Iwd talk michael shilling inbound marketing


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Iwd talk michael shilling inbound marketing

  1. 1. Harnessing Inbound Marketing Michael Shilling | Memory Gate@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  2. 2. What is Inbound Marketing? @memorygate #IWDLON2013
  3. 3. @memorygate #IWDLON2013
  4. 4. Its about creating and sharing content with the world@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  5. 5. Its about making the world a better place@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  6. 6. Its about attracting qualified customers to our businesses@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  7. 7. It begins with great content@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  8. 8. .....and continues with conversation@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  9. 9. Content that caters for multiple levels of understanding@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  10. 10. Its evolving and personalised@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  11. 11. As we get to know our clients better then our strategies change. You have to allow yourself to be flexible and sometimes patient.@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  12. 12. @memorygate #IWDLON2013
  13. 13. Important Factors Easy Integration Measurable Analytics Proper Planning@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  14. 14. Create Watch Repeat@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  15. 15. socialadjective1. pertaining to, devoted to, or characterized by friendlycompanionship or relations: a social club.2. seeking or enjoying the companionship of others;friendly; sociable; gregarious. @memorygate #IWDLON2013
  16. 16. Sharing and free stuff@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  17. 17. more at memorygate.co.uk@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  18. 18. Prize Draw 1-2-1 Sessions Inbound Marketing Audit Developing a Blogging Strategy Developing a Social Media Strategy@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  19. 19. Quick Tips Which I’m Tweeting right now@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  20. 20. Appear on The Apprentice Oliver Bonas@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  21. 21. Find and seduce the sneezers Seth Godin@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  22. 22. 80% of everything that is sold is brought by women@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  23. 23. To be really popular it helps if youre awesome at what you Michael Shilling @memorygate #IWDLON2013
  24. 24. On average people check their email about as frequently as they do Facebook@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  25. 25. Inbound Marketing is more than just sending out a monthly newsletter@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  26. 26. TwitterKeep your best tweets to 110 - 120 characters@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  27. 27. Twitter @@@@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  28. 28. Twitter Ask for RTs@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  29. 29. Twitter Auto No No@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  30. 30. Twitter Clear out the dead wood@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  31. 31. Facebooks New News Feed Bigger Images Multiple Feeds Mobile Consistency @memorygate #IWDLON2013
  32. 32. The stories around you deserve to be displayed with more than just text Mark Zuckerberg@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  33. 33. Facebook What would Jesus do? 16.4m Likes@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  34. 34. Facebook@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  35. 35. Facebook Wednesday 3pm@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  36. 36. Facebook Post every 3 days More of your fans will actually see your content@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  38. 38. Your Blog Be consistent@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  39. 39. Your Blog Offer Value@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  40. 40. Your Blog Use loads of images@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  41. 41. Your Blog 500 words is a good start@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  42. 42. Your Blog Flattery is fantastic@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  43. 43. SEO Could you write 3 Mills & Boon books this year?@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  44. 44. SEO This year create 365 new ways for people to find you@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  45. 45. SEO Build a portfolio of longtail keywords@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  46. 46. SEOReally get into Google+@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  47. 47. Google+ cost $585 million and took 500 employees to build@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  48. 48. The One Golden Rule Above all else, create good, useful content The rest will follow@memorygate #IWDLON2013
  49. 49. Tools I Use WordPress | Joomla HootSuite Evernote MailChimp StudioCloudAwesome Memory Gate Photos iPad | iPhone Train journeysInbound Marketing Audit reports Inbound Marketing Schedule