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2015-01-12 TechTalk - Continuous Delivery and Release Management


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Developer TechTalk: Release Management and DevOps with Microsoft Visual Studio. Monday, January 12, 2015 at Microsoft Switzerland in Wallisellen.

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2015-01-12 TechTalk - Continuous Delivery and Release Management

  1. 1.     
  2. 2. Source: Continuous Delivery Is Reshaping The Future Of ALM, Forrester Research, Inc., July 22, 2013 40%still release quarterly or less often!
  3. 3. “A working product after every check-in” Continuous Integration Delivery delays Non-working/low-quality code Incomplete solutions Rework Flexible Build > Deploy > Test workflows Code quality gates & check-in policies Release management Cloud development and test environments
  4. 4. DEMO Cloud Build and CI with Microsoft Azure
  5. 5. Cloud DevOps Code Repository Developers Build Test Deploy Monitor and Improve Azure
  6. 6. “Infrastructure at your fingertips” Environment Provisioning Delivery delays due to hardware procurement Cost/effort required to stand up environments Under-/over-utilization of physical infrastructure Cloud development and test environments Automated infrastructure provisioning Infrastructure as Code
  7. 7. Improve Quality Deliver higher quality releases by testing your applications in a ‘production-like’ environment to understand how they will handle real-world usage.
  8. 8. Azure Compute Services Speed of development and ease of maintenance Degreeofcustomizability Virtual Machines Cloud Services Websites Mobile Services Directly move your VMs to the cloud Full control of multi-tier apps Deploy and scale in seconds Accelerate mobile backend development
  9. 9. DEMO Cloud Dev and Test Environments
  10. 10. Infrastructure as Code PowerShell DSC Build templates to manage configurations. Integrate templates with Release Management to automate configuration of on-premises and cloud environments. Parameters allow reuse of templates. Server configuration is managed through templates. Parameters make the template re-usable.
  11. 11. “Deploy the same code every time, everywhere, in the same way” Release Management Increase delivery cadence Increase predictability and consistency when deploying Reduce complexity when deploying to hybrid environments Release planning Automated environment management Release automation workflow
  12. 12. “Deploy the same code every time, everywhere, in the same way” Release Management
  13. 13. VisualStudio ReleaseManagement
  14. 14.     
  15. 15. Define Release Plans and Templates Define groups that can create, edit and view release templates. Define required approvals for each release stage. Define stage types for a given environment. Granular control for the entire release process Seamless integration with Visual Studio Build process
  16. 16. Define a release workflow and activities for each of your applications. Use built-in actions for deployment or create your own w/ PowerShell. Use built-in actions or define your own Define release workflow and activities per environment Define Release Plans and Templates
  17. 17. Flexible Release Approval Workflow A simple way to request and provide approvals. The approver can start, stop, approve, reject, restart, retry, abandon or reassign releases. Simple way to request and provide approvals Trigger actions based on approvals
  18. 18. Release Visibility and Transparency View release pipeline, status and issues. Monitor the progress of each release. Check the status of your releases Identify issues and patterns in your application deployment
  19. 19. DEMO Visual Studio Release Management
  20. 20. Create, Update and Delete Release Pipeline Workflow Approve stages and sign-off on release Deploy to Server No CAL Required Release Management Client available at no additional cost. FreeCAL waiver for a user who just wants to approve a stage
  21. 21. “Integrated and accessible Analytics” Monitor Production outages Scaling issues Unknown usage patterns Bugs in production System Center Application Insights Intellitrace in ProductionDevelopers Testers IT Ops
  22. 22.