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Sensitel Sens City solution

How to Transform urban mobility using car sharing, ride sharing and AVs

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Sensitel Sens City solution

  1. 1. SENS CITY Transforming Urban Transportation using Sensor Data Sensitel Inc.
  2. 2. VISION SENSITEL APPROACH §  Sensitel is enabling the change in transportation to electric, connected and automated mobility. §  We are looking to enable the freedom that people feel when they are not tethered to a single option for mobility or stuck in traffic. §  Sensitel’s mission is to drive adoption of connected and autonomous vehicles using Human dynamics approach. Using real-time signals, Sensitel solutions help model user behavior and drive perfect passenger journeys. SENS City
  3. 3. SENS CITY OFFERING Innovation 1 3 4 Automated dispatching AI technology that leverages the full potential of smart, connected and autonomous vehicles to tackle urban delivery challenges Fleet Management Fleet management platform designed to connect, operate and optimize any fleet of connected vehicles. Dynamic routing Enable both scheduled trips and on--demand service. Passenger Experience Sensitel is shaping individual mobility assets into an intelligent, innovative and flexible dynamic mobility system. 2
  4. 4. SENS CITY FOR CONNECTED VEHICLES SENS City SENSTrackAware Fleet Management & Passenger Tracking for operational efficiency §  Platform for driver, package and vehicle tracking §  Dynamic dispatching of City Assets §  Reduce costs via consolidation §  Add cloud to store §  Deliver new services §  NFC, RFID, Serialization §  Cloud-ready infrastructure §  Honeywell Sensors §  Video Sources Enhance Passenger experience §  New understanding of customer behavior §  Easy, secure onboarding of mobile devices §  Wayfinding §  Targeted advertising and promotions in real time §  NFC & Access Points §  Associate App §  Cloud Service §  Live Traffic Updates §  Accelerate Remediation §  Analytics for Planners §  R and Spark based Algorithms §  Hadoop/Hbase Analytics Data Management for Compliance and Safety Solution BOM Business Outcome Key Capabilities 4
  5. 5. SENS CITY CASE STUDY LTA Requirements §  Feedback to bus service operators §  Hit 85% boarding the bus in less than 10- minutes wait §  Notifications on arrival-status messaging Sensitel Capabilities §  Sensor Fusion (Trafficscan, Webcams, Signposts) §  Geo-triggers and alerts on multiple moving objects; Fast geo-queries including moving objects. §  Real-time tracking of vehicles and app-based notifications from passengers. Singapore LTA
  6. 6. SENS CASE STUDY: COMMERCIAL DISTRICT SENS City Business challenge Many retailers suffer from the same headache. When a shopper enters a store seeking advice, if they cannot find a sales assistant quickly, they leave empty-handed – and the store loses out on a sale. Transformation Sensitel SENS analyzes sensor, Wi-Fi, and video data to recognize shoppers’ faces and track their in-store locations, helping retailers send staff to serve people who need help, and make personalized offers. Reduces shop- lifting.
  7. 7. CONTACT Communication Sensitel Inc (408) 538-2252