and benefits packages comparable to others in the industry and allows you the chance to excel in a very dynamic full-time and creative atmosphere. With offices located in the western and mid-western US, we are confident that we can provide you with a challenging career. US Citizenship* *Per company request Enbridge Energy Enbridge operates, in Canada and the U.S., the world’s longest crude oil and liquids pipeline system. The company owns and operates Enbridge Pipelines Inc. and a variety of affiliated pipelines in Canada, and has a 14.1% interest in Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P. which owns the Lakehead System in the U.S. These pipeline systems have operated for over 50 years and now comprise approximately 15 000 kilometers (9,000 miles) of pipeline, delivering more than 2 million barrels per day ECE, EEE, EGN, EME of crude oil and liquids. The company employs more than 4,000 people, primarily in Canada, the U.S. and South America. Enbridge Inc. common shares trade on full-time • co-op • intern the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada and on the New York Stock Exchange in the U.S. under the symbol ENB. US Citizenship* *Per company request Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi | | Spring Career Fair 2010 | 11
  13. 13. Epic Epic creates award-winning software that helps healthcare organizations provide better care, reduce costs, and improve healthcare. We are at the forefront of real- SMBB, SBI, SBL, EBE, SESC, BACC, BBA, time, patient record interoperability and are leading the revolution in giving patients BMBA, BEC, BFIN, BBA4, BMGT, BMIS, BMKT, access to their own electronic medical records. BOSM, SMBC, ECM, TCM, SCHI, SCH, SCHP, ECE, TCE, EGR3, EPD5, ECP, TCSA, SCS, SCSY, SSEN, FES, FWEM, TEE, TEET, EEE, We’re searching for smart, passionate people who want to achieve great things. TEM, EBS, EGN, EGR, EMSE, SMAG, SMA, SPH, You will work hard, collaborate with the brightest minds, and do things that make SAP, EEM, TINT, EME, TMET, SFAT, SCCS, SRC, STA, STC, SFSD, SEMP, SFTT, SFET, a difference. Located in Madison, WI, Epic is a privately-held software company SANT, SAH, SSM, SHU, SPSY, SSS with over 30 years of success. We offer both technical and non-technical positions; full-time many of which are open to all majors and all degree levels. US Citizenship, Permanent Visa, H1 Visa, F1 Visa* *Per company request Extreme Tool and Extreme Tool and Engineering is a High Tech. Plastic Product Development Firm located in Wakefield, MI (UP) seeking bright, engergetic engineering types who Engineering seek entry level opportunities and enjoy hands on opportunities during their career development process.We employ CNC, Robotics, and High End CAD/CAM/CAE throughout the process. Many MTU grad’s have completed the training and career transition process at Extreme, and we seek more of the same. Our clients exist BBA, BMBA, BFIN, TINT, TMD, in Medical, Automotive, Packaging, and Electronics Industries, providing ever EME, TMET changing/challenging work in a rural UP Location. We also have affiliated Mfg. Facility in China which rounds out our Global Presence. full-time • intern US Citizenship* *Per company request 12 | Spring Career Fair 2010 | | Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi
  14. 14. Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Mich., manufactures and distributes automobiles in 200 markets across six continents. With about 325,000 employees worldwide, our core and affiliated automotive brands include Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury and Volvo. Our automotive-related services include Ford Motor Credit Company and Genuine Parts & Service. BMIS, ECP, TCSA, SCS, SCSY, SSEN co-op • intern US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request Garmin International, Inc. Garmin International, Inc. is a member of the Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN) group of companies that designs, manufactures, and markets navigation and communications equipment for the aviation and consumer markets. Our products serve aviation, marine, automotive, wireless, OEM, and general recreation applications. Specifically, we aim to enrich the lives of customers, suppliers, SCS, SSEN, EEE, EME distributors, and employees by providing the very best products that offer superior quality, safety, and operational features at affordable prices. full-time • intern US Citizenship, Permanent Visa, H1 Visa, F1 Visa* *Per company request GE Aviation GE Aviation, through its Systems division, is a leading global provider of innovative solutions to builders and operators of military and civil aircraft engines and land vehicles. We are at the forefront of the aviation industry, creating systems for such advanced projects as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the US Air Force’s F-22 fighter jet, UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and