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Meeting schedule


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Meeting schedule

  1. 1. Dates of What was discussed Action/Who Next…Meetings29/09/11 Research on Horror - Look through film Research on Film films and industry websites and ask Institutions Conventions of a people on what they thriller/horror film expect in a horror film - Set up a audience feedback survey on SurveyMonkey17/10/11 Case study on a - Pick a film industry Further Research Horror film that makes horror industry films and write up a case study on it.20/10/11 Technology in the Research on Starting planning film industry Technology in the for the film Research on short Film Industry films Textual analysis on short horror films18/11/11 Script for the Film Write up the Storyboard and Pitch summary and summary for our contracts record it film and voice record it and upload onto soundcloud10/12/11 Storyboard First draft of storyboard completed Query to Drama Props and Location department - Salimah  Do you have props to be used as a bed?  Do you have a blonde wig?  Can we use the Drama Studio? Ask Librarian to act in Actors film – Salimah and Farzana Script Make necessary edition to scriptFarzana  Change location of one scene02/02/12 Risk Assessment Fill in risk Start filming assessment Book a camera Location/Actors Draw up
  2. 2. contracts Location(Salimah) and Actor contracts (Farzana), and get them signed06/02/12 Logo Hand draw a Phoenix for the Logo Complete logo on Photoshop Farzana13/02/12 Filming Inform Actors of when More filming and where Filming takes place (Salimah) Start Filming Agreeing date on when next to film01/03/12 Filming Making sure locations More Filming are available Continue filming Agreeing date on when next to film14/03/12 Filming Final sessions of Planning for filming Posters and Trailer Poster Researching on Posters Editing22/03/12 Editing Sequence Scenes of Further Editing film on Final Cut Poster Planning for Poster (Salimah) Draft for Trailer (Farzana)29/03/12 Editing Continuing to edit – Further Editing adding effects
  3. 3. 9/04/12 Editing Tweaking the effects, Further editing and adding sounds and starting on our ancillary texts19/04/12 Editing Final bits of editing Tweaking the Radio Trailer and Radio Trailer Recording our Radio doing our posters trailer30/04/12 Radio Trailer Tweaking the Radio Trailer – re-recording the quotes from film Poster Create our poster