Live action animation ad for i 20


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Live action animation ad for i 20

  1. 1. Live action animation ad for I 20: Scene 10: The Form I-20, also called Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant (F-1) Student, is a certificate issued by the US University or College to an international student who has been admitted to that institute. This mandatory document is issued by the Designated School Official (DSO) of the institute where you have been admitted, in association with US Department of Homeland Security. Once the foreign student obtains his or her I-20, he or she takes this and other documents to apply for a student visa to come to the US. The I-20 is issued once the student has been admitted to a course and the student has provided proof of finances to pay for the course. Without proof of finances, the I-20 is not issued. The I-20 contains information about the student and the course, fees, finances including any scholarships and student’s identification numbers, etc. The I20 is proof of your confirmed admission and without it you cannot apply for student visa. Scene 12: Simply apply to Credila for your education loan, even before you receive your I-20 or confirmed admission, and get your loan sanction in 7 days!* Step 1) fill online application form at Step 2) Take appointment with Credila representative and Submit all supporting documents Step 3) Get loan sanction within 7 days, if you meet the requirements Step 4) Send loan sanction letter to the university as proof of funds and get I20 from the university! At Credila, you don't need confirmed admission or the I-20 to apply for education loan!