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  1. 1. The Unrest ScriptEXTERIOR – DAYJasmine is walking in a street. This is shown by a panning long shot of her. The shot cuts toa handheld, trailing, shot of Jasmine’s face from mid-shot range. Then she hears somefootsteps behind her- sound which is amplified. Some quiet non diegetic eerie music isheard. She looks behind, and sees no one there – shown through a point of view long shot.She turns back to walk again, and the handheld, trailing, mid-shot continues. As she turnsthe street, we see Jasmine facial expression change, from carefree, to shock. A Mid shotillustrate a ghostly figure standing in front of her, and staring at her.INTERIOR – JASMINE’S BEDROOM - MIDDLE OF NIGHTA close-up shot of Jasmine’s face, with blurred effect.MONTAGE (two different locations) There is a compilation of clips, showing Jasmine tossing, turning whilst in her sleep, as wellas her running away from the ghostly figure, shadows coming towards her, her hiding behindwalls. This is done with special effects. Effects such as flashes, fading in and fading outs areused for transitions of scenes; black and white effects and blurs are used for scene effects(during the dream) to capture the moodAlong with this, is some eerie music, building up louderINTERIOR – JASMINE’S BEDROOM - MIDDLE OF NIGHT2 Hands then slide from behind Jasmine’s head, grabbing her face and she jumps on, theeerie music is amplified and a sharp sound is made – in black and white effects. Jasminethen gets up from her bed sharply, whilst breathing heavily. The camera flashes to a distantshot of her sitting up in bed. The scene cuts to a close-up shot of JasmineJasmine: (Whispers) What’s wrong with me?The camera cuts to a mid-shot, on eye-level, of her sitting upright on bed, and its all diegeticand natural sounds. We hear her hard breathing. Then a high and long angle, shows herslumping back onto her bed, trying to get back to sleepINTERIOR – BATHROOM - MORNINGJasmine enters the bathroomand washes her face in the sink ahead of her. The camera isshowing her reflection from the mirror on screen from mid-shot. The fades and shows hersleaning into the sink washing her face, continued with a mid shot. The scene cross dissolvesinto showing the reflection of the ghostly figure standing behind Jasmine, and a sharp noisenon-diegetic sound is heard. The seen cross dissolves again, asshe disappears. Jasminelooks up instantly, sensing something happened. She stares in the mirror in anxiety.INTERIOR – JASMINE’S BEDROOM – MORNING
  2. 2. From a longshot, Jasmine is fixing her hair in front of the mirror. A panning shot follows herwalking to her bed, and putting two textbooks in her bag. There’s a knock, and Jasminefaces towards the camera in acknowledgement of the diegetic sound. A close-up shot of her face as she peaks through her door, when another knock is heard. Apanning high shot illustrates Jasmine running downa flight of stairs, and then low shot of herrunning down the final flight of stairs. A long shot shows her about to open the front door,until she hears another knock coming from behind – a close up shot shows the anxiety onher face. An eerie non-diegetic sound is heard. A midshot illustrates her walking towards thestock room under the stairs. A midshot from the view from inside the stockroom, shows heropening the door, and not seeing anything. As she continues searching, her friend appearsbehind her and taps her on the shoulders. The eerie non-diegetic sound sharpens up high.Jasmine: (Gasp)Friend: Hey! The door was open. Are you okay?An over the shoulder midshot of JasmineJasmine: Yeah…. Yeah, I.. I’m fineFriend: Let’s go to collegeJasmine closes the stockroom door. A panning mid shot follows them walking across thecorridor and up the stair, and follows through to show the front door left wide open. A faintspooky non-diegtic sound is heard.INDOOR – LIBRARY – 4PMA trailing shot showing Jasmine walking in to the library, and has a glance around the library(point of view shot and establishing shot of the library). Mid-shot, as she walks through to thebook shelf area she wants to look through, and the camera zooms into close up shot at thebook shelf label – Parapsychological Phenomena.MONTAGEThere’s a compilation of shots, with music in the background.Showing her browsing through the books whilst on the shelfTaking a book out; putting the book back on the shelfTaking another book outScene fading into showing a clock ticking awayShe’s sitting on a table reading pages of a bookShowing a trailing shot from one end of the shelf to the other – with the shelf being filled withbooksShe’s putting a book aside on the table, and picking another book up