the Airbus A380. It’s a position that allows us to offer learning potential that is unmatched in world business. The kind of learning potential that will take you higher than you ever imagined. ECP, SCS, SCSY, SSEN, TEET, EEE, TMD, EME, TMET We are located in Houghton, Michigan. You’ll enjoy a competitive salary and full-time • co-op generous benefits, and a wealth of cultural and recreational activities. US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request GE Healthcare What do you envision for your future? At GE Healthcare, our vision involves looking at Healthcare in a completely new way. Focusing on earlier, pre-symptomatic disease detection and prevention, instead of late diagnosis. Helping clinicians access more information and intervene sooner with targeted treatments so their patients can leave longer, fuller lives. We believe we can help make that happen—and we’d like you to be a part of our mission. As a global leader, GE can bring together the best in science, technology, ECP, SSEN, EEE, EME business and human resources to redefine the frontiers of healthcare. Something remarkable happens when you bring together people who are driven to make a co-op difference—they do. —Your Life. Your career. Your purpose. Re-imagined— US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi | | Spring Career Fair 2010 | 13
  15. 15. Gentex Corporation Gentex is a technology company within the automotive and fire protection industries that specialize in the development of proprietary electro-optic products. Through our dedication to people, innovation, and quality, we have become the world’s largest manufacturer of auto-dimming mirror systems. ECP, SCS, SSEN, TEE, TEET, EEE, TET, TINT, TMD, EME, TMET full-time • co-op • intern US Citizenship* *Per company request Greenheck Fan Greenheck is America’s leading manufacturer of ventilation equipment. Greenheck designs, manufactures, and ships fans and ventilators, centrifugal and vane axial Corporation units, make-up air units, energy recovery ventilators, dampers, louvers, kitchen ventilation systems, and laboratory exhaust systems around the world. No other company offers a wider selection of these products. The company has sales in excess of $475 million annually, employs more than 2,350 and has over 1.5 million square feet of manufacturing space. No matter how you measure it, Greenheck is TINT, TMD, EME, TMET number one in air movement and control. co-op US Citizenship* *Per company request GZA GeoEnvironmental, GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. (GZA) is a multidisciplinary consulting firm offering environmental, geo-civil and remediation services, as well as regulatory Inc. compliance, information management, solid waste management, and various support services. Founded in 1964, the company now employs some 500 engineers, scientists, and technical support staff in 22 offices throughout the northeastern United States. GZA wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for the caliber of our people. Driven, loyal, articulate employees comprise the company that stands proud with their accomplishments. Join us for a challenging and fulfilling workplace and career. ECE, TET, EGN, EGR, EEN, EGR4, EGE, EGL full-time Harley-Davidson Motor For over 105 years, Harley-Davidson has been producing the world’s best motorcycles. Harley-Davidson’s unique heritage and culture provide employees Company with an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in our business. Harley-Davidson ranks as one of the strongest brands in the world. We simply would not be where we are today if it were not for the passion of our employees. A career SCS, SCSY, EEE, EBS, EGN, at Harley-Davidson is not just another job; it’s being a part of fulfilling dreams. EMSE, EME We share a great passion for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It is a passion that co-op • intern transcends age, gender and race. It bridges religious and political differences. It attracts anyone seeking freedom, adventure…their own path. US Citizenship* *Per company request 14 | Spring Career Fair 2010 | | Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi
  16. 16. Heartland Business Heartland Business Systems is a leader in providing technology solutions to corporate, healthcare, education, government, and not-for-profit organizations. Systems/Avastone Our mission is to implement hardware and software technologies that will improve Technologies the profitability of every business customer we serve. Heartland’s broad set of vendor partnerships (including Cisco, HP, Microsoft, and VMware) along with our consulting, service and support capabilities is the most complete in the industry. Heartland currently employs over 60 systems engineers that hold a combined TCSA count of over 200 industry certifications. Avastone Technologies is a division of Heartland that provides website design and hosting as