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VeriSupply for conflict minerals Traceability & Compliance


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VeriSupply offering for Global Supply Chain Traceability and Complaince, started off in Conflict Minerals Area

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VeriSupply for conflict minerals Traceability & Compliance

  1. 1. Sensitel VeriSupply Traceability & Compliance Solutions 6/14/18 © Sensitel, Inc 1 For Rare Earth, Conflict Minerals and Mining Industry
  2. 2. Why Conflict Minerals Tracking & Reporting •  If your products are DRC Indeterminate, you won’t be able to sell your products in the U.S. •  FY 2016-17 reporting was about SEC and companies could get away by filing Indeterminate Status. However, customers are already demanding that you ship Conflict Minerals-free products. Otherwise, customer may remove you from AVL, move you to backup supplier status or industry may blacklist you. •  Today, manual effort and burden of compliance are being replaced by software augmented platforms. Aided by software, compliance teams can do a better job in less time. 6/14/18 © Sensitel, Inc 2
  3. 3. VeriSupply Summary 6/14/18 © Sensitel, Inc 3 VeriSupply Recognition Summary Launched Started as a division of Sensitel Inc. in 2014, founded by leading ex- employees of i2 technologies Key Verticals High-Tech, Life Sciences, Manufacturing Sales Channel Direct Sales, Indirect through Reseller Partners Customers A large 8B+ hard disc manufacturer, a large 3B+ medical devices manufacturer, largest grape supplier in US, sensor manufacturer Products •  Software for Global Compliance & Supplier Risk Management •  VeriSupply™ – collects, processes and analyzes detailed supply- chain, smelter, and sourcing data from multi-tier supply chains for global compliance services. •  VeriSupply SiteAudit- Software for onsite site audits Services Data Analytics Services, Outreach Services, Research Services
  4. 4. Why VeriSupply? •  Meet compliance at lowest cost and time investments •  Build trust and synergy with trading partners •  Create a secure, sustainable and resilient supply chain 6/14/18 © Sensitel, Inc 4 Mitigate risks and increase value of your business by building trust in your products and supply chains
  5. 5. Automating Compliance for a 3B+ Life Sciences and Clinical Diagnostics Company 6/14/18 © Sensitel, Inc 5 Sensitel Harnessing supply chain management technology to ease the pain of meeting Federal regulations Business Benefits Reduces amount of manual effort involved in preparing CMRs, thus reducing costs Eliminates errors associated with manual preparation of CMRs Increases productivity of professionals and renders periodic updating of CMRs, if necessary, a charm, not a chore. Solution Components •  Sensitel™ VeriSupply •  Sensitel™ VeriData Business Challenge The Dodd-Frank Act of 2012 mandates all manufacturers to submit a Conflict Minerals Report and publicly disclose their use of conflict minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold) that originated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or an adjoining country. Transformation Manual tracking of the pedigree of every component of an equipment pedigree is pain-staking, costly, and time-consuming. Sensitel’s VeriSupply fully automates this process “Sensitel provided us priceless help in the timely filing of our Conflict Minerals Report to meet the U. S. SEC requirements.” – Project Manager, Life Sciences and Clinical Diagnostics Company VeriSupply Case Study-Life Sciences
  6. 6. Improving supplier data accuracy for a 8B+ Memory-Card Manufacturer •  Business Challenge: A high-tech manufacturer was challenged with improving their conflict minerals compliance. They used VeriSupply Conflict Minerals solution to clean supplier- reported smelter data, track supplier responses, and respond to requests from their customers. •  Business Benefits: Meet all legal and operational requirements and raise their standing by 37 positions in the brand ranking by Project Enough. 6/14/18 © Sensitel, Inc 6 VeriSupply Case Study - High Tech
  7. 7. OECD Compliance Workflow •  Maintain related records for a minimum of five years, preferably on a secure digital database. •  VeriSupply is a supply chain transparency system that allows the identification of the sources such as smelters/refiners in the company’s mineral supply chain •  “Red Flag” locations of mineral origin and transit, the identification of all countries of origin, transport and transit for the minerals in the supply chains of each smelter/ refiner. 6/14/18 © Sensitel, Inc 7 File SD and Audit results with SEC Establish chain of custody Conduct RCOI List Products containing 3TG
  8. 8. VeriSupply Features and Benefits 6/14/18 © Sensitel, Inc 8 OECD Framework Compliant SmelterMatch & SupplierMatch Real Time Intelligent Error Detection Red Flag Detection Flexible and Scalable Solution Electronic Processing of CMRT Accurate Due Diligence Auto-Identification of Relevant suppliers
  9. 9. VeriSupply Bottom-line Impact What •  Move from Unknown status to Success •  How •  VeriSupply Solution + White Glove Service Impact •  Secured and Resilient Supply Chain •  Reduced Business Risk 6/14/18 © Sensitel, Inc 9
  10. 10. VeriSupply Service Options 6/14/18 © Sensitel, Inc 10 •  Company & Product level Compliance •  System Configuration & Implementation •  Unlimited Users •  Dashboards •  Generate Form SD •  Hosted on Cloud •  1-Day workshop •  Unlimited Users •  Unlimited Suppliers •  White Glove Service •  Supplier Communications •  Outbound Communications •  Data Management •  Draft Form SD Generation •  Hands-On Support VS Pro Partner
  11. 11. ROADMAP: BLOCKCHAIN FOR CONFLICT MINERALS Nodes operated by a range of industry participants Industry UTILITY §  Smart Contract/Version control §  Node Operator Management §  Financial Management §  Capacity and Security §  System Access/ Identity Management Manufactures Distributors Dispensers EXISTING PROVIDERS CLIENT INTERFACES 2 Governance §  Decides Business Rules §  Establishes software standards §  Oversees operations of Utility §  Awards Utility Contract §  Determines node Structures/Mngt. 1 PERMISSIONED BLOCKCHAIN DISTRIBUTED LEDGER 3 4 © Sensitel Inc. 2018
  12. 12. CONTACT Blockchain Technology Ray Sikka Founder It Is Not the Strongest of the Species that Survives But the Most Adaptable – Charles Darwin