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Azure Service Fabric: The road ahead for microservices


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Service Fabric is the foundational technology powering core Azure infrastructure and large-scale Microsoft services such as Azure Cosmos DB, Azure SQL Database, Dynamics 365, and Cortana. Come to this session for a developer’s tour and dives into the latest and greatest of Service Fabric capabilities, including containers, low-latency data processing, .NET Core 2.0 and VS 2017 integration. We are also going to immerse you with our future roadmap that makes building containerized microservice applications much easier.

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Azure Service Fabric: The road ahead for microservices

  1. 1. Programming Models Dev & Ops Tooling Orchestration Lifecycle Management Health & Monitoring Always On Availability Auto Scaling AzureOn-premises infrastructureAny cloudDev machine Service Fabric: Microservices platform ExecutablesReliable Services (.NET, Java) Reliable Actors (.NET, Java)ASP.NET Core Containers
  2. 2. Powering Azure and Microsoft services Service Fabric is designed for mission-critical services Power BI Dynamics Intune Cortana Skype Cosmos DB IoT Hub Event Hub SQL Database Azure Monitor Core Azure Services Archive Storage Visual Studio Team Services Stream Analytics Azure Database for PostgreSQL Azure Database for MySQL Azure Container Registry Event Grid
  3. 3. Bring your own infrastructure Service Fabric Standalone On-premisesAny cloud Dev machine Dedicated Azure clusters Azure Service Fabric Service Fabric landscape
  4. 4. Azure Service Fabric Cluster Upload to Azure Standalone cluster package generated for Windows or Linux and deployed on-premises Service Fabric Standalone Cluster On-premisesAny cloud Cluster configuration Manage both on-premises and Azure clusters in the portal
  5. 5. “How do I have easy, informative diagnostics configured for my applications by default?” “How do I build an application gateway to route all my requests to a specific service?” “How do a update a single microservice with no downtime in production with a CI/CD pipeline?” “How do I handle the complexity of network failures and retries between microservices?” “How can I be billed on a more granular level based on usage?” “How do I easily scale-in and scale-out my cluster?” “How do I set up automatic scaling of my cluster for peak times?” “How many VMSS node types should I have?” “What size VMs should I use?” “How do I manage my VM and application certificates? How do I get automated rollover?” Application and infrastructure challenges
  6. 6. Announcing Azure Service Fabric Mesh Bring your own infrastructure Service Fabric Standalone On-premisesAny cloud Dev machine Dedicated Azure clusters Azure Service Fabric Announcing.. Azure Service Fabric Mesh Fully managed microservices platform Service Fabric
  7. 7. Serverless infrastructure Lifecycle management Pay only for what you use Scale on demand Intelligent traffic routing Microservice and container orchestration Security & compliance Health & monitoring </> Azure Service Fabric Mesh .NET </> Microservices development
  8. 8. Service Fabric The platform that runs any application anywhere </> .NET </> IIS COM ASP.NET Core Go C++ NGINX
  9. 9. Deploy anything and everything in a container Bring your own network to connect to other systems No code changes required No servers or VMs to manage with Service Fabric Mesh Modernize </> NGINX IIS COM Service Fabric
  10. 10. Service Fabric Cloud-native .NET ASP.NET Core Go Any language, any framework Service Fabric Libraries for multiple languages Easy H/A state storage with Reliable Collections Intelligent traffic routing and connectivity C++
  11. 11. Application and Service Manifest • Low-level control of Service Fabric platform primitives • .NET and Java frameworks tightly integrated with runtime lifecycle • Several different programming models • Allows processes or containers Service Fabric Resources • Loosely coupled individually deployable resources • Decoupled from runtime lifecycle • Universal model for any language, framework, or arbitrary application • Everything runs in containers • Run Docker Compose workloads on Service Fabric • Limited Service Fabric integration • Portability for existing applications described by Docker Compose • Everything runs in containers Docker Compose Simplicity Portability Control Integration On-premAny cloudLocal Azure On-premAny cloudLocal Azure On-premAny cloudLocal MeshAzure
  12. 12. Applications and Services Networks Volumes Routing rules Auto-scale rules Secrets
  13. 13. Applications and Services Networks Volumes Routing rules Auto-scale rules Secrets
  14. 14. Applications and Services Networks Volumes Routing rules Auto-scale rules Secrets
  15. 15. Container Service Fabric Libraries • Reliable Collections • Local H/A storage for ASP.NET Core • SF API Client .NET Core Java Node.js Python Ruby Go C++ Tomcat/IIS/NGINX SomeOldCOMThing.exe Ada95
  16. 16. Secret Service
  17. 17. Service Fabric Volume disk Azure File storage Replicated local disk Network storage Service Volume Try this today!
  18. 18. Container Service .NET Service Fabric Azure Application Insights Azure Monitor Volume stdout/stderr AppInsights SDK Platform events & metrics
  19. 19. Replicated transactional store Data structures C++ STL API C# Java Go Others Replication, leader election, orchestration, clustering, federation, etc. Service Fabric runtime Reliable Collection Libraries Language-specific data structure APIs
  20. 20. Service Package Reliable Collections Runtime Stateful lifecycleReliable Collections APIs Your Application Code Service Fabric runtime
  21. 21. Reliable Collections Service Package Your Application Local machine Reliable Collections Service Package SF node Reliable Collections Service Package SF nodeSF node
  22. 22. ASP.NET Core serviceB.myapp serviceA.myapp serviceC.myapp http.get('http://serviceB.myapp/users/12345’, (response) => { … }); await httpClient.GetAsync( "http://serviceB.myapp/users/12345");
  23. 23. Service package service 1 Service package service 3 Service package service 2 Routing Rule resources Network Envoy proxy Envoy proxyEnvoy proxyEnvoy proxy
  24. 24. Service Fabric Polyglot services Described by Service Fabric resources Enhanced with Reliable Collections Connected through intelligent routing Service ASP.NET Core Service Service Secrets Volumes Dev machine Any cloud On-prem Azure clusters Mesh
  25. 25. Date ID Service Fabric Customer Sessions Mon 3:30 PM THR2034 Accenture: Modernize applications and reduce TCO with Windows containers on Service Fabric Wed 1:00PM THR2011 Honeywell: How Honeywell migrated their smart thermostat application to Service Fabric Wed 3:30PM THR2513 Improving cloud utilization with Service Fabric
  26. 26. Date ID Theatre and Workshop Tues 2:00 PM THR2047 Containers and microservices: Zero to Hero with Service Fabric Wed 2:45 PM WRK2213 Containerize an existing ASP.NET application using Visual Studio and Service Fabric Date ID Breakout Mon 2:45 PM BRK2111 Azure Service Fabric: The road ahead for microservices Tues 10:30 AM BRK2102 App Modernization with Microsoft Azure (Corey Sanders) Wed 10:15AM BRK2508 Inside Azure Datacenter Architecture with Mark Russinovich Wed 2:45 PM BRK2149 Modernize your Windows Server applications with containers Wed 4:30 PM BRK3810 Modernizing existing .NET applications with Windows Containers and Azure cloud
  27. 27.  Request access to Service Fabric Mesh private preview   Service Fabric Mesh public preview, along with v6.3 runtime and SDK, coming in the next few weeks  Visit us on GitHub 