well as application full-time • intern development. US Citizenship*; *Per company request Herman Miller At Herman Miller, we work for a better world around you. We do this by designing furnishings and related services that improve the human experience wherever people work, heal, learn, and live. Our curiosity, ingenuity, and design excellence create award-winning products and services. Those, along with our innovative business practices and a commitment to responsible leadership, have established ECP, EME us as an admired global company. co-op • intern US Citizenship, Permanent Visa, F1 Visa* *Per company request Hitachi Global Storage Hitachi GST develops advanced hard disk drives, enterprise-class solid state drives and innovative external storage solutions and services used to store and Technologies preserve the world’s most valued data. ECP, TEE, TEET, EEE, TEM, EPD, EBS, TET, EGN, EGR, EMSE, EEM, TINT, TMD, EME, TMET, MEEM full-time • co-op • intern US Citizenship, Permanent Visa, J1 Visa* *Per company request Indian Health Service— The Indian Health Service (IHS), an agency within the Department of Health and Human Services, is responsible for providing federal health care services US Public Health Service to American Indians and Alaska Natives. The Division of Sanitation Facilities Construction is the IHS’ environmental engineering component. It provides technical and financial assistance for design and construction of Tribal water, wastewater, and solid waste facilities. IHS engineers are involved with the projects from conception to completion including surveying, design, staking, inspection, ECE, EEN and project management. IHS is recruiting for internships (COSTEP) and full-time civil/environmental engineering positions. full-time • intern US Citizenship* *Per company request and Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi | | Spring Career Fair 2010 | 15
  17. 17. ISP Minerals, Inc. ISP Minerals manufactures roofing granules which are used in the production of roofing shingles. The facility operates an open pit quarry and mill process used to produce aggregate and ship to shingle manufacturers. BME, TET, EGN, EMG, EME full-time US Citizenship* *Per company request Jackson National Life Jackson is one of mid-Michigan’s largest employers, with about 1,700 associates based at the Home Office in Lansing and more than 1,200 additional associates at Insurance Company affiliate and subsidiary companies throughout the U.S. Clark Manning was named president and CEO of Jackson in November 2001, and has played a pivotal role in the company’s financial success. Jackson has evolved from a single-channel insurance company to a $77-billion firm offering multiple products through multiple distribution channels throughout the United States. Today, Jackson is one of the ECP, TCSA, SCS, SCSY, SSEN largest life insurance companies in the U.S. and one of America’s leading writers of annuities. intern US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request Kiewit Kiewit Engineering Co. is the in-house “engineering company” of Kiewit. KECo provides four separate services—Estimating, Design, Geotechnical, and Construction. In addition to our engineering and technical services, KECo’s key specialties cover all the bases, including engineering and contract review, technical support, personnel training, design considerations, change orders, scheduling, job cost projections, and constructability and method analysis. KECo serves Kiewit districts, joint venture partners, and engineers by supporting management and supervision at all levels. From the home office or on the job site, our integrated services support Kiewit pre-bid, post-bid and through project TET, EGN, EGR completion. full-time • intern Kimberly-Clark Kimberly-Clark, headquartered in Dallas, with nearly 53,000 employees worldwide and operations in 37 countries, KC’s global brands are sold in more than 150 Corporation countries. With well-known family and personal care brands such as Kleenex, Scott, Andrex, Huggies, Pull-Ups, Kotex, Poise and Depend, we hold the No. 1 or No. 2 share position globally in more than 80 countries. Medical professionals turn to KC for solutions that improve health, hygiene and ECM, EEE, EME well-being of their patients and staff. We are committed to cultivating a fair, respectful and engaging work environment co-op that inspires our diverse global team to thrive professionally and contribute to the communities where we operate. US Citizenship* *Per company request 16 | Spring Career Fair 2010 | | Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi
