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Accelerate your SaaS App development using the power of the Business Application Platform


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Join this session to learn how the Business Application Platform can accelerate the time to market for your next Line of Business SaaS app. Through the lens of an ISV/software developer, we will walk you through the entire application development process showcasing what it takes to build a new, composite app from the ground up using out of the box no-code/no-code tooling, to extending with custom code and connectors through to packaging and publishing to AppSource allowing you to reach 120M+ monthly active users. During this session we will also touch upon the value of the Common Data Service for Apps as it applies specifically to you as an ISV, how you can extend and contribute to the ISV ecosystem flywheel and greatly reduce both cost and time to market for new SaaS apps.

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Accelerate your SaaS App development using the power of the Business Application Platform

  1. 1. The Digital Feedback Loop FinanceSales OperationsMarketing Service Talent Customers Products People Power BI PowerApps Flow Azure AI & Microsoft Dynamics 365
  2. 2. Last Mile of Digital Transformation Talent Service Marketing Sales Operations Finance Customers Products People Power BIPowerApps Custom LOB Apps for sales engagement Custom LOB Apps for Talent Custom LOB Apps for marketing engagement Custom LOB Apps for Operations Custom LOB Apps for Service Custom LOB Apps for Finance Power BI PowerApps Flow Azure AI
  3. 3. The Business Application Platform (Before) Marketing Dynamics 365 Sales Service Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Ecosystem ISV Apps & Extensions Database (Entities, Relationships, etc.) Code Plugins Business Rules, Sync Workflow API & SDK User Interface (Web Client + UCI) xRM Gateways & Connectors CDM + CDS (Storage, Entities and Relationships) Microsoft Flow SDK User Interface (PowerApps Plyer) Common Data Service 1.0 Dynamics 365 Talent PowerApps Office 365 SharePoint Teams AX Platform Business Logic Storage
  4. 4. The PowerApps Platform Marketing Dynamics 365 Sales Service User Interface (Web Client + UCI) Gateways & Connectors User Interface (PowerApps player) Talent Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Ecosystem ISV Apps & Extensions Code Plugins Business Rules, Business Process & [Work]flows APIs & SDK PowerApps (App Design) The PowerApps Platform Canvas Apps Model Driven Flow Common Data Service Security Data & Metadata APIs (OData & SOAP) Office 365 LinkedIn
  5. 5. The Business Application Platform (Now) Marketing Dynamics 365 Sales Service Talent Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Ecosystem ISV Apps & Extensions Business Application Platform Office 365 LinkedIn CDS for Apps (Entities for Transactions) PowerApps CDS for Analytics (Entities for Analytics) PowerBIFlow Common Data Service Common Data Model
  6. 6. Common Data Model (CDM) Data connectors PowerApps Power BI Common Data Service for Analytics (CDS for Analytics) Common Data Service for Apps (CDS for Apps) Microsoft Flow Dynamics 365 Office 365 Standalone Apps
  7. 7. Canvas Apps Model Driven Apps Common Data Service What can you do now, that you could not do before? • Canvas based app authoring • Microsoft Flow • Easy to use tooling for augmenting your solution with pixel perfect, WYSIWYG companion apps • Low code/no code app authoring experiences for the technical business user amplifying the value of your solution • Model driven app authoring • Server side logic • Business process flows • Solutioning & packaging • Pro Developer Extensions: • SDKs • Plug-Ins • Unified platform offering, where you can build business apps and deliver platform extensions without dependencies on D365 • Unified data sub-straight across all business and analytical apps Common Data Model
  8. 8. Building on the Platform Connect Embed Extend Integrate data and processes from 200+ external systems to build hybrid E2E solutions Embed transactional data and analytical insights into your business apps Enhance Dynamics 365 apps, extend the CDM and/or build new IP into the platform Power BI PowerAppsFlow AI
  9. 9. End-2-end process through build to distribution Build
  10. 10. VersioningSolutions & Packaging Security Relationships, Business process and workflows Custom Visuals, Controls & Connectors Plug-Ins & SDKs ALM Office & Azure Integrations
  11. 11. Create Entities Entities
  12. 12. Build Business Process Flows and other logic Logic
  13. 13. Create the app using an out-of-the-box Form The App
  14. 14. Allow customer to customize and build new composite apps Customize
  15. 15. Build PowerBI components Analytics
  16. 16. Embed PowerBI for contextual insights Embed
  17. 17. Publish App to AppSource to reach 100M+ users Publish
  18. 18. One destination for discovery, trial, and acquisition of line-of-business SaaS apps Simplifies the discovery, trial, and acquisition of line-of-business apps An ecosystem to help business users get started using apps faster Helps business users do more with their existing Microsoft Apps Allows Dynamics Partners to easily market their Apps/IP @scale DocuSign for Dynamics PROS Smart CPQ for Manufacturing Health360 Care Coordination Apttus Quote-to- Cash for Manufacturing Versium PredictEngage for Insurance Sana Commerce Avanade eBanking Solution Sunrise 365 TM Supply Chain for Apparel & footwear
  19. 19. Distribute App within the organization Distribute
  20. 20. Extend the Common Data Model • Create and publish models to drive and define industry standards Extend the Platform (PowerApps) • Finished SaaS Solutions • Data enrichment services (reference data) • Platform extensions and Add-Ons (Data Cleansing, MDM, UI Search, etc. ) • Custom Connectivity • Workflows, approvals and automated business processes Extend Dynamics 365 • Finished SaaS Solutions (aka vertical offerings) extending the MSSOFT apps • + all* of the extensions above made specific to the MSSOFT apps Extend SaaS Apps (1st and 3rd party plays) • Custom workflows • Custom Connectors • Custom Controls and Visuals NEW
  21. 21. Code Title Date Start BRK2302 Automating business processes and approvals with Microsoft Flow 5/8/2018 1:15PM BRK3403 Extending PowerApps and the Common Data Service for Apps with custom controls and server side logic 5/9/2018 2:45PM BRK3404 Deep dive into building apps on Common Data Service for Apps 5/9/2018 8:30AM BRK3405 Developing custom connectors for Microsoft Flow and PowerApps 5/9/2018 1:00PM BRK3408 Advanced app building with PowerApps expressions and rules 5/9/2018 4:30PM BRK3410 Supercharge your app with Power BI Embedded analytics 5/9/2018 8:30AM THR1202 Deliver a compelling experience on Microsoft AppSource 5/9/2018 10:30AM