Susanna Juusti: Maksimoi markkinoinnin pelimerkkisi automaatiolla!


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Susanna Juusti: Maksimoi markkinoinnin pelimerkkisi automaatiolla!

  1. 1. Maksimoi markkinoinnin pelimerkkisiautomaatiolla!14.3.2013
  2. 2. // LYHYT ESITTELY • Key Account Manager ID BBN • Member of BBN Executive Board • Responsible for clients : Atos Iron Mountain Ruukki Susanna Juusti l Key Account Manager, VP Nordkalk Turku Science Park ID BBN l Idea Development ID Ltd. l Direct +358 40 505 7098 l Office +358 2 8145 0600 l l l
  3. 3. // ESITYKSEN SISÄLTÖ 1. Iron Mountain case 2. TECS pähkinänkuoressa
  4. 4. Iron Mountain caseWhere’s your tippingpoint?
  5. 5. // “WHERE IS YOUR TIPPING POINT” CAMPAIGN FOR IRON MOUNTAIN The campaign was designed to support users with a multitude of different needs. Prospects were helped along their buyer journey with automated nurture emails.
  6. 6. // THE TWO MAIN OBJECTIVES FOR THE CAMPAIGN 1. Generate 2,000 marketing qualified leads from SME’s around Europe. 2. Nurture these leads through an automated process to generate sales.
  7. 7. // THE TARGET AUDIENCE • Business owner • Office / facilities manager • Records manager • IT manager • Finance manager • HR manager • Compliance / quality manager
  8. 8. // THE IDEA - “WHERE’S YOUR TIPPING POINT?” Used 3D i’s as characters to tell the story of what can happen when information is not managed properly and to show businesses that they are already past the point where they can benefit from IME services.
  9. 9. // THE MESSAGES A comprehensive research was conducted to integrate audience profiles buying journeys job functions. The needs of each audience were mapped at each stage of their buyer journey.
  10. 10. Media, channels and techniques usedTechnology enabled contact strategy (TECS)
  11. 11. // THE WEBSITE The campaign website formed the hub of the campaign, integrating all channels, providing a trackable framework for a great number of potential user journeys. Landing pages for the 7 different job functions 6 different product areas
  12. 12. The campaign was a resounding successgenerating over 3,000 leads and an ROI of 7:1!
  14. 14. // WHAT IS TECS? • A BBN framework for delivering contact strategies To help our clients see the big picture To systematically build up and integrate all marketing channels • A set of tested and proven tools to gather information and to design the integrated model A fully integrated contact strategy A digital strategy A campaign strategy • A flexible process that can be toned to clients needs
  15. 15. // TECS PROCESS STEPS 1. Discovery Where are we now? 2. Goals and objectives Where do we want to be? 3. Strategy How do we achieve the goals? 4. Tactics How do we deliver the strategy? 5. Implementation How do we successfully launch? 6. Measurement & optimisation How do we monitor performance?
  16. 16. // CAMPAIGN CANVAS • Objectives: To provide a single snapshot of the activity on one page To illustrate the integration of each element of the campaign (Channels, Web platforms, content, etc) To illustrate the flow of the campaign and the proposed user journey we want the persona/user to take To show the segmented and non segmented “funnel points” for different channels
  17. 17. Open – no click Automated e-mail (2 days) Social media traffic Social Display PPC Events YouTube Facebook Twitter LinkedIn ads ads No open Automated e-mail (5 days) Campaign landing pages (Role/Sector) Campaign content pushed to Re- Gemalto social channels 4 touch campaign targeting X2 awareness campaigns E-mail User goal PURL Location/issue Contact Sector request Nurture Data captureTop 30 gold prospects Job function D-mail Lead scoring and no e-mail User goal Lead routing E-book download CRM User goal Web site Homepage ( Campaign site ( Events Down= loads Goal outcomes Track online behaviour Video and Direct Page to build a profile of presentation assets views prospect embedded into content pages Web PR visits Event SEO Regs Cross links Supporting content Blog Financial E-books, video, case studies, downloads, Services infographics, links, hangouts, events Functionality implemented within Gemalto Web site platform
  18. 18. // BBN AGENCIES READY TO SERVE YOU 21 independent agencies Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, UAE, UK, USA 29 locations Central resource in London Expansion plans – we never stand still 32