  18. 18. Kohler Co. Since 1873, Kohler Co. has been improving the lives of its customers with exceptional products and services. Our diversity of products and powerful portfolio of brands lead the way in design, craftsmanship and innovation. We offer a breadth of products and services, including plumbing fixtures, furniture, TEE, TEET, EEE, TEM, EPD, EBS, tile and stone, and primary and backup power systems, as well as award-winning TET, EGN, EGR, EMSE, EEM, TINT, hospitality and world-class golf destinations. Kohler is a renowned leader in each TMD, EME, TMET, MEEM of its four business groups: • Kitchen & Bath Group • Interiors Group full-time • co-op • intern • Global Power Group • Hospitality & Real Estate Group US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request Lafarge Lafarge is a world leader in construction materials with 2008 sales of over 19 billion Euros ($26.7 USD) worldwide. Based out of Paris, France, situated in 79 countries and employing over 84,000 worldwide, we hold top-ranking positions in each of our product lines: Cement, Aggregates & Concrete, and Gypsum. In 2009 and for the fifth year in a row, Lafarge was listed as one of the “Global 100 Most ECM, ECE, TCE, TCMG, EEE, Sustainable Corporations in the World”. With the world’s leading building materials EMSE, EEN, EGE, EGL, EME research facility, Lafarge places innovation at the heart of its priorities, working for sustainable construction and architectural creativity. intern US Citizenship* *Per company request Liberty Mutual Since 1912, we at Liberty Mutual have committed ourselves to providing broad, useful and competitively-priced insurance products and services to meet our customers ever-changing needs. BBA, BMIS, BOSM, ECP, TCSA, Our delivery on this commitment is the reason we’re now the 5th largest P&C SCSY, SSEN, TEET, EEE, EBS, insurance company in the United States, why we’ve earned an A.M. Best Co. ‘A’ TET, EGN, SMA, EME, TMET (Excellent) rating, and why we have the breadth, depth and financial strength that you can always depend on—in the United States and around the world. full-time • intern US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request M.C. Dean, Inc. M.C. Dean, Inc. is a design-build electrical engineering, construction and technology company with more than 3000 employees with offices in Washington, D.C.; Northern Virginia; Richmond, VA; Baltimore, Maryland; Atlanta, Georgia; Clearwater/Tampa, Florida and in Stuttgart, Germany. For more information about our company, you can visit ECP, SCS, EEE, SMA, SPH full-time • co-op • intern US Citizenship* *Per company request Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi | | Spring Career Fair 2010 | 17
  19. 19. Mead & Hunt, Inc. Employing more than 400 engineering, architectural, planning, and preservation professionals in offices across the country, Mead & Hunt is a top-rated design consulting firm. We provide services largely to the transportation, public architecture, municipal, water resources, food and industrial, and military industries. Our culture includes many young professionals who want to excel in a ECE, TCE, TCMG, EGR3, TLS, TSE, relaxed, yet challenging work environment. And we leave plenty of room for having TEE, TEET, EEE, EPD, EBS, TET, fun with each other! Check out our Web site for more information. EGN, EGR, EMSE, EEN, EENS, SSEP, EGR4, TMD, EME, TMET, MEEM full-time • intern MetalTek International MetalTek International is a single source provider of quality alloy components for severe service applications. We are specialists in the engineering and manufacture of custom products for demanding corrosion, wear and high temperature environments. Recognized worldwide for innovative Centrifugal, Investment, Sand and Continuous Casting, “We Do The Tough Stuff.” MetalTek employs engineers in multiple disciplines including Metallurgical, Mechanical, Manufacturing and EPD, TET, EGN, EGR, EMSE, EEM, Industrial engineering. If you like the idea of working with an industry leader, TINT, EME, TMET, MEEM providing metal component solutions to customers in markets including aerospace, nuclear power, mining and naval propulsion, MetalTek may be able to provide your full-time • co-op • intern career solution as well. US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request Michigan Tech Army Officer training allows Michigan Tech students to continue their education by pursuing the graduate school degree of their choice. While attending school, Army ROTC participants will be given comprehensive leadership training through a variety of hands on scenarios and classroom instruction. Candidates will be eligible for paid leadership internships over summers as well as scholarship opportunities and graduates will be guaranteed a supervisory position with competitive pay and excellent benefits after graduation and completion of the two year course. ALL full-time • intern US Citizenship* *Per company request Michigan Tech By the numbers, Michigan Tech has 25 PhD programs and 31 Master’s programs, with rankings in the top 50 nationally by US News & World Report, the #1 Peace Graduate School Corps Master’s International program school in the nation, and 23 interdisciplinary Research Centers and Institutes. www ALL 18 | Spring Career Fair 2010 | | Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi
