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Msi Big Bang Fuzion Infokit


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Základní deska MSI Big Bang Fuzion je první na světě, která hráčům nabízí nejuniverzálnější možnosti rozšiřování a vylepšování vlastního herního stroje. Díky tomu, že MSI jako první na světě do Big Bang Fuzion implementovala průkopnické řešení technologie Hydra, mohou uživatelé bez omezení v jednom počítači kombinovat a současně používat grafické karty bez ohledu na výrobce použitého grafického čipu.

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Msi Big Bang Fuzion Infokit

  1. 1. Info Kit Big Bang Series: Fuzion Gaming Motherboard Presented by: Lucas/ Kay Edited by Eric Feb 2009 v1.11EU
  2. 2. Main Selling Points Performance Boost Capability • Hydra Technology (World’s 1st MB) • MSI OC Gears: OC Dashboard, OC Genie, V-Kit Ultimate Listening Experience • Quantum WaveTM Audio Card • THX TruStudio PC Suite • Creative EAX 5.0 Support Unbeatable Stability • 100% Server-grade Hi-c Cap • DrMOS & SuperPipe • SFC (Super Ferrite Choke)
  3. 3. Performance Boost Capability! Performance Boost Capability • Hydra Engine Multi-GPU Technology • MSI OC Gears: OC Dashboard, OC Genie, V-Kit
  4. 4. Competition in IT Hardware… When Intel meets AMD…..
  5. 5. Competition in IT Hardware… When Green V.S. Red nVidia V.S. ATI…..
  6. 6. Graphic design mile stone New Technology keep showing day by day… Hybrid Crossfire 3 way SLI Hybrid SLI CrossfireX CF - Crossfire SLI - Scalable Link Interface 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
  7. 7. Win-Win by MSI Fuzion Big Bang is the state-of-the art gaming series from MSI to deliver the shock and awe of gaming experience. This begins the new era of ultimate gaming machines.
  8. 8. The Benefit of Fuzion’s Solution NVIDIA’s Advantage: 3D modeling, AA Implementation, Physics Processing (NVIDIA SLI, Physx, CUDA, PureVideo) ATI’s Advantage: Superior Image & Video Quality (ATI Eyefinity, UVD2) Unique Advantage Uncompromising Gaming Experience •Boost FPS In Graphic Intensive Games •Richer Image Quality •Flexible Upgradability Technical Details
  9. 9. Flexible Setup: 3 Hydra Modes N-Mode Smoothest gameplay Combination Example: 1.NVIDIA GeForce 285GTX+ GeForce 285GTX (Performance Level) 2.NVIDIA GeForce 260GTX + GeForce 250 (Mainstream Level) A-Mode Finest image quality Combination Example: 1. ATI Radeon HD 5870+ 5770 (Performance Level) 2. ATI Radeon HD 4890+ 4770 (Mainstream Level) X-Mode Smooth gameplay with highest-quality texture Combination Example: 1. ATI Radeon HD 5870+ NVIDIA GeForce 285GTX (Performance Level) 2. ATI Radeon HD 5770+ NVIDIA GeForce 260 GTX (Mainstream Level)
  10. 10. The problem with SLI ? Nvidia SLI only works if you have 2 VGA cards with 100% identical GPU’s. 49 possible combinations of which only 7 work 
  11. 11. What does Fuzion bring us? N-Mode With MSI Big Bang Fuzion you can combine all validated Nvidia VGA cards, no matter which brand, series, or price… 49 possible combinations and all 49 work in N-Mode  Fuzion offers you a real upgradable and flexible platform !
  12. 12. Performance of Fuzion: N-Mode N285 GTX & 18882 275 Lightning 18882 275 Lightning& 17728 260GTX Lightning 17728 N285 GTX & 16271 260GTX Lightning 17761 275 Lightning & 13042 9800GTX Plus 13042 12143 N285GTX 11899 11448 275 Lightning 11177 3DMark Vantage Performance (w/o Physx) GPU Score 0 5000 10000 15000 20000
  13. 13. The problem with CrossfireX ? ATI CrossfireX only works if you have 2 VGA cards with ~identical GPU’s. 144 possible combinations of which only 26 work 
  14. 14. What does Fuzion bring us? A-Mode With MSI Big Bang Fuzion you can combine all validated ATI VGA cards, no matter which brand, series, or price… 144 possible combinations and all 144 work in A-Mode  Fuzion offers you a real upgradable and flexible platform !
