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Dlna use case_2011

  1. 1. Use Case Assessment Study Research by W5 Digital Living Network Alliance Link to full report DLNA Confidential
  2. 2. Key InsightsConsumers are accustomed to media content beingisolated on their devices and not easily sharedthroughout a home networkMainstream Purchasers have not considered mediasharing solutions because they are unsure of therelevance to their life.Early Adopters have considered media sharingsolutions but have been cautious in implementing thesehomespun solutions because they assume there are toomany barriers to a simple, easy to use home networkconfiguration for sharing content. Confidential DLNA Confidential 1
  3. 3. Key Insights: Use Cases Top Tier Use Cases – Most Appealing and Relevant • Take Your Music and Podcasts with You In Your Car • Watch DVR Recordings Anywhere In Your Home • Remote Access to Your Home Network Consumers find use cases that are new, uncommon, and applicable on a daily basis to be the most appealing and relevant uses of DLNA certified technology. Appealing features and functionality include remote access, simpler access to online content, central storage of media files, and eliminating cluttered wires and cables. Bottom Tier Use Cases – Least Appealing and Relevant • Show Your On-the-Fly Video • Easy Printing • A Multimedia Slideshow In Your Living Room Consumers are generally uninterested in use cases that represent only minor improvements to current connectivity processes. Wireless connectivity replacing wired connections – as in these Bottom Tier Use Cases – are seen as beneficial, but not ultimately a driver of DLNA certified product purchases. Consumers are also uninterested in viewing photos on their television. DLNA Confidential
  4. 4. Validation of Qualitative LearningLarger scale and statistically reliable quantitative research validates the appeal andrelevance of the top tier use cases, and the use case All of Your Music, All of theTime. Tier Structure Representing Use Case Resonance Watch DVR Recordings Anywhere in your Home Remote Access to your Home Network Take your Music and Podcasts with you in the Car All of your Music, All of the Time Easy Printing Program your DVR from Anywhere in your Home Play a Purchased and Downloaded Movie from any TV Movies from a Digital Media Server Sharing and Storing Pictures Enjoy your Music, Photos, and Video when you’re On-the-Go A Multimedia Slideshow in your Living Room Show your On-the-Fly VideoThe quantitative research also confirms the low resonance of two use cases identifiedas bottom tier in the qualitative research. However, Easy Printing is not actuallyamong the lowest rated use cases, potentially due to its similar appeal, relevance,and real world application ratings among consumers of all three types: EarlyAdopters, Mainstream, and Mass Consumers. DLNA Confidential
  5. 5. Key Insights: Use CasesTake Your Music and Podcasts with you in the Car Use Case C9: Relevance Ease of Use Appealing and relevant Consumers imagine an to consumer needs automatic syncing function once the car is A superior solution to in range of the home CDs or using adaptors network for portable music devices Elimination of adaptors improves car audio Would be used experience frequently Benefits Drawbacks Simplicity of automatic Little relevance for some“I am in my car all of the syncing European consumerstime and the only way I can Eliminates adaptors for Uncertainty over homedo this now is to connect portable music devices network coverage reaching the car for easymy iPod to the car stereo.” syncing DLNA Confidential
  6. 6. Key Insights: Use CasesWatch DVR Recordings Anywhere in your Home Use Case C6: Relevance Ease of Use A familiar problem that Expect the same TV is often solved by cable viewing experience on service providers each of the sets in the home: ability to watch, Appealing if it represents record, and view saved a cost benefit over cable programs server provider solutions Benefits Drawbacks“I love it. The only reason that I Possibly eliminates Already available as a service cost service from cabledon’t have DVR in my bedroom provider Assumption of simplicityis because it’s too expensive. I in set upwould like to be able to watchsomething different from myroommate in my room.” DLNA Confidential
  7. 7. Key Insights: Use CasesRemote Access to your Home Network Use Case F2: Relevance Ease of Use Very relevant and Possibly reliant on appealing; consumers others’ devices and see many scenarios networks to take full when this DLNA advantage of this functionality would be solution useful Envision productivity benefits in addition to media Benefits Drawbacks “I could actually use this for work. True mobile access to Unfamiliar use Rather than lugging my laptop with home media content Potential security and me to do a presentation, if I could Flexibility of constant performance issues reach a presentation that I have access stored on my laptop with my Blackberry or my phone, I could Simplicity of never having to upload or plan present it to my clients. It would be media to take on a useful for me.” mobile device DLNA Confidential
  8. 8. Conclusions and Recommendations A. Resonant Use Cases 1. Focus on Relevance and ActionabilityThe Use Cases that resonate with consumers are Encourage consumers to extend their homefound to be both relevant and actionable network by communicating options for device(consumers would like to do the things described interoperability that are relevant to their currentin the scenarios; they would actually use such a and aspiring computing and entertainment habits.setup). These qualities define consumerperception of the appeal of these use cases. 2. Create ExcitementThe specific use cases that are identified as most Generate interest in DLNA by promoting productappealing and relevant all pose new or enhanced usage scenarios that showcase the potential of thefunctionality to existing technology operations program.and are perceived to increase interoperabilitybetween computing and electronics devices. • Consumers are intrigued by DLNA use cases that appear to be an evolution in how they currently use technology. • Encourage consumers to network their homes with DLNA certified technology by promoting usages that are new and unexpected. DLNA Confidential