  20. 20. Michigan Tech The Tech MBA program, on campus or online, provides a solid bridge between the fields of technology and business. Our focused courses will teach you how to use technology MBA Program and innovation as a crucial component of your organization’s competitive strategy. As part of this AACSB-accredited MBA, you’ll participate in Professional Development seminars—professional and communication workshops that develop skills for leading and interacting in the work environment—and professional and peer networking. Our goal at Michigan Tech’s School of Business and Economics is to give a competitive edge to students who love working in a constantly changing and innovative world. ALL full-time Mindovo, Inc. Our firm does one simple, powerful thing: we transform all of the technology in our clients’ lives from a self-service hassle into full service results. Our advisors provide high end technology advising, tutoring, and troubleshooting service to demanding clients including CEO’s, community leaders, celebrities, world class philanthropists, thought leaders, moms, dads, retirees, and others. ALL We have been in business since 1999. Our growth rate currently exceeds 100% per year and we are rapidly expanding during an economic downturn due to client full-time demand that is generated by exceptional project results and uncommon service standards. Apply for an advisor position today! US Citizenship* *Per company request Minnesota Power/Allete If you’d rather be enjoying the great outdoors than sitting in traffic, come join our team! We’re located in an area that offers a high quality of life in beautiful northeastern and central Minnesota. You’ll live and work in vibrant areas encircled by parks, trails and seemingly endless green space on the shore of Lake Superior. We firmly believe that our employees drive the success of the company. With success in mind as the ultimate goal, we strive to create and provide an environment that offers challenging, stimulating and financially rewarding opportunities. Minnesota Power, a division of ALLETE, provides electricity in a 26,000-square-mile electric service territory located in northeastern Minnesota. Minnesota Power supplies retail electric service to 144,000 customers and wholesale electric service to 16 municipalities. BACC, BFIN, ECM, ECE, FES, FFR, EEE, SMAG, EME Miron Construction Miron Construction Co., Inc. is a recognized industry leader in construction management, design-build, industrial services, pre-construction and general contracting by thousands Co., Inc. of clients throughout the country, incorporating sustainable practices into everything we do. Founded over 90 years ago, Miron is one of the nation’s premier construction firms with over 1,200 industry experts focused on a vision that includes Relationships, Dreams, Innovation, Solutions, Sustainability and serving our Communities. ECE, TCMG full-time • intern US Citizenship* *Per company request Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi | | Spring Career Fair 2010 | 19
  21. 21. Mosaic We are one of the world’s leading producers and marketers of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients. Our world-class mining and processing operations produce the highest quality fertilizer and animal feed ingredients. We move these products down the value chain to wholesalers and retail dealers through our global distribution system. Mosaic offers crop nutrients, customized services that increase both crop and economic yields, plus a rich legacy of ECM, ECE, EEE, EME experience and innovation. co-op US Citizenship* *Per company request MTEC SmartZone The MTEC SmartZone works collaboratively with the cities of Houghton and Hancock, Michigan Technological University, Finlandia University, and local and statewide economic development organizations to increase employment, income, wealth and recognition for the Upper Peninsula communities we serve. We support technology-based start-ups and established enterprises with facilities and resources to make business flourish. Our team energizes work spaces to help ALL nourish and support business networks—from basic operational systems such as internet, phone and productivity equipment—to legal, marketing and sales full-time • co-op • intern consultation. US Citizenship* *Per company request Neenah Paper Neenah Paper is a leading manufacturer of premium fine papers and technical products with global sales of near $1 billion. Neenah Paper Headquarters is based in Alpharetta, Georgia and has manufacturing operations in the US and Germany. We are presently seeking qualified people for our Munising, Michigan facility where we produce saturated and coated technical products. EEE full-time • co-op • intern NewPage Corporation NewPage, a leader in the coated paper industry, was