  15. 15. Performance of Fuzion: A-Mode 3D Performance Score with Lucid driver version 1.4.106 12285 R4890& R4850 12047 10598 R4890 Cyclone 9983 7880 R4850 6971 0 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 14000 3DMark Vantage Performance GPU Score
  16. 16. The Best Part of MSI Fuzion!! When you feel bored about the same color all the time…
  17. 17. MSI Fuzion – Leader for Innovation You can now mix colors, no matter ATI or Nvidia.
  18. 18. Performance of Fuzion: X-Mode N285GTX& 21730 R4890 Cyclone 18572 275 Lightning & 20987 R4890 Cyclone 17900 275 Lightning & 16144 R4850 13407 N285GTX& 16086 R4850 13304 12143 N285GTX 11899 0 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 3DMark Vantage Performance (w/ Physx) GPU Score
  19. 19. Performance of Fuzion: X-Mode
  20. 20. MSI OC Gears: OC Dashboard OC Dashboard, Overclocking Anytime! OC Dashboard gives you on-the-fly overclocking of several system parameters to optimize FPS (frames per second) without interrupting your session.
  21. 21. MSI OC Gears: OC Dashboard A convenient and useful information provider 1.system status 2.Debug Message 3.To adjust CPU/PCH/VTT/DDR voltage. Display System Info Voltage Adjust Direct OC
  22. 22. MSI OC Gears: V kit + OC Genie V Kit, Check Voltage w/o Hassle The design allows users to keep a track of motherboard voltages with a multimeter when pushing their performance limits OC Genie, One Second To Overclock With a simple press of a button, users can enjoy improved performance of overclocking immediately through the exclusive chip- driven OC Genie technology.
  23. 23. Ultimate Listening Experience! Ultimate Listening Experience • Quantum WaveTM Audio Card • THX TruStudio PC Suite • Creative EAX 5.0 Support
  24. 24. Quantum WaveTM Audio Card Creative EAX 5.0 Audio EAX ® stands for Environmental Audio eXtensions. Compared to the previous generations, the technology allows users to have more realistic and incredibly immersive audio to games! First-ever THX Audio Technology Quantum WaveTM can deliver the fullest audio experience for games, music and movies while remaining true to the source and intention of the artists who created it. True 24 bit/ 192kHz HD Audio Codec • Supports Blu-ray Disc audio content protection, • offering true 24-bit/192 kHz high-definition audio playback of Blu-ray Disc. • User can enjoy an overwhelmingly dynamic sound in a cinematic environment
  25. 25. THX TruStudio PC Suite • Converts stereo content up to seven channels • Enhance compressed sound quality • Brings out the voices without increasing master volume • Enhance sound quality from low-end 2.0 speakers or headphones. • Stabilize volume level during playback See Appendix
  26. 26. Creative EAX 5.0 Support Gold-plating Jacks for Backlight Indictors Better Connectivity Creative EAX 5.0 Audio Tech to Games EAX® ADVANCED HD™ delivers double the voice count, so you get more detail and speed in your games. It also adds a dedicated bass feed for each of the 128 simultaneous voices, so gaming audio becomes more cinematic. •EAX Voice– Get Inside The Game! •EAX PurePath – Truly Cinematic Gaming Audio ! •Environment Occlusion™ - OK, The Bad Guys Are Outside! Environment FlexiFX™ : Xtreme Gaming Audio ! EAX® MacroFX™ - Getting You Closer To Your Gaming Audio!