  9. 9. Conclusions and RecommendationsB. Flexibility and Frequency 3. Extend the Home NetworkThe use cases that consumers find most intriguing Extend consumers’ perception of their homeall involve flexibility: through remote control of network with usages of DLNA certified productsprogramming and setup, through increased that allow for greater mobility and remote accessmobility in watching DVR and listening to music to content. Prioritize remote access uses of DLNAthroughout the home, and even taking networked certified technology.content away from the home with ease. 4. Transcend the MundaneThe use cases that consumers identify as mostresonant also present scenarios that may be Focus product development and DLNAapplied frequently or even regularly. These communications on capabilities that do more thanscenarios enable new ways of setting up for music offer solutions for things consumers can dolistening and television/video watching. already. DLNA Confidential
  10. 10. Conclusions and RecommendationsC. Early Adopters and the Rest 5. Foster the Early AdoptersDespite the rigid construct of the aggregate Encourage Early Adopters to become DLNA brandconsumer sample, comprised of a predetermined mavens; they will be quick to adopt technologymix of Early Adopters, Mainstream, and Mass with this certification and are likely to spread theConsumers, few meaningful differences in word and promote the benefits of the program.response between these groups exist, particularlybetween Mainstream and Mass Consumers. 6. Migrate “the Rest”While Early Adopters represent an important sub- Strive to migrate consumers to become Earlyset of the DLNA consumer target, with increased Adopters of DLNA certified products. Educatingproduct ownership and usage, and often higher consumers to the benefits of the program, and theinterest in the use cases, differences between sincerity of member cooperation towards theseMainstream Consumers and Mass Consumers are standards will increase their willingness toless distinct. purchase products with the certification. DLNA Confidential
  11. 11. Additional Recommendations7. Inform Consumers Provide consumers with the information they need to maximize use of their home network, beyond functionality into flexibility. Inform consumers about the full functionality of the technology they purchase, the connectivity options that are already available, and how they can benefit in the short term from DLNA solutions.8. Build a Trusted Overarching Brand Leverage the brand reputation of member companies and increased promotion of DLNA certification to bolster consumer trust in DLNA as an industry-wide standard. Communicate the commitment of member companies to DLNA and to interoperability in general. Communicate a shared goal of easy to use media and content sharing features that are capable of transforming how consumers approach technology in their home.9. Be Sensitive to Cultural Variation and Perspectives Though perceptions of the DLNA use cases do not differ dramatically across regions tested in the qualitative and quantitative research, study the usage and behavioral data of consumers in each region to understand, for example, the low impact of the suggested scenarios in the tech-savvy Japanese market, and the differences in entertainment behaviors among US, European, and Japanese consumers. DLNA Confidential
  12. 12. DLNA Use Cases
  13. 13. Mobile UploadFriends want to sharephotos on the go. Onefriend uploads a photo onhis friend’s phone via thehome network.
  14. 14. Mobile ControllerIn the living room, we canuse our phone to browsephotos or music on ourNAS or PC. Using thephone as a controller, wecan then push the imageto the TV or music to ouraudio system.
  15. 15. Mobile ControllerIn the living room, we canuse our phone to browsephotos or music on ourNAS or PC. Using thephone as a controller, wecan then push the imageto the TV or music to ouraudio system.
  16. 16. Camera to TVDuring a home party youcan choose which imagesfrom your camera toshow on the living roomTV. Camera will pushimage to the TV.
  17. 17. NAS to TVWhile in the living roomyou can pull video storedon your NAS, computeror phone to watch onyour TV.
  18. 18. Windows 7 to AV SystemDuring a party you pushmusic from your laptop toyour AV system.
  19. 19. TabletOn the couch you canuse your tablet to playmusic on your AV system.
  20. 20. TabletOn the couch you canuse your tablet to pushan image to show on yourtelevision.
  21. 21. Windows 7 to TabletYou want to take somephotos on your trip toshow grandma. You candownload pictures fromyour Win7 laptop to yourmobile or tablet to takeon the go..
  22. 22. Wireless PrintingA person wants to print apicture at home for aguest. Takes the camera,snaps a photo and printsto local printer wirelessly.
  23. 23. NEW! DLNA Certified SoftwareYou just bought a new DLNACertified TV and you would like touse it to enjoy photos, music andvideos from your notebook, butyour laptop is not DLNACertified. DLNA has launchedsoftware certification that willallow your notebook to work as aDLNA Certified device!
  24. 24. AutomotiveYou pull your car intoyour garage, it downloadsmusic from your homeNAS, you play it back inthe car.
  25. 25. Protected StreamingYou can view a latestblockbuster movie on thetelevision in yourbedroom that is stored onyour set top box in yourliving room.Controlled content streaming;locked/ unlocked dynamically