named “Top 10 Places to Work” for the deployment of Lean Six Sigma and honored as the “Most Successful Lean Six Sigma Start-Up Program” by iSixSigma Magazine in 2009. Headquartered in Miamisburg, Ohio, NewPage Corporation is the largest coated paper manufacturer in North America, with $4.4 billion in net sales for 2008. NewPage owns paper mills in Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, ECM, EEE, EME Wisconsin, and Nova Scotia, Canada. full-time • co-op • intern NewPage is dedicated to hiring college students and upcoming graduates into various development programs, both in engineering and business. To learn more US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* about future opportunities visit our booth and experience NewPage. *Per company request 20 | Spring Career Fair 2010 | | Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi
  22. 22. Nexteer Automotive Nexteer Automotive, a global leader in advanced steering and driveline systems. Nexteer Automotive brings a fresh perspective to the automotive supplier industry as a small, agile and fast company that provides the very latest in advanced steering solutions. As a new company drawing on a 100-year heritage of industry-leading expertise, ECP, SCS, SSEN, EEE, TINT, EME Nexteer Automotive has a strong foundation and a reputation for producing dependable steering solutions and enduring customer relationships. intern US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request Norfolk Southern Norfolk Southern Corporation is one of the nation’s premier transportation companies. Its Norfolk Southern Railway subsidiary operates approximately 21,000 BBA, BMBA, BMGT, BMIS, BOSM, route miles in 22 states and the District of Columbia. ECE, TCE, TCMG, EGR3, ECP, TCSA, SCS, SCSY, TEET, EEE, EBS, TET, EGN, EGR, TMD, EME, TMET full-time US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi | | Spring Career Fair 2010 | 21
  23. 23. Nucor Steel At Nucor, we hire the best and the brightest, then we give them the freedom to spot problems and solve them on their own. We reward productivity with pay-for- performance and weekly performance bonuses that can potentially double their take home pay. In our companies history, we have never laid off employees for BACC, BBA, BMBA, BFIN, ECM, reasons of not having enough work. Nucor is a favorite of Fortune and Forbes, TCM, ECE, TCSA, SCS, TEE, TEET, annually making their lists of America’s top companies. EEE, TEM, EEN, EENS, EME, TMET co-op US Citizenship* *Per company request OSI (Open Systems OSI provides open, high-performance automation solutions to utilities worldwide. Architectural elegance, innovation, simplicity, reliability, security, openness and International, Inc.) user friendliness are the cornerstones of our design philosophies. BBA, BMGT, ECP, TCSA, SCS, SCSY, SSEN, TEET, EEE, EGR full-time US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request 22 | Spring Career Fair 2010 | | Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi
  24. 24. Packaging Corporation PCA is the 6th largest producer of paper products in the US. The tomahawk Mill produces high quality corrugating medium , which is used in the manufacture of America of corrugated board. Opened in 1920, the Tomahawk Mill, through continuous reinvestment and modernization, has remained at the forefront of advanced pulping, papermaking and environmental control technology. ECM, FFR, EEE, EME co-op US Citizenship* *Per company request Paper Converting From our world headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Paper Converting Machine Company is emerging as a global leader in tissue converting, packaging, Machine Company flexographic printing and nonwovens technology, backed by 85 years experience (PCMC) in machine design, manufacturing, and service. With three major production centers in the US, UK, and Italy and more than a thousand team members EEE, EME worldwide, PCMC is uniquely equipped to provide its customers with a broad range of automated converting solutions. We offer machinery for a variety of full-time • co-op • intern industries including tissue converting and packaging, flexographic printing and nonwovens. US Citizenship* *Per company request Peace Corps Peace Corps Volunteers work in the following areas: education, youth outreach, and community development; business development; agriculture and environment; health and HIV/AIDS; and information technology. Within these areas, the specific duties and responsibilities of each Volunteer can vary widely. Examples include counseling teenagers in Belize, launching an Armenian computer center, promoting HIV/AIDS awareness in Malawi and teaching chemistry in a Ghanaian high school. Peace Corps Volunteers work in a wide variety of areas—and no two days are ever ALL the same. full-time US Citizenship* *Per company request Peninsula Copper Industries BACC, BBA, BMIS, BMKT, ECM, TCM, SCH, TCSA, EGN, EME, TMET, MEEM co-op • intern US Citizenship* *Per company request Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi | | Spring Career Fair 2010 | 23
