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Q4 media


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Q4 media

  1. 1. Salimah Begum
  2. 2. During planning, research, construction andevaluation we had used a variety ofdifferent technologies. Most technologieswere used during research and constructionstages using different softwares.
  3. 3. Planning:During the planning stages we had used a range ofsources of technology to list our idea’s for our film.Firstly we had begun planning using Microsoft Word towrite a short summary of the story we had in mind.Many alterations had been made for example, ourfirst draft had contained violence so we adjusted thestory to be more scary but without the need of anyviolence.We had also used Word to create a base outline of ourplanning schedule and who will be researching onwhat area such as Books, Internet and Movie Websitesto gather information.We both had also used Word to create a list of whatwe would need to complete by a specific date.I was able to keep in touch with my team mate throughemail to keep up to date and re-schedule if needed to.
  4. 4. Planning:
  5. 5. Research:In addition, for research I had used YouTube tocollect data on popular short horror films.YouTube is a famous worldwide broadcastingwebsite so I was able to find a variety of horrorfilms and reviewed them.YouTube had also allowed me to think of new ideasfor our film and idea’s for our trailer later duringconstruction.We had also used YouTube to watch video’s on cameratechniques and White Balance. This helped during ourfilming process and we had made alterations on thelightning as it was important in our horror film.Furthermore, I had used YouTube to watch video’s onother media students answering evaluation questionsand this had helped for my own evaluation.
  6. 6. Internet Movie Database(IMDB)IMDB is one of the biggest moviedatabase websites and was a greatsource of technology to gatherresearch for our film. It allowed us tosearch films in the Horror sector andfind blockbuster movies that hadcreated high amount of Gross. From hereI had watched trailers of the mostpopular Horror films and read audiencereviews.IMDB also allowed me to get an insightof what actors directors had chosen fortheir film and given me ideas on whatkind of actors I should be choosing.There are also posters of Horror filmswhich had also helped to give idea’s forour own poster. Most of these being theimage of the Villain on the front and thecolours mostly being red and black suchas “The Amityville Horror”.
  7. 7. Google & Survey MonkeyGoogle itself is a search engine and had helped togather information on different Horror posters andfilm trailers.Survey Monkey had been our most important sourceof technology as this was to help give us an idea ofwhat the audience would like to see in a Horror film.We had set up 10 questions on Survey Monkey askingabout lightning, SFX, locations, narrative and Actors.From here we was able to gather vital informationand apply it to our film during construction andediting.
  8. 8. Other:Other sources oftechnology I had used togather research werebooks and mediamagazines. From here I wasable to round upinformation on conventionsand what most Horrorfilms contain.I had also used BBM(Blackberry Messenger) togather more informationon what my audiencewould expect by askingpeople on what theywould like to see inHorror film.
  9. 9. Construction:We had used Final Cut Pro in order toconstruct our film. I had been able to masterthe use of Final Cut Pro and learn thedifferent tools and their purposes such asthe Razor Blade tool to cut up the sound andfilm clips.Final Cut Pro is an impressive software andhad been a better use than iMovie as thereare better effects and more professionaltools to create our film.During the beginning stages it had beendifficult to use Final Cut Pro but throughtime, we had learnt how to master it. It hadbeen vital as editing is an important factorfor our film.After using Final Cut, we converted the filminto QuickTime Player which allowed us toconvert the film into a particular format soit may be uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo etc.
  10. 10. Most of the work done had been completedon the iMac and used Freecom hardrives tostore all work such as our film, poster,sounds and radio trailer.We used Pop Filters during our radio trailerconstruction to recreate a voiceover for ourradio trailer as the speech we waspreviously going to use hadn’t workedproperly.This was all put together using Logic Prowith added SFX.
  11. 11. Evaluation:For evaluation we had usedBlogspot to create a blogand update all our workand research and planningonto the website. Theblogging website allowsother people to read andcomment on my blog and mywork.I also used powerpoint towrite up all my work andupload it onto SlideShareand used the embed code andpasted it onto my blog.