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Lean Startup Basics & Tools


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Basic principles of Lean Startup and tools to put Lean Startup in practice

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Lean Startup Basics & Tools

  1. 1. Where does it come from? 2011
  2. 2. The Inspiration for Lean Startup
  3. 3. Basics of Lean Startup
  4. 4. Lean Startup tools  Planning  Guide  Market data collection/Experiment  Data crunching  Project Management
  5. 5. Planning Tools Lean Canvas Business Model Canvas Value Proposition Canvas
  6. 6. Planning Tools MVP Marketing Plan
  7. 7. Guide Tools Lean MonitorLean Launch Lab
  8. 8. Market Data Collection/Experiment Tools
  9. 9. Market Data Collection/Experiment Tools Any tool That will help you make Your experiment a reality and Cost as little as possible
  10. 10. Data Crunching Tools
  11. 11. Project Management Tools
  12. 12. Where to find these tools and learn how to use them • Google – website and articles • Youtube, Vimeo • Slideshare • Amazon or your local library • Lean Startup Circle – Montréal meetups