  25. 25. Pieper Electric, Inc. Pieper Electric, Inc. has become one of the largest private electrical companies in the country. As an electrical/mechanical contractor based in Milwaukee, WI, we offer today’s widest range of design and installation services—electrical, energy management, renewable energy (wind, solar and anaerobic digesters), data & communication, automation controls, underground construction, and plumbing HVAC. Pieper’s company values and leadership encourages construction and engineering Interns, co-ops, and management trainees to obtain their career goals through ECE, TCMG, TEE, TEET, EEE, TEM, a number of challenging work experiences designed to give the student a well EPD, EBS, TET, EGN, STA, STC rounded view of Pieper Electric, Inc. and the contractors business. full-time • intern Plascore, Inc. Plascore, Inc. is a global manufacturer of honeycomb core, composite structures and cleanrooms. Plascore honeycomb core is used wherever high strength-to- weight ratio, energy absorption or directional qualities are desired, making Plascore a single source for aviation/aerospace, marine, automotive and a wide range of engineered product applications. Wherever there’s a need for greater structural BACC, BFIN, BOSM, ECM, TCM, strength with less weight, you’ll find Plascore honeycomb cores and technology. EEE, TET, EGN, EME, TMET full-time US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request Plexus Corp. It’s time to realize your future. At Plexus Corp., you will work in an environment that fosters creativity, resourcefulness and teamwork. You will use leading edge technology and have the opportunity to see your ideas become reality. Work closely with employees throughout the world as you team to provide quality products and services to many Fortune 500 companies. These customers turn to Plexus for product design, state-of-the-art prototyping, testing through volume manufacturing and higher-level assembly—the very services that make us unique. ECP, SSEN, EEE, TINT, EME Whether our customers require one service or all of them, we are driven to make every idea a reality. Realize your future by visiting our website at full-time • co-op • intern today! US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request Ricondo & Ricondo & Associates is a full-service aviation consulting firm. The services we provide to airport owners and operators, airlines, and federal and state aviation- Associates, Inc. related agencies include facilities and operations planning, environmental planning, and financial planning. We provide technical consulting and project management services relating to ECE, EGR3, EEN, EGR4 airport facilities planning, airport master planning, financial analyses, environmental planning, feasibility studies, airfield and airspace analyses, and airport development full-time • co-op • intern programs. What distinguishes Ricondo & Associates in aviation planning is our focus on the aviation industry, and our commitment to supporting our clients from preliminary planning through project design, federal processing, financing, and US Citizenship, Permanent Visa, project construction. H1 Visa* *Per company request 24 | Spring Career Fair 2010 | | Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi
  26. 26. River Valley Testing Corp. River Valley Testing Corp is a knowledgeable and resourceful company providing the design and construction industry with geotechnical engineering, materials testing, and environmental consulting services. Our greatest goal is to meet the needs of our clients by providing the highest quality and most valued service. ECE, TCE, EGE full-time • co-op • intern US Citizenship, Permanent Visa, H1 Visa* *Per company request Roehl Transport Starting with one truck in 1962, Roehl Transport (pronounced Rail) has grown for 40 consecutive years. In 1999, Roehl’s workforce of 160 administration personnel, 110 mechanics, and 1,300+ drivers delivered truckload services to over 7,500 customers, many of whom are among our nation’s premier business firms. With both a national and regional fleet totaling over 1200 power units and 2500 trailers, Roehl provides curtainside, flatbed, specialized, and van trailer services throughout the U.S. and Canada. In addition, a local fleet provides dry bulk (cement, gravel, sand) transportation services for customers in Wisconsin. BBA, BMBA, BEC, BMGT, BMIS, Roehl’s continued success in expanding its business has enabled it to become the 97th BMKT, BOSM, SAH, SHU, SPSY, largest Motor Carrier in the United States. Roehl is also recognized as the 63rd largest SSS privately owned firm in the State of Wisconsin. Roehl Transport is an equal opportunity employer. full-time Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi | | Spring Career Fair 2010 | 25