  27. 27. Comparison Table: THX & X-Fi MB The QuantumWave™ Audio processing utilizes THX TruStudio technology and EAX® ADVANCED HD™ 5.0, the latest version of the EAX Environmental Audio standard, for stunning audio realism. The table shows its outstanding audio support compared to Sound Blaster X-Fi MB. MSI ASUS QuantumWave™ Audio processing ITEMS (EAX Advanced HD 5.0+THX TruStudio PC) Supreme X-Fi Audio Processing Technology Surround THX TruStudio Surround X-Fi CMSS Crystallizer THX TruStudio Crystallizer X-Fi Crystallizer Speaker (Bass) Y N Smart Volume Y SVM Dialog Plus Y N Speaker (EQ) Y N Gaming Technology EAX Technology EAX 5.0 EAX 4.0 Alchemy Y Y Open AL Y Y EAX-Acoustics Reverb Presets N/A Y Software Application / Console THX Audio Control Panel Entertainment Audio Console EAX5.0 Gadget Mode Console
  28. 28. Unbeatable Stability! Unbeatable Stability •100% Server-grade Hi-c Cap • DrMOS & SuperPipe • SFC (Super Ferrite Choke)
  29. 29. 100% Server-grade Hi-c Cap! World’s First MB with 100% Hi-c Cap • Higher Thermal Stability for extreme operation environment. •Can afford up to 25% increase of operation temperature • Lower ESR: Lower waste heat + Higher Power Efficiency •No mechanical issue: overclocker can mount special cooper container without interfering cap around CPU Full Hi-c Cap Conventional Solution Longer Life Span! Higher Stability!
  30. 30. Why Hi-c Cap can defeat Solid Cap? 15x Less Leakage  More stable power output Gaming + Bad 85  Higher power efficiency environment Temperature (°C) 75 Gaming Solid Cap 65 Office Higher is better Leakage Current (µA) Lifetime Lower is better Unbeatable Stability Over Double Life Span • Ultra Low ESR Capacitor Compared to aluminum electrolytic • Less electronic Waste capacitors, Hi-c Cap has over • Less Waste Heat double life span under the same • Higher reliability under hi-frequency operation condition operation environment
  31. 31. Frequency Characteristics LOWESTReliability Highest impedance & ESR regardless of operating frequency Best Choice for Overclocking
  32. 32. Temperature Characteristics Better Power Less Supply Stability 10% For Overclocking Capacitance Change
  33. 33. DrMOS & SuperPipe DrMOS, Up to 96% Power Efficiency MSI’s DrMOS incorporates MOSFET and a driver circuit in a single package. The all new design can offer a high thermal dissipation and energy saving SuperPipe, 8mm Heatpipe, 50°C Cool Down MSI’s SuperPipe technology utilizes a 8mm thick copper heatpipe to offer better cooling performance at idle and full load operation.
  34. 34. SFC - Super Ferrite Choke SFC (Super Ferrite Choke) Higher Power Efficiency and Stability • Over 20% Power Efficiency Improvement ( • Stable Power Supply • Lower Operating Temp.
  35. 35. Competitor Comparison?? Fuzion = Innovation!! Fuzion = Exclusive!! Fuzion = New PC Trend!! Fuzion has NO Competitors!!!!
