Club meeting 5.20.13


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Presentation for our Parent Meeting 5/20/13

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Club meeting 5.20.13

  1. 1. May 20, 2013EASTSIDE TIMBERSEast County’s Only Premier Soccer Club1
  2. 2. “Excellence is not an act, it is a habit.”-Paraphrased From Aristotle• Very Strong 2012-13 Season– One State Champion– 2 State Runners-Up– 14 Quarter- or Semi-Finalists• Developmental teams progress• Growing adiStars programExcellence2
  3. 3. • Success and Growth of Alliance– Year One• Friendship Cup Alliance Teams• Pacific Coast Super Cup (U12 Boys)• Tournament Cooperation• AdiStars Jamborees– Year Two• College Prep Night• Alliance Teams at larger tournaments• Continued competitive growthadidas Portland Timbers Alliance3
  4. 4. Important Information• IF YOU ARE NEW TO EASTSIDE THIS SEASON– You must email a copy of your player’s birthcertificate or passport– If you played last season for another OPL Club youmust request your release from that club• Club registrar will complete process online, please askfor written confirmation this has taken place4
  5. 5. Important Information• Should have made online acceptance• Registration Confirmation Sheet – signed &submitted– Includes Code of Conduct• Everyone should receive, read, and sign a new copy ofthis document if you have not already done so– Adherence and Self-Enforcement will be a key• We want to set the standard for behavior5
  6. 6. Important Information• Playing Time– U-11 players will play a minimum of 50% of theavailable minutes.– U-12 through U-14 players will play a minimum of25% available minutes.• Playing time may be affected by effort and disciplineissues• These are averages for the season, not a particulargame, weekend, or tournament.6
  7. 7. Important Information• Playing Time– State Cup: The goal of the tournament is toperform well and try to win the event.• Coaches will manage games accordingly.– Directors Cup: The goal of the tournament it toperform well, encourage development, and try towin the event.• Coaches will manage games accordingly.7
  8. 8. Important Information• Parent’s Role and Responsibility– Continue to support your child’s development– Be understanding of circumstances and struggles• Each player will develop at their own unique pace– Ensure players arrive on time and properlyequipped for practice or games8
  9. 9. Important Information• Parent’s Role and Responsibility– Appropriate conduct on the sidelines• No coaching from sideline or disparaging referees– Provide positive support for coaching staff• Disagreements should be handled privately andprofessionally• 24-Hour Rule will be enforced– Help ensure player adheres to Code of Conduct• This includes both soccer and non-soccer activities9
  10. 10. Schedule• First official training is week of June 1• Some teams training prior to this date• Training Sites– Gresham HS– Barlow HS– Happy Valley Park– Gradin Sports Park– Various others10
  11. 11. Club Fees• What is included:– Fall & Spring Training– Fall & Spring League Registration– End of season tournament– Coaches Pay– Additional Specialized Training– Administrative costs & other various costs• What is not included– Uniforms– Most tournament fees– Team expenses including travel– Futsal or Indoor League fees11
  12. 12. Club Fees• Fundraising & Financial Aid– Applications due May 31– Fundraising & Financial Aid Meeting:Thursday, May 30, 6:00pm• If you anticipate needing financial aid, you must attend– Club will approve & inform you of your dues– Promissory note notarized & returned by July 1• Communication is CRUCIAL – let us know when yoursituation changes, we want to help!12
  13. 13. Club Fees• Delinquent Payments– Can jeopardize a player’s ability to compete inleague games– Payment plan arrangements must be kept– We will pull player cards for delinquent payments• Refunds– Only given for unusual circumstances– Requests must be submitted in writing13
  14. 14. Important Information• Coaches Pay– Certain expenses will require additionalcontributions from the team to compensatecoaches.– This will primarily be travel associated withtournaments.– We do not want our coaches to bear the expenseof travel, so your help is required.14
  15. 15. Important Information• Equipment– Each player is required to purchase• 2 Uniform sets: jersey, shorts, socks• Training shirt• Warm up suit: jacket and pants• Bag15
  16. 16. Uniforms• 2013– Uniforms: $116• Red & White: Jersey, Shorts, Socks– Warm-ups: $103• Including embroidery– Backpack: $45• Including embroidery– Training Shirt: $12Total: $276Uniforms are produced on a2-year cycle. Therefore ALLplayers will be required topurchase a new uniform for the2014-15 season.16
  17. 17. Uniforms• Uniform Fittings at Oregon Premier Futsal:– Tuesday, May 21 5:00-7:00pm– Thursday, May 23 5:00-7:00pm• Players should be prepared to purchase entireuniform at this time.– Orders will not be finalized until every player fromthe team has placed their order– Failure to do so will prevent player’s participationin events moving through Summer into Fall17
  18. 18. Club Appearance• Players should be wearing Eastside traininggear to every training session.– Grey Eastside Timbers training shirt– Only adidas shorts & socks• Players not in proper gear may not be allowed to train.18
  19. 19. SportsCare Physical Therapy• Official Training Partner– Brochures available• Clinics in Gresham, Clackamas, Happy Valley &Gateway-Parkrose– Free “quick assessments” for Eastside players– Work with most insurance companies• FIFA 11+ Warm-Up program given to coaches• Presence at Cascadia Challenge Tournament19
  20. 20. Eastside Social Media• Like our new facebook page:–• Follow our new twitter:– @eastsidetimbers• Follow our new Instagram:– @eastsidetimbers• Send all your news, events & PICTURES to:– eastsidetimberssocialmedia@gmail.com20
  21. 21. Thank YouWe look forward to another great year!Questions?21