  27. 27. ROWE Professional ROWE Professional Services Company, founded in 1962 and based in Flint, is one of Michigan’s leading professional consulting firms, employing more than 130 Services Company people in Michigan and South Carolina. The company provides civil engineering, land surveying, aerial photography/mapping, landscape architecture, planning and land development services to its valued clients nationwide. ECE, TCE, TCMG, TLS, TSE full-time • co-op • intern Schlumberger Schlumberger Limited (NYSE:SLB) is the leading oilfield services company for customers working in the international oil and gas industry. We employ over 60,000 people of more than 140 nationalities working in 80 countries with annual revenue of $27.2 billion in 2008. We are committed to excellence in technical innovation, teamwork and creating ECM, ECE, EEE, EME value for our customers, our shareholders and our employees. Schlumberger is noted for aggressively promoting employee career development and for full-time • intern allowing employees to change jobs (between functions, business domains and geographically) as much or as little as is desired in each individual case. US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request Sentry Insurance Sentry Insurance is one of the country’s largest and strongest mutual insurance companies. Sentry was founded in 1904 by members of the Wisconsin Retail Hardware Association. Today, Sentry has more than $6.6 billion in assets, a policyholder surplus of $2 billion and annual premiums in excess of $1.5 billion. Sentry Insurance is headquartered in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, with claims and BACC, BBA, BMBA, BEC, BFIN, service offices located throughout the United States. BMGT, BMKT Sentry offers a full line of property, casualty and life insurance products to protect full-time • intern businesses, cars, homes, lives and retirement incomes. US Citizenship* *Per company request Skanska Skanska USA Building Inc. is a leading provider of world-class construction services, including comprehensive program and construction management, design-build and build-leaseback delivery approaches. Skanska USA Building Inc. is backed by the unrivaled strength, stability and assets of one of the world’s largest construction companies, Skanska AB, which is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Skanska USA Building’s expertise spans small renovations to billion- dollar programs. We serve a broad range of clients across the U.S., as well as in Puerto Rico and the U.K., representing such sectors as pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical, healthcare, education, commercial/corporate office, aviation, ECE, TCMG government, retail, hospitality and other sectors. intern 26 | Spring Career Fair 2010 | | Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi
  28. 28. SME (Soil and Materials Headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, with offices in Lansing, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Bay City, Shelby Township, Traverse City, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio, SME provides Engineers, Inc.) consulting services in the geosciences, materials and the environment. In business since 1964, SME currently employs 220 people and serves Michigan-based architectural/ engineering firms, commercial developers, municipalities, and manufacturing and ECE, TCE, TCMG, EGR3, TET, industrial clients. Major services include Geotechnical Engineering Design, Construction Quality Management, Foundations, Earthwork and Instrumentation, Environmental and EGN, EGR, EEN, EGE Hydrogeology Studies, Environmental Site Assessments, Pavement and Roofing Evaluation Services, Metallurgical and Special Materials Testing Services and Compliance. We offer full-time • co-op exceptional opportunities for professional growth in a flexible environment and excellent benefits including: medical, life, disability, and long-term care insurance, and generous paid US Citizenship, Permanent Visa, time off and performance bonus programs. H1 Visa* *Per company request Social Security Forward thinking. Radical approaches. Surpassing the standard. These are the elements that created one of the world’s most successful social insurance programs. Administration For over 65 years, the Social Security Administration has played a part in the lives of nearly everyone you know. Social Security has kept millions of elderly and disabled individuals safe from poverty. With over 90 percent of the U.S. population covered by Social Security, new ALL challenges require that we question the limits of the status quo, reaching outside of the realm of the usual and standard. full-time • co-op • intern We’re looking for explorers to shape the future with us! US Citizenship, Permanent Visa* *Per company request Sponsored by Career Services and Alpha Kappa Psi | | Spring Career Fair 2010 | 27