Unilever AXE Angels Vietnam - Mindshare


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Unilever AXE Angels Vietnam - Mindshare

  1. 1. Axe Angels Vietnam
  2. 2. Brand & Business Challenge 2 Unilever’s Axe brand was a relatively fresh entrant to the growing but saturated male grooming category in Vietnam – which was dominated by local players with years of equity, a 3:1 investment versus Axe, and sheer weightage of traditional media behind them. Coupled with the lofty business challenge to increase market share by 5% in a year, this presented a real opportunity to challenge the rule book and think differently.
  3. 3. Strategy | The Alphas 3 Communicating with the notoriously fickle, broadcast media shy, hyper-connected adolescent male consumer, we needed to establish saliency versus the competition - both in brand terms & perception, but also in use of media. With Axe being all about the mating game, we started with the Alphas – the guys girls want to be with and guys want to be.
  4. 4. Strategy | Social Ripple 4 Through proprietary Mindshare research and 3rd party studies, we identified that these young men created social ripple effects, so if we could win them over, they would essentially become our media. Core to their lives and ability to affect & connect with those around them are their mobile phones – their portable digital social hub. Penetration rates for the urban Axe demographic are close to 100%, but smartphones are at only 26%. And the Alphas are more often than not the ones with the coolest ones. We just needed to give them a reason to interact with Axe, socialize that interaction and give them something to talk about.
  5. 5. 5 Queen angel CLICK angel VICE angel DARK TEMPTATION angel Working with Dentsu’s iButterfly Mobile AR product, we gave our target consumers the opportunity to catch their Angels. Selectively releasing a series of 5 virtual Axe Angels into Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, our Alphas needed to catch 4 Angels to win an instant prize, and 1 Queen Angel to win a festive trip abroad. Demo-targeted and location-targeted social and mobile advertising drove awareness and generated excitement amongst the core demo, and importantly rewarded our fans, with social currency, by letting them know where the Queen Angel was going to appear. Solution | Axe Angels PROVOKE angel
  6. 6. Solution | Axe Angels
  7. 7. 7 Only one Queen Angel was released every Sunday, over a month period, at a specific high-traffic location. We then conducted physical sampling at this location, which had turned into an impromptu gathering of our Alphas. Their experiences, shared organically as posts and photos, were then propagated via paid media in the form of sponsored stories. Social ripple effect success. . Solution | Axe Angels
  8. 8. Through embracing microtargeting and adaptive planning techniques, we had 88% of the Axe Male 18-24 ABC audience, in the top two cities in Vietnam, who own smartphones, install the app and engage with the campaign. Results | The Alphas
  9. 9. For every Alpha that engaged with the campaign, 30 of his closest mates knew he’d given Axe his seal of cool approval. Organic fan growth quadrupled versus the previous period. Over half of all new brand ‘likes’ came from mobile during the campaign period, and the campaign was the source of 80% of people talking about the brand. Results | Social Ripple
  10. 10. Most importantly, Axe value share grew by 10% as a direct result of this activity. This was double the business objective. Results | Brand Value +10% value share