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Degrees of Comparisson of Adjective


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This is my learning material for 6th grade Elementary School :)

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Degrees of Comparisson of Adjective

  1. 1. Compiled by : Maya F. Lina
  2. 2. This is a big ball.This ball is bigger than the green ball.This is the biggest ball of the lot.
  3. 3. When we use adjectives to compare persons orthings, we are said to be using degrees ofcomparison.Ketika kita menggunakan kata sifat untukmembandingan orang atau benda, maka kita sebutdenga penggunaan degrees of comparison.
  4. 4. Positive degreeComparison degreeSuperlative degree
  5. 5. ADJECTIVES : Positive DegreeThe Positive Degree of an adjective is used to discribe asingle thing or person. It simply describe the existence of aquality. Rudi is a tall boy.
  6. 6. ADJECTIVES : Comparative DegreeThe Comparative Degrre of an adjective is used to comparetwo person or things with each other. Roni is taller than Rudi. RONI RUDI
  7. 7. ADJECTIVES : Superlative Degree The Superlative Degrre of an adjective is used to compare more than two person or things with each other. Robby is the tallest of the three boys. RUDI RONI ROBBY
  8. 8. ADJECTIVES :Degree of ComparisonRUDI RONI ROBBY * Rudi is a tall boy. * Roni is taller than Rudi. * Robby is the tallest of the three boys.
  9. 9. COMPARATIVE DEGREEAdding –erExample : big – biggerSUPERLATIVE DEGREEAdding –estExample : big – bigest
  10. 10. The adjective ends by “e” then thecomparative formed by adding “r”. Andthe Superlative formed by adding “st”. Positive Comparative Superlative Wise Wiser Wisest
  11. 11. If the positive form of an adjective endsin “y”, and it has a consonant beforeit, then “y” is first change to “i” beforeadding “-er” and “est”. Positive Comparative Superlative heavy Heavier heaviest If the “y” has a vowel before it, then “- er” and “-est” are simply added. Positive Comparative Superlative grey greyer greyest
  12. 12. For some adjectives, the last letter isdoubled before adding by “-er” and “-est” Positive Comparative Superlative sad sadder saddest Thin Thinner thinnest
  13. 13. For adjectives having more than twosyllables, the comparative andsuperlative degrees are formed byadding “more” and “most” before thepositive form. Positive Comparative Superlative Beautiful More beautiful Most beautiful Useful More useful Most useful
  14. 14. There are the different rule from someadjectives that they are formed bydifferent words for comparative andsuperlative. Positive Comparative Superlative Many/much More Most Well/good Better Best Little Less, lesser least
  15. 15. RULES EXAMPLESWe can use positive form to compararison Mini is as wise as Mamanby using “as adjective as”An adjective in comparative degree are Tina more dilligent thanusually followed by “than” her brother.Use “the” before superlative degree of She is the best student inadjective. this class.An adjective in superlative degree is usually She is the biggest girl infollowed by “of” or “in” this school. Study is the most important thing of my life.We can’t use double comparatives or Incorect:superlatives. It is more darker here.
  16. 16. * Do this homework as good as you can.* My neighbour’s yard is larger than mine.* She is the most favorite artist.* Yesterday my mother bought me the most expensive shoes in that shop.* It is the cheapest bag of all I have.
  17. 17. Alhamdulillah…may Alloh blessus and knowledge we has justgotten