  3. 3. The scene fading into showing a clock ticking awayPutting the book back on the shelfBrowsing through book shelf againShe’s reading another book on the table….The non-diegetic music stops. Then, we see her slamming a book down on the table,slumping back into her chair, and leaning her head backA mid-shot shows her then going onto sit on a computer, looks behind here to see that she isalone in her section of the library, looking at her hand-watch, shaking her head, then startingto typeAfterward, there’s an establishing shot of an outside location, showing that the dawn is nigh.Next, there’s a close up of the sky as the sun is setting. Both shots with an eerie quiet soundin the backgroundThen a mid-shot shows her squinting at the computer screen, inside the library. The screenis shown to have an internet page of which she is researching on (mid-shot from behindJasmine). The computer screen then goes blank for 10 seconds. The lights start flashing onand off and Jasmine is looking around erratically – this is illustrated, as the camera zoomsout from the computer screen/behind Jasmine, and through a panning/trailing shot of hersection of the library. There is a dramatic music in the background through this partThe lights switches off completelyThe camera shows a close up of Jasmine’s face as she is breathing heavily. The computerscreen comes back on, which is indicated through the white light reflecting on Jasmine’sface. The light becomes darker, and a panning shot then turns towards the computer screen.The screen is transforming, in what is at first difficult to recognise, into the ghostly figure’sface.Ghost: Jasmine… Help me….!Close up shot of Jasmine sitting on her chair breathing heavily as she jumps in her seat.Ghost (in the background): Jasmine….The camera cuts back to the screen, the ghostly figure screams and the camera zooms intoher tired-looking eyeThe camera zooms back out, but this time from Jasmine’s eyes. As the camera zoomsfurther out, we now see that the lights are switched back on, and an older woman, who is thelibrarian, standing next to her, tapping her shoulderLibrarian: Jasmine… Jasmine!Jasmine then looks to face her, shaken
  4. 4. Librarian: It’s now time for the Librarian close darling. You’ve been working very hard todayJasmine, why don’t you go back home and have a good rest eh? It’d do you the world ofgoodJasmine gets up, nodding, without saying a word, breathing heavily. Looks at the computerscreen, a point of view shot of the screen is shown, and she runs towards the library exit. Acouple of further shots are shown to present thisAs she makes her way outside, a high angle shot is showing her running away from the exitdoor, on her way home. The shot ends with an establishing shot of the outside of the library.An eerie quiet music is played in the background.EXTERIOR - 8PMJasmine is running home crying to herselfJasmine: leave me alone! Leave me alone!A panning shot is used to follow her. There is a fast eerie music playing as she returns insideher house, from a mid-shot.INTERIOR – HOUSE ENTRANCE – 8:30PMAs Jasmine enters the house she shuts the front closed, and leans on it. A mid shot of herface is shownThe camera cuts mid shot to Jasmine opening the basement door and running down thestairs (close-up on her foot, in slow motions). There is a no diegetic sound of heartbeats inthe background.The eerie music has slowed down and quietens as we hear Jasmines breathing as shestands in the middle of the basement in the dark. The camera zooms in over jasmine’sshoulder, to the ghostly figure just behind her, in the doorway of the basement. The sharpeerie music amplifies fast and sharp. The camera cuts to a midshot of Jasmine’s face as sheturns around.Jasmine: (shouts) What do you want?!The camera slowly trails backwards out of Jasmines room facing Jasmine with a quickglance of the ghostly figure approaching Jasmine. The Basement door then slams shut onthe camera and a scream is heard.The scene fadesEND