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Mount Library Tutorials: Getting Started with PUMFs in the DLI Collection


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An introduction to logging into and downloading data from PUMFs (public-use microdata files) in the DLI (Data Liberation Initiative) Collection via Nesstar.
Nesstar is web-based system for disseminating PUMFs (public-use microdata files) in the DLI Collection. Data and metadata can be viewed without the need for specialized software. You can now view the metadata, master files, and data files for the PUMFs with your MSVU login.
The Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) is a subscription plan providing access to Statistics Canada Public Use Microdata files (PUMFs), databases and geographic files to students and faculty at participating institutions in accordance with their Conditions of Use. Mount students and staff requiring assistance or additional access to data files please contact the Mount Library. Depending on the nature of your request DLI assistance or training may be required before data can be made available. Many files will require access to SPSS, Beyond 20/20 or statistical software for viewing or analysis.

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Mount Library Tutorials: Getting Started with PUMFs in the DLI Collection

  1. 1. UPDATE JANUARY 2017 Mount Library Tutorials: Getting Started with the DLI (Data Liberation Initiative) Collection in Nesstar
  2. 2. Begin on Library webpage: Select Databases A-Z
  3. 3. Scroll down to Government Information
  4. 4. On the left click the blue tab labelled: Statistics, Data, DLI (including census).
  5. 5. DLI (Data Liberation Initiative) will be on the left under the blue tabs. Click on Nesstar. It is the database for DLI. Note: If you are off campus you will need to login with your MSVU login (the same as Moodle and campus computers)
  6. 6. Click the + and - symbols to view the available surveys and cycles.
  7. 7. Double click the icon to bring up the survey information in the viewing pane. The Tabulation and Analysis tabs can be used to manipulate the survey data. The icon indicate data is available
  8. 8. To download survey data or documentation: • Click the save icon • Select a format type • Click Download
  9. 9. For more help with DLI and Nesstar, please visit the Mount Library 902-457-6250