  36. 36. Conclusion Performance Boost Capability Ultimate Listening Experience Unbeatable Stability Hydra Engine Multi-GPU Tech World’s First Sound Card World’s First MB (World’s First MB) Featuring THX & EAX 5.0 Audio equipped with Tech 100% Hi-c Cap Plentiful Overclocking Gear V Kit, OC Genie, OC Dashboard
  37. 37. Backup Spec comparison Quantum WaveTM Audio Card About Fuzion 1. FUZION PCI-E Structure 2. Supported Operation Systems & Driver 3. Graphic Card Combination Table 4. Game Qualified (All Mode)
  38. 38. Technical Spec Table Series Big Bang Gaming Series Model Name Fuzion CPU Support Intel® Core i7/i5 CPU Socket LGA 1156 Power Phase CPU 8,VTT 2,Memory 2,PCH 2(100% Hi-c CAP) Memory DIMM 4 DIMM(Max 16GB) Memory Speed Dual Channel DDR3- 2133(OC)/2000(OC)/1800(OC)/1600(OC)/1333/1066MHz Multi-GPU Solution Lucid Hydra 200 Chip Graphics Slot 2(16x/ 16x) (PCI-E ×16) 3 (16x/8x/8x)-driver 1.4 doesn’t support triple graphics setup SATA 10 eSATA 2, Power eSATA IDE 1 Audio 7.1ch, Quantum Wave Audio Card (External) S/PDIF Optical/Coaxial LAN Dual Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Slots 2*PCI-E ×1 + 2*PCI USB 14 IEEE 1394 2 Multi Graphics Support Hydra Technology ATI CrossFire X Easy Button Yes Form Factor (MM) ATX Common Feature OC Genie / SuperPipe/ DrMOS/100% Hi-c CAP/ OC Dashboard/ V-Kit/ APS/ Winki 2.0/ True Blu-ray Audio/THX/ EAX 5.0/ USB Safeguard/ Debug LED
  39. 39. Quantum WaveTM Audio Card THX TruStudio PC software suite, designed to bring the same great experience found in live performances, movies, and recording studios right to your PC to improve how you experience stereo and multi-channel soundtracks from a variety of sources, including DVDs, games, CDs, MP3s and even Blu-Ray. TruStudio Surround The technology that converts stereo content up to seven channels, using an unique and realistic voice centering and ambience technology to reconstruct the missing channels. This multichannel audio can then be played back directly over any speaker system and headphones with special emphasis. TruStudio Crystalizer: Experience Your MP3 Music Beyond Studio Quality THX TruStudio PC Crystalizer restores the natural dynamic range that is lost when iTunes and MP3 music gets compressed. This makes the music sounds as good as the artist originally intended, and adds an enhanced level of realism for movies and games.
  40. 40. Quantum WaveTM Audio Card TruStudio Dialog Plus THX TruStudio PC Speaker Dialog Advantage brings out the Consumers no longer have to tolerate voices in any movie so that you lack of bass in speakers built into will never need to rewind again. notebook PCs, 2.0 speakers or Needless to say, this is headphones.This intelligent speaker particularly useful for late night enhancement tool fills in the missing movie watching and you do not low frequency tones and gives the wish to crank up the master extra impact for a better entertainment volume that will disrupt anyone experience. The technology sleeping. dramatically improves the sound experience without a subwoofer. THX TruStudio PC Smart Volume THX TruStudio PC Smart Volume addresses the problem of abrupt volume level changes during playback and between songs by automatically and continuously measuring volume, and intelligently applying gain and attenuation to compensate for those changes.
  41. 41. FUZION PCI-E Structure Big Bang Fuzion PCI-E configuration for three modes 1 Graphics Card 2 Graphics Cards 3 Graphics Cards * PCI-E2 X16 x16 X16 PCI-E3 X16 X16 X8 PCI-E4 x0 X0 x8 *Note: the current driver doesn’t support triple graphics card setup
  42. 42. Supported Operation Systems & Driver Operation System Windows Vista Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 7 (SP2) 32-bit (SP2) 64-bit 32-bit 64-bit Yes Yes Yes Yes N-Mode Yes Yes Yes Yes A-Mode N/A N/A Yes Yes X-Mode Supported GPU & Driver GPU Driver GF90/G200 series 185.85, 186.18, 190.38, 190.62, N-Mode 191.07, 195.62 A-Mode HD4XXX & HD5XXX series Catalyst 9.7 and up X-Mode Above Above • Windows Vista Home Basic/ Home Premium • Windows Vista Business/ Enterprise Edition/ Ultimate • Windows 7 Home Premium / Professional/ Ultimate
  43. 43. Graphic Card Combination Table N-Mode A-Mode X-Mode Lucid driver: Version.1.4.106) OS: Windows 7 - 32bit.
  44. 44. Game Qualified (All Mode)
  45. 45. Game Qualified (N & A Mode)