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Connecting Agriculture to Nutrition- Nurturing Generation

Presented By Rajib Kumar Roul

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Connecting Agriculture to Nutrition- Nurturing Generation

  1. 1. Rajib Kumar Roul MSSRF,Chennai,8th Aug,2019 Connecting Agriculture to Nutrition- Nurturing Generation
  3. 3. Why promote dietary diversity 3
  5. 5. 5 Key Nutrition related Interventions of the state identified under Odisha Nutrition Action Plan Panchayati Raj & Drinking Water Dept.: Promotion of nutrition sensitive livelihood programmes under Livelihood Mission and SHGs, Strengthening role of Panchayat on Health, Nutrition & WASH Nutrition Secretariat Led by Planning and Convergence Dept. Sports & Youth Affairs Dept.: Adolescent Girls out of schools Agriculture & Farmers Empowerment Dept.: Promotion of millets and organic farming Health &Family Welfare Dept.: Strengthening of Nutrition Rehabilitation Centers, Supply side strengthening of Iron Folic Acids and Vitamin A, Zinc and ORS Data Integration of Health and ICDS Women and Child Development & Mission Shakti Dept.: Strengthening of ICDS services, Establishment of crèche in vulnerable areas, Women Empowerment through Mission Shakti SHGs, Strengthening of child tracking management and capacity building of frontline workers Food and Civil Supplies: National Food Security Act and social audit, SC/ST & Minorities Welfare: Programme with tribal residential schools on Adolescent Health Fisheries & Animal Resources Dept.: Promotion of small fish farming, rural backyard and poultry School & Mass Education Dept.: Adolescent School Health Programme; Fortification of Mid Day Meals Rural Development Dept.: Roadways in inaccessible areas
  6. 6. Mainstreaming Pathway Reach Investment/ Leverage 1. Identification of Problem/ Opportunity Dietary Diversity – There is a consistent evidence base on impact of increased variety of micro-nutrient rich foods on nutrition outcomes. 2. Pilot with Living Farms (2016-19) Cultivate Nutri-gardens and adopt Nutrition sensitive crop planning and farming 1 Lakh Households in 8 blocks across 2 districts APPI - INR 15 Cr. to Living Farms 3. Scaling up the intervention through Government (2018-21) Odisha Livelihood Mission (OLM) has agreed to scale this model to promote nutri-gardens, backyard poultry, and goat rearing through 3 resource NGOs (Living Farms, Trust, PRADAN) 7.5 Lakh Households in 107 blocks across 30 districts, APPI – INR 40 Cr. to OLM, Living Farms, Harsha Trust, PRADAN OLM – INR 27 Cr. 4. the intervention across the state, through Government (2022-24) A Nutrition vertical with staffing set up under the project is absorbed under OLM permanently. OLM already integrated this model in their regular program with all existing partners. The state government will mainstream the model across the state alongside organic expansion of 50 Lakh Households in 314 blocks 30 districts To be fully leveraged from the state 6 Pathway for Mainstreaming – Example – Dietary Diversity Phaseto4
  7. 7. Summary of current APPI and OLM Partnership 7 Project Title Improving Nutritional status of Women and Children across Odisha through mainstreaming Dietary diversity interventions by building Capacity and establishing a Nutrition Vertical within Odisha Livelihood Mission (OLM). Goal • To improve dietary diversity, nutrition knowledge & practice of Women across Odisha • Build capacity of OLM field level cadres on nutrition issues. How 1. Establishing and Strengthening Nutrition focused Vertical under OLM 2. Capacity Building of 9000 OLM Cadres on Nutrition Issues 3. Implementing Nutri-Garden, Backyard poultry at household level along with seed systems and 4. Improve women SHG members’ Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on nutrition Coverage • 7.5 lakhs women trained on Nutrition practices, establishing Nutri-gardens and Back yard poultry, across 107 Blocks and all 30 districts of Odisha. • 2.5 lakhs households will adopt and implement the dietary diversity interventions. Time Frame 3 years Partners Odisha Livelihood Mission. Resource NGOs: PRADAN , Harsha Trust, Living Farms.
  8. 8. Key Strategy • Nutri-garden has to be at each household • Back Yard Poultry (BYP) & Goat rearing are added activities of nutrition garden • Consumption by the target group- Pregnant women, Lactating mothers, Children below 6 months and up to 5 years, Adolescent girls • Training on PLA LANN, Nutri-garden, BYP & Goat rearing to specific community cadre • Developing a pool of Master Trainers at district level to train community cadre • Creating trained community cadres for training to SHGs and individual HH • Convergence with linked depart. of Administration upto GP level & community up to individual level • Creating a mass movement on nutrition aspects through SHG
  9. 9. 10 FOOD GROUPS 1. Grains 2. Roots and Tubers 3. Pulses 4. Nuts and Seeds 5. Dairy Products 6. Poultry and Fish 7. Dark Green leafy vegetables 8. Vit-A Rich fruits and vegetables 9. Other Vegetables 10.Other fruits.
  10. 10. Component-1:14 weekly PLA Modules
  11. 11. Weekly Modules of PLA-LANN 11/13/2019 11 Participatory Learning and Action-Linking Agriculture to Natural Resources and Nutrition(PLA-LANN). 1. Introduction to 14 PLA Modules,Understanding the intergenerational malnutrition cycle. 2. Mapping of current status of under-nutrition(MUAC and growth chart). 3. Identifying and prioritising HNWASH related problems. 4. Finding causes and solutions to the problems. 5. Choosing feasible strategies and taking over responsibilities. 6. Importance of One Thousand days Care. 7. Locally available food and balanced diet.
  12. 12. Weekly Modules of PLA-LANN Cont.. 11/13/2019 12 8. New born care and exclusive breast feeding. 9. Timely Initiation of complementary feeding and Improved IYCF. 10.Unsafe food, Food contamination through pesticides. 11.Understanding Faecal oral transmission routes. 12. Importance of cleanliness during monthly periods of adolescent girls,in talking Iron & Folic acids tablets and stop early marriage (below 18 years). 13.Review/Revisit of strategies to prevent under nutrition in communities.
  13. 13. Component-2: NUTRIGARDEN
  14. 14. Nursery bed preparation, Seeds sowing & Mulching
  15. 15. Nutrition Garden 11/13/2019 15
  16. 16. INPUT STRATEGY IN KHARIF SEASON 11/13/2019 Non Negotiable. • Non chemical farming. • Use of local seeds. 16
  17. 17. Rectangular Nutrition garden Model
  18. 18. Rectangular Nutrition garden Model
  19. 19. Land less Garden( Model for landless HH)
  20. 20. Vegetables in Nutrition Garden
  21. 21. Different types of fencing arrangement By old saree Plastic net Green fencing
  22. 22. Enthusiastic Krishi Mitras with their tool kit
  23. 23. Multiple NG in a common place
  24. 24. Organic compost & Bio-pesticides
  25. 25. Component-3: LIVESTOCK
  26. 26. THANK YOU 